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{Isaiah 54:14} In righteousness 6666 shalt thou be established: 3559 z8709 thou shalt be far 7368 z8798 from oppression; 6233 x4480 for x3588 thou shalt not x3808 fear: 3372 z8799 and from terror; 4288 x4480 for x3588 it shall not x3808 come near 7126 z8799 x413 thee.
"And I will restoreª° thy judgesª° as at the first,ª and thy counsellorsª° as at the beginning:ª afterwardª¹ thou shalt be called,ª° The cityª of righteousness,ª the faithfulª° city.ª" {Isa 1:26} + "Surely,¹ shall [one] say,ª° in the LORDª have I righteousnessª and strength:ª [even] to¹ him shall [men] come;ª° and all¹ that are incensedª° against him shall be ashamed.ª°" {Isa 45:24} + "Awake,ª° awake;ª° put onª° thy strength,ª O Zion;ª put onª° thy beautifulª garments,ª O Jerusalem,ª the holyª city:ª for¹ henceforth¹ there shall no¹ more²°¹ comeª° into thee the uncircumcisedª and the unclean.ª" {Isa 52:1} + "Thy peopleª also [shall be] all¹ righteous:ª they shall inheritª° the landª for ever,ª the branchª of my planting,ª the workª of my hands,ª that I may be glorified.ª°" {Isa 60:21} + "I will greatly²° rejoiceª° in the LORD,ª my soulª shall be joyfulª° in my God;ª for¹ he hath clothedª° me with the garmentsª of salvation,ª he hath coveredª° me with the robeª of righteousness,ª as a bridegroomª deckethª° [himself] with ornaments,ª and as a brideª adornethª° [herself] with her jewels.ª ... For¹ as the earthª bringeth forthª° her bud,ª and as the gardenª causeth the things that are sownª in it to spring forth;ª° so¹ the Lordª GODª will cause righteousnessª and praiseª to spring forthª° before¹ all¹ the nations.ª" {Isa 61:10-11} + "For Zion's² sake¹¹ will I not¹ hold my peace,ª° and for Jerusalem's² sake¹ I will not¹ rest,ª° until¹ the righteousnessª thereof go forthª° as brightness,ª and the salvationª thereof as a lampª [that] burneth.ª°" {Isa 62:1} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª As yet¹ they shall useª°¹ this¹ speechª in the landª of Judahª and in the citiesª thereof, when I shall bring againª°¹ their captivity;ª The LORDª blessª° thee, O habitationª of justice,ª [and] mountainª of holiness.ª" {Jer 31:23} + "And I will putª° my spiritª withinª you, and causeª° you to walk²°¹ in¹ my statutes,ª and ye shall keepª° my judgments,ª and doª° [them]. ... And ye shall dwellª° in the landª that¹ I gaveª° to your fathers;ª and ye shall be¹ my people,ª and I¹ will be¹ your God.ª" {Ezk 36:27-28} + "Neither¹ shall they defileª° themselves any more¹ with their idols,ª nor with their detestable things,ª nor with any¹ of their transgressions:ª but I will saveª° them out of all¹¹ their dwellingplaces,ª wherein¹ they have sinned,ª° and will cleanseª° them: so shall they be¹ my people,ª and I¹ will be¹ their God.ª ... Moreover I will makeª° a covenantª of peaceª with them; it shall be¹ an everlastingª covenantª with¹ them: and I will placeª° them, and multiplyª° them, and will setª° my sanctuaryª in the midstª of them for evermore.ª" {Ezk 37:23-26} + "So shall ye knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª your Godª dwellingª° in Zion,ª my holyª mountain:ª then shall Jerusalemª be¹ holy,ª and there shall no¹ strangersª° pass throughª° her any more.¹ ... For I will cleanseª° their bloodª [that] I have not¹ cleansed:ª° for the LORDª dwellethª° in Zion.ª" {Jol 3:17-21} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª I am returnedª° unto¹ Zion,ª and will dwellª° in the midstª of Jerusalem:ª and Jerusalemª shall be calledª° a cityª of truth;ª and the mountainª of the LORDª of hostsª the holyª mountain.ª" {Zch 8:3} + "Neverthelessª we,²° according¹ to² hisª promise,ª look forª° newª heavensª andª a newª earth,ª whereinªª dwellethª° righteousness.ª" {2Pe 3:13}
