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{Isaiah 49:19} For x3588 thy waste 2723 and thy desolate places, 8074 z8802 and the land 776 of thy destruction, 2035 shall even x3588 now x6258 be too narrow 3334 z8799 by reason of the inhabitants, 3427 z8802 x4480 and they that swallowed thee up 1104 z8764 shall be far away. 7368 z8804
thy waste:
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª In an acceptableª timeª have I heardª° thee, and in a dayª of salvationª have I helpedª° thee: and I will preserveª° thee, and giveª° thee for a covenantª of the people,ª to establishª° the earth,ª to cause to inheritª° the desolateª° heritages;ª" {Isa 49:8} + "For¹ the LORDª shall comfortª° Zion:ª he will comfortª° all¹ her waste places;ª and he will makeª° her wildernessª like Eden,ª and her desertª like the gardenª of the LORD;ª joyª and gladnessª shall be foundª° therein, thanksgiving,ª and the voiceª of melody.ª" {Isa 51:3} + "Sing,ª° O barren,ª thou [that] didst not¹ bear;ª° break forthª° into singing,ª and cry aloud,ª° thou [that] didst not¹ travail with child:ª° for¹ moreª [are] the childrenª of the desolateª° than the childrenª¹ of the married wife,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª ... Enlargeª° the placeª of thy tent,ª and let them stretch forthª° the curtainsª of thine habitations:ª spