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{Isaiah 59:12} For x3588 our transgressions 6588 are multiplied 7231 z8804 before x5048 thee, and our sins 2403 testify 6030 z8804 against us: for x3588 our transgressions 6588 [are] with x854 us; and [as for] our iniquities, 5771 we know 3045 z8804 them;
our transgressions:
"Ahª sinfulª° nation,ª a peopleª ladenª with iniquity,ª a seedª of evildoers,ª° childrenª that are corrupters:ª° they have forsakenªª° the LORD,ª they have provokedªª° the Holy Oneª of Israelª unto anger,²° they are gone awayª° backward.ª" {Isa 1:4} + "And said,ª° O my God,ª I am ashamedª° and blushª° to lift upª° my faceª to¹ thee, my God:ª for¹ our iniquitiesª are increasedª° overª [our] head,ª and our trespassª is grown upª° unto¹ the heavens.ª" {Ezr 9:6} + "Lift upª° thine eyesª unto¹ the high places,ª and seeª° whereª thou hast not¹ been lienª°²° with. In¹ the waysª hast thou satª° for them, as the Arabianª in the wilderness;ª and thou hast pollutedª° the landª with thy whoredomsª and with thy wickedness.ª" {Jer 3:2} + "O LORD,ª [are] not¹ thine eyesª upon the truth?ª thou hast strickenª° them, but they have not¹ grieved;ª° thou hast consumedª° them, [but] they have refusedª° to receiveª° correction:ª they have made their facesª harderª° than a rock;ª¹ they have refusedª° to return.ª° ... Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª and¹ shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:3-9} + "Your iniquitiesª have turned awayª° these¹ [things], and your sinsª have withholdenª° goodª [things] from¹ you. ... Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:25-29} + "Behold,¹ ye¹ trustª° in¹ lyingª words,ª that cannot¹ profit.ª° ... And comeª° and standª° beforeª me in this¹ house,ª which¹ is calledª° by¹ my name,ª and say,ª° We are delivered²° to doª°¹¹¹ all¹ these¹ abominations?ª" {Jer 7:8-10} + "And she hath changedª°¹ my judgmentsª into wickednessª more than¹ the nations,ª and my statutesª more than¹ the countriesª that¹ [are] round aboutª her: for¹ they have refusedª° my judgmentsª and my statutes,ª they have not¹ walkedª° in them." {Ezk 5:6} + "Makeª° a chain:ª for¹ the landª is fullª° of bloodyª crimes,ª and the cityª is fullª° of violence.ª" {Ezk 7:23} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª digª° now¹ in the wall:ª and when I had diggedª° in the wall,ª behold¹ aª door.ª ... And he broughtª° me into¹ the innerª courtª of the LORD'Sª house,ª and, behold,¹ at the doorª of the templeª of the LORD,ª between¹ the porchª and the altar,ª [were] about fiveª and twentyª men,ª with their backsª toward¹ the templeª of the LORD,ª and their facesª toward the east;ª and they¹ worshippedª° the sunª toward the east.ª" {Ezk 8:8-16} + "Neither¹ hath Samariaª committedª° halfª of thy sins;ª but thou hast multipliedª°¹ thine abominationsª more than¹ they,² and hast justifiedª°¹ thy sistersª in all¹ thine abominationsª which¹ thou hast done.ª° ... Thou¹ also,¹ which¹ hast judgedª° thy sisters,ª bearª° thine own shameª for thy sinsª that¹ thou hast committed more abominableª° than¹ they:² they are more righteousª° than¹ thou: yea, be thou confoundedª°¹ also,¹ and bearª° thy shame,ª in that thou hast justifiedª° thy sisters.ª" {Ezk 16:51-52} + "Now, thou¹ sonª of man,ª wilt thou judge,ª° wilt thou judgeª°¹ the bloodyª city?ª yea, thou shalt shewª° her¹ all¹ her abominations.