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{Isaiah 52:2} Shake y5287 z8690 thyself x5287 from the dust; 6083 x4480 arise, 6965 z8798 [and] sit down, 3427 z8798 O Jerusalem: 3389 loose y6605 z8690 thyself x6605 from the bands 4147 of thy neck, 6677 O captive 7628 daughter 1323 of Zion. 6726
"And her gatesª shall lamentª° and mourn;ª° and she [being] desolateª° shall sitª° upon the ground.ª" {Isa 3:26} + "But I will putª° it into the handª of them that afflictª° thee; which¹ have saidª° to thy soul,ª Bow down,ª° that we may go over:ª° and thou hast laidª° thy bodyª as the ground,ª and as the street,ª to them that went over.ª°" {Isa 51:23} + "Flee¹ out²° of the midstª¹ of Babylon,ª and deliverª° every manª his soul:ª be not¹ cut offª° in her iniquity;ª for¹ this¹ [is] the timeª of the LORD'Sª vengeance;ª he will renderª° unto her a recompence.ª" {Jer 51:6} + "My people,ª go¹ ye out²° of the midstª¹ of her, and deliverª° ye every manª¹ his soulª from the fierceª¹ angerª of the LORD.ª" {Jer 51:45} + "Ye that have escaped²¹ the sword,ª¹ go away,ª° stand not still:ª°¹ rememberª°¹ the LORDª afar off,ª and let Jerusalemª comeª° into¹ your mind.ª" {Jer 51:50} + "Ho,ª ho,ª [come forth], and fleeª° from the landª¹ of the north,ª saithª° the LORD:ª for¹ I have spread you abroadª°¹ as the fourª windsª of the heaven,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Zch 2:6} + "Andª I heardª° anotherª voiceª fromª heaven,ª saying,ª° Comeª° out ofª her,ª myª people,ª that²°¹ ye be²° not² partakersª°¹ of her²¹ sins,ª andª that²°¹ ye receiveª° not²¹ ofª her²¹ plagues.ª" {Rev 18:4}
The common mode of sitting in the East is upon the floor, with the legs crossed; and when sitting is spoken of as a posture of more than ordinary state, it means sitting on high, on a chair of state, or throne.
"Then shalt thou sayª° in thine heart,ª Who¹ hath begottenª° me¹ these,¹ seeing I¹ have lost my children,²°¹ and am desolate,ª a captive,ª° and removing to and fro?ª° and who¹ hath brought upª° these?¹ Behold,¹ I¹ was leftª° alone;¹ these,¹ whereª [had] they¹ [been]?" {Isa 49:21} + "The captive exileª° hastenethª° that he may be loosed,ª° and that he should not¹ dieª° in the pit,ª nor¹ that his breadª should fail.ª°" {Isa 51:14} + "The Spiritª of the Lordª GODª [is] upon¹ me; because¹ the LORDª hath anointedª° me to preach good tidingsª° unto the meek;ª he hath sentª° me to bind upª° the brokenhearted,ªª° to proclaimª° libertyª to the captives,ª° and the opening of the prisonª to [them that are] bound;ª°" {Isa 61:1} + "The Spiritª of the Lordª [is] uponª me,ª becauseª¹ he hath anointedª° meª to preach the gospelª° to the poor;ª he hath sentª° meª to healª° the¹ brokenhearted,ªª° to preachª° deliveranceª to the captives,ª andª recovering of sightª to the blind,ª to setª° atª libertyª them that are bruised,ª°" {Lke 4:18} + "Andª they shall fallª° by the edgeª of the sword,ª andª shall be led away captiveª° intoª allª nations:ª andª Jerusalemª shall beª° trodden downª° ofª the Gentiles,ª untilª the timesª of the Gentilesª be fulfilled.ª°" {Lke 21:24}

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