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{Isaiah 61:5} And strangers 2114 z8801 shall stand 5975 z8804 and feed 7462 z8804 your flocks, 6629 and the sons 1121 of the alien 5236 [shall be] your plowmen 406 and your vinedressers. 3755
"For¹ the LORDª will have mercyª° on¹ Jacob,ª and will yet¹ chooseª° Israel,ª and set²°¹ them in¹ their own land:ª and the strangersª shall be joinedª° with¹ them, and they shall cleaveª° to¹ the houseª of Jacob.ª ... And the peopleª shall takeª° them, and bringª° them to¹ their place:ª and the houseª of Israelª shall possessª° them in¹ the landª of the LORDª for servantsª and handmaids:ª and they shall take¹ them captives,ª° whose captivesª° they were; and they shall rule²° over¹ their oppressors.ª°" {Isa 14:1-2} + "And the sonsª of strangersª shall build upª° thy walls,ª and their kingsª shall ministerª° unto thee: for¹ in my wrathª I smoteª° thee, but in my favourª have I had mercyª° on thee. ... The sonsª also of them that afflictedª° thee shall comeª° bendingª° unto¹ thee; and all¹ they that despisedª° thee shall bow themselves downª° at¹ the solesª of thy feet;ª and they shall callª° thee, The cityª of the LORD,ª The Zionª of the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª" {Isa 60:10-14} + "Thatª atª thatª timeª ye wereª° withoutª Christ,ª being aliensª° from the¹ commonwealthª of Israel,ª andª strangersª from the¹ covenantsª of promise,ª havingª° noª hope,ª andª without Godª inª the¹ world:ª ... And are builtª° uponª the¹ foundationª of the¹ apostlesª andª prophets,ª Jesusª Christª himselfª beingª° the chief cornerª [stone];" {Eph 2:12-20}

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