ª ... In thee have they takenª° giftsª to¹ shedª° blood;ª thou hast takenª° usuryª and increase,ª and thou hast greedily gainedª° of thy neighboursª by extortion,ª and hast forgottenª° me, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:2-12} + "Sonª of man,ª sayª° unto her, Thou¹ [art] the landª that¹ is not¹ cleansed,ª° nor¹ rained² upon¹ in the dayª of indignation.ª ... And I soughtª° for a manª among¹ them, that should make upª° the hedge,ª and standª° in the gapª beforeª me for¹ the land,ª that I should not¹ destroyª° it: but I foundª° none.¹" {Ezk 22:24-30} + "Sonª of man,ª there were¹ twoª women,ª the daughtersª of oneª mother:ª ... And they shall recompenseª° your lewdnessª upon¹ you, and ye shall bearª° the sinsª of your idols:ª and ye shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 23:2-49} + "Wherefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Woeª to the bloodyª city,ª to the potª whose¹ scumª [is] therein, and whose scumª is not¹ gone outª° of¹ it! bring it outª° pieceª by piece;ª let no¹ lotª fallª° upon¹ it. ... I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it]: it shall come to pass,ª° and I will doª° [it]; I will not¹ go back,ª° neither¹ will I spare,ª° neither¹ will I repent;ª° according to thy ways,ª and according to thy doings,ª shall they judgeª° thee, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 24:6-14} + "By swearing,ª° and lying,ª° and killing,ª° and stealing,ª° and committing adultery,ª° they break out,ª° and bloodª touchethª° blood.ª" {Hsa 4:2} + "Fill²° ye² upª°¹ thenª the¹ measureª of yourª fathers.ª ... [Ye] serpents,ª [ye] generationª of vipers,ª howª can ye²° escapeª¹ the¹ damnationª of hell?ª" {Mtt 23:32-33} + "Who both² killedª°¹ the¹ Lordª Jesus,ª andª their ownª prophets,ª andª have persecutedª° us;ª andª they pleaseª° notª God,ª andª are contraryª to allª men:ª ... Forbiddingª° usª to speakª° to the¹ Gentilesª thatª they might be saved,ª° to² fill upª° their²¹ sinsª alway:ª forª the¹ wrathª is comeª° uponª themª toª the uttermost.ª" {1Th 2:15-16}
our sins:
"O LORD,ª though¹ our iniquitiesª testifyª° against us, doª° thou [it] for thy name's² sake:¹¹ for¹ our backslidingsª are many;ª° we have sinnedª° against thee." {Jer 14:7} + "And the prideª of Israelª doth testifyª° to his face:ª therefore shall Israelª and Ephraimª fallª° in their iniquity;ª Judahª also¹ shall fallª° with¹ them." {Hsa 5:5} + "And the prideª of Israelª testifiethª° to his face:ª and they do not¹ returnª° to¹ the LORDª their God,ª nor¹ seekª° him for all¹ this.¹" {Hsa 7:10} + "Nowª we knowª° thatª what things soeverª the¹ lawª saith,ª° it saithª° to them¹ who are underª the¹ law:ª thatª everyª mouthª may be stopped,ª° andª allª the¹ worldª may becomeª° guiltyª before God.ª ... Thereforeª byª the deedsª of the lawª there shall²° noªª fleshª be justifiedª° in his² sight:ª¹ forª byª the lawª [is] the knowledgeª of sin.ª" {Rom 3:19-20}
we know:
"And afterª all¹ that is comeª° upon¹ us for our evilª deeds,ª and for our greatª trespass,ª seeing¹ that thou¹ our Godª hast punishedª° us lessª than our iniquitiesª¹ [deserve], and hast givenª° us [such] deliveranceª as this;¹" {Ezr 9:13} + "Howbeit thou¹ [art] justª in¹ all¹ that is broughtª° upon¹ us; for¹ thou hast doneª° right,ª but we¹ have done wickedly:ª°" {Neh 9:33} + "We have sinned,ª° and have committed iniquity,ª° and have done wickedly,ª° and have rebelled,ª° even by departingª° from thy preceptsª¹ and from thy judgments:ª¹ ... O Lord,²¹ to us [belongeth] confusionª of face,ª to our kings,ª to our princes,ª and to our fathers,ª because¹ we have sinnedª° against thee." {Dan 9:5-8}

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