thou shalt be:
"And forgettestª° the LORDª thy maker,ª° that hath stretched forthª° the heavens,ª and laid the foundationsª° of the earth;ª and hast fearedª° continuallyª every¹ dayª becauseª¹ of the furyª of the oppressor,ª° as¹ if² he were readyª° to destroy?ª° and where¹ [is] the furyª of the oppressor?ª°" {Isa 51:13} + "And I will encampª° about mine houseª because of the army,ª because of him that passeth by,ª°¹ and because of him that returneth:ª°¹ and no¹ oppressorª° shall pass¹ through²°¹ them any more:¹ for¹ now¹ have I seenª° with mine eyes.ª" {Zch 9:8}
for thou:
"And he shall judgeª° among¹ the nations,ª and shall rebukeª° manyª people:ª and they shall beatª° their swordsª into plowshares,ª and their spearsª into pruninghooks:ª nationª shall not¹ lift upª° swordª against¹ nation,ª neither¹ shall they learnª° warª any more.¹" {Isa 2:4} + "Be not¹ afraidª° of suddenª fear,ª¹ neither of the desolationª¹ of the wicked,ª when¹ it cometh.ª° ... For¹ the LORDª shall be¹ thy confidence,ª and shall keepª° thy footª from being taken.ª¹" {Prv 3:25-26} + "And I¹ will gatherª°¹ the remnantª of my flockª out of all¹¹ countriesª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them, and will bring them againª°¹ to¹ their folds;ª and they shall be fruitfulª° and increase.ª° ... And I will set upª° shepherdsª° over¹ them which shall feedª° them: and they shall fearª° no¹ more,¹ nor¹ be dismayed,ª° neither¹ shall they be lacking,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 23:3-4} + "Therefore fearª° thou¹ not,¹ O my servantª Jacob,ª saithª° the LORD;ª neither¹ be dismayed,ª° O Israel:ª for,¹ lo,¹ I will saveª° thee from afar,ª¹ and thy seedª from the landª¹ of their captivity;ª and Jacobª shall return,ª° and shall be in rest,ª° and be quiet,ª° and none¹ shall make [him] afraid.ª°" {Jer 30:10} + "And he shall judgeª° among¹ manyª people,ª and rebukeª° strongª nationsª afar off;ª¹ and they shall beatª° their swordsª into plowshares,ª and their spearsª into pruninghooks:ª nationª shall not¹ lift upª° a swordª against¹ nation,ª neither¹ shall they learnª° warª any more.¹ ... But they shall sitª° every manª under¹ his vineª and under¹ his fig tree;ª and none¹ shall make [them] afraid:ª° for¹ the mouthª of the LORDª of hostsª hath spokenª° [it]." {Mic 4:3-4} + "The remnantª of Israelª shall not¹ doª° iniquity,ª nor¹ speakª° lies;ª neither¹ shall a deceitfulª tongueª be foundª° in their mouth:ª for¹ they¹ shall feedª° and lie down,ª° and none¹ shall make [them] afraid.ª° ... In that¹ dayª it shall be saidª° to Jerusalem,ª Fearª° thou not:¹ [and to] Zion,ª Let not¹ thine handsª be slack.ª°" {Zph 3:13-16} + "And saidª° unto¹ him, Run,ª° speakª° to¹ thisª young man,ª saying,ª° Jerusalemª shall be inhabitedª° [as] towns without wallsª for the multitudeª¹ of menª and cattleª therein:ª ... For I,¹ saithª° the LORD,ª will be¹ unto her a wallª of fireª round about,ª and will be¹ the gloryª in the midstª of her." {Zch 2:4-5}

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