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{Isaiah 54:7} For a small 6996 moment 7281 have I forsaken 5800 z8804 thee; but with great 1419 mercies 7356 will I gather 6908 z8762 thee.
a small:
"Come,²°¹ my people,ª enterª° thou into thy chambers,ª and shutª° thy doorsª about¹ thee: hideª° thyself as it were for a littleª moment,ª until¹ the indignationª be overpast.ª°" {Isa 26:20} + "And the sonsª of strangersª shall build upª° thy walls,ª and their kingsª shall ministerª° unto thee: for¹ in my wrathª I smoteª° thee, but in my favourª have I had mercyª° on thee." {Isa 60:10} + "For¹ his angerª [endureth but] a moment;ª in his favourª [is] life:ª weepingª may endureª° for a night,ª but joyª [cometh] in the morning.ª" {Psa 30:5} + "Forª ourª lightª affliction,ª which² is but for a moment,ª workethª° for usª a far²² more exceedingªª¹ [and] eternalª weightª of glory;ª" {2Co 4:17} + "But,ª beloved,ª be²° not²² ignorantª°¹ of this¹ one² thing,²¹ thatª oneª dayª [is] withª the Lordª asª a thousandª years,ª andª a thousandª yearsª asª oneª day.ª" {2Pe 3:8}
"And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the Lordª shall set²° his handª againª° the second timeª to recoverª°¹ the remnantª of his people,ª which¹ shall be left,ª° from Assyria,ª¹ and from Egypt,ª¹ and from Pathros,ª¹ and from Cush,ª¹ and from Elam,ª¹ and from Shinar,ª¹ and from Hamath,ª¹ and from the islandsª¹ of the sea.ª" {Isa 11:11} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the LORDª shall beat offª° from the channelª¹ of the riverª unto¹ the streamª of Egypt,ª and ye¹ shall be gatheredª° oneª by one,ª O ye childrenª of Israel.ª" {Isa 27:12} + "He shall feedª° his flockª like a shepherd:ª° he shall gatherª° the lambsª with his arm,ª and carryª° [them] in his bosom,ª [and] shall gently leadª° those that are with young.ª°" {Isa 40:11} + "Fearª° not:¹ for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee: I will bringª° thy seedª from the east,ª¹ and gatherª° thee from the west;ª¹ ... I will sayª° to the north,ª Give up;ª° and to the south,ª Keep not back:ª°¹ bringª° my sonsª from far,ª¹ and my daughtersª from the endsª¹ of the earth;ª" {Isa 43:5-6} + "The Lordª GODª which gatherethª° the outcastsª° of Israelª saith,ª° Yet¹ will I gatherª° [others] to¹ him, beside those that are gatheredª° unto him." {Isa 56:8} + "Lift upª° thine eyesª round about,ª and see:ª° all¹ they gather themselves together,ª° they comeª° to thee: thy sonsª shall comeª° from far,ª¹ and thy daughtersª shall be nursedª° at¹ [thy] side.ª" {Isa 60:4} + "For I¹ [know] their worksª and their thoughts:ª it shall come,ª° that I will gatherª°¹ all¹ nationsª and tongues;ª and they shall come,ª° and seeª°¹ my glory.ª" {Isa 66:18} + "That then the LORDª thy Godª will turnª°¹ thy captivity,ª and have compassionª° upon thee, and will returnª° and gatherª° thee from all¹¹ the nations,ª whither¹¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath scatteredª° thee." {Deu 30:3} + "Saveª° us, O LORDª our God,ª and gatherª° us from among¹ the heathen,ª to give thanksª° unto thy holyª name,ª [and] to triumphª° in thy praise.ª" {Psa 106:47} + "For I will takeª° you from amongª the heathen,ª and gatherª° you out of all¹¹ countries,ª and will bringª° you into¹ your own land.ª" {Ezk 36:24} + "In that¹ day,ª saithª° the LORD,ª will I assembleª° her that halteth,ª° and I will gatherª° her that is driven out,ª° and her that¹ I have afflicted;ª°" {Mic 4:6} + "O Jerusalem,ª Jerusalem,ª [thou] that killestª° the¹ prophets,ª andª stonestª° them which are sentª° untoª thee,ª how oftenª would¹ I²° have gathered²° thy²² children² together,ª°¹¹ even asª¹ a henª gatherethª° herª chickensª underª [her] wings,ª andª ye wouldª° not!ª" {Mtt 23:37} + "That inª the dispensationª of the¹ fulnessª of timesª he might gather together in oneª° all thingsª inª Christ,ª bothª whichª are inª heaven,ª andª whichª are onª earth;ª [even] inª him:ª" {Eph 1:10}

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