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{Isaiah 58:5} Is x1961 it such x2088 a fast 6685 that I have chosen? 977 z8799 a day 3117 for a man 120 to afflict 6031 z8763 his soul? 5315 [is it] to bow down 3721 z8800 his head 7218 as a bulrush, 100 and to spread 3331 z8686 sackcloth 8242 and ashes 665 [under him]? wilt thou call 7121 z8799 this 2088 a fast, 6685 and an acceptable 7522 day 3117 to the LORD? 3068
it such:
"And Jehoshaphatª feared,ª° and setª°¹ himselfª to seekª° the LORD,ª and proclaimedª° a fastª throughoutª all¹ Judah.ª" {2Ch 20:3} + "Then Ezraª rose upª° from beforeª¹ the houseª of God,ª and went²°¹ into¹ the chamberª of Johananª the sonª of Eliashib:ª and [when] he came²°¹ thither,¹ he did eatª° no¹ bread,ª nor¹ drinkª° water:ª for¹ he mournedª° because¹ of the transgressionª of them that had been carried away.ª" {Ezr 10:6} + "Now in the twentyª and fourthª dayª of this¹ monthª the childrenª of Israelª were assembledª° with fasting,ª and with sackclothes,ª and earthª upon¹ them. ... And the seedª of Israelª separated²° themselves¹ from all¹¹ strangers,ªª and stoodª° and confessedª°¹ their sins,ª and the iniquitiesª of their fathers.ª" {Neh 9:1-2} + "And in every¹ province,ª whithersoeverª¹ the king'sª commandmentª and his decreeª came,ª° [there was] greatª mourningª among the Jews,ª and fasting,ª and weeping,ª and wailing;ª and manyª layª° in sackclothª and ashes.ª" {Est 4:3} + "Go,²°¹ gather togetherª°¹ all¹ the Jewsª that are presentª° in Shushan,ª and fastª° ye for¹ me, and neither¹ eatª° nor¹ drinkª° threeª days,ª nightª or day:ª I¹ also¹ and my maidensª will fastª° likewise;¹ and soª will I go²° in¹ unto¹ the king,ª which¹ [is] not¹ according to the law:ª and if¹ I perish,ª° I perish.ª°" {Est 4:16} + "And I setª°¹ my faceª unto¹ the Lordª God,ª to seekª° by prayerª and supplications,ª with fasting,ª and sackcloth,ª and ashes:ª ... O Lord,ª hear;ª° O Lord,ª forgive;ª° O Lord,ª hearkenª° and do;ª° deferª° not,ª for thine own sake,¹ O my God:ª for¹ thy cityª and thy peopleª are calledª° by thy name.ª" {Dan 9:3-19} + "Speakª° unto¹ all¹ the peopleª of the land,ª and to¹ the priests,ª saying,ª° When¹ ye fastedª° and mournedª° in the fifthª and seventhª [month], even those¹ seventyª years,ª did ye at all²° fastª° unto me, [even] to me?¹" {Zch 7:5}
a day for a man to afflict his soul:
or, to afflict his soul for a day, "Wherefore¹ have we fasted,ª° [say they], and thou seestª° not?¹ [wherefore] have we afflictedª° our soul,ª and thou takest no knowledge?ª°¹ Behold,¹ in the dayª of your fastª ye findª° pleasure,ª and exactª° all¹ your labours.ª" {Isa 58:3} + "And [this] shall be¹ a statuteª for everª unto you: [that] in the seventhª month,ª on the tenthª [day] of the month,ª ye shall afflictª°¹ your souls,ª and doª° no¹ workª at all,¹ [whether it be] one of your own country,ª or a strangerª that sojournethª° amongª you:" {Lev 16:29}
to spread:
"And it came to pass,¹ when Ahabª heardª°¹ those¹ words,ª that he rentª° his clothes,ª and putª° sackclothª upon¹ his flesh,ª and fasted,ª° and layª° in sackcloth,ª and wentª° softly.ª ... Seestª° thou how¹ Ahabª humbleth²° himself¹ beforeª¹ me? becauseª¹ he humbleth²° himself¹ beforeª¹ me, I will not¹ bringª° the evilª in his days:ª [but] in his son'sª daysª will I bringª° the evilª upon¹ his house.ª" {1Kg 21:27-29} + "And it came to pass,¹ when the kingª heardª°¹ the wordsª of the woman,ª that he rentª°¹ his clothes;ª and he¹ passed byª° upon¹ the wall,ª and the peopleª looked,ª° and, behold,¹ [he had] sackclothª withinª¹ upon¹ his flesh.ª" {2Kg 6:30} + "And he tookª° him a potsherdª to scrape²° himself¹ withal; and he¹ sat downª° amongª the ashes.ª" {Job 2:8} + "So the people²¹ of Ninevehª believedª° God,ª and proclaimedª° a fast,ª and put²° on¹ sackcloth,ª from the greatestª¹ of them even to¹ the leastª of them. ... But let manª and beastª be coveredª° with sackcloth,ª and cryª° mightilyª unto¹ God:ª yea, let them turnª° every oneª from his evilª way,ª¹ and from¹ the violenceª that¹ [is] in their hands.ª" {Jna 3:5-8}
an acceptable:
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª In an acceptableª timeª have I heardª° thee, and in a dayª of salvationª have I helpedª° thee: and I will preserveª° thee, and giveª° thee for a covenantª of the people,ª to establishª° the earth,ª to cause to inheritª° the desolateª° heritages;ª" {Isa 49:8} + "To proclaimª° the acceptableª yearª of the LORD,ª and the dayª of vengeanceª of our God;ª to comfortª° all¹ that mourn;ª" {Isa 61:2} + "But as for me,¹ my prayerª [is] unto thee, O LORD,ª [in] an acceptableª time:ª O God,ª in the multitudeª of thy mercyª hearª° me, in the truthª of thy salvation.ª" {Psa 69:13} + "To preachª° the acceptableª yearª of the Lord.ª" {Lke 4:19} + "Andª be²° notª conformedª° to thisª world:ª butª be ye transformedª° by the¹ renewingª of yourª mind,ª that² yeª may proveª° whatª [is] that good,ª andª acceptable,ª andª perfect,ª willª of God.ª" {Rom 12:2} + "Yeª also,ª asª livelyª° stones,ª are built upª° a spiritualª house,ª an holyª priesthood,ª to offer upª° spiritualª sacrifices,ª acceptableª to Godª byª Jesusª Christ.ª" {1Pe 2:5}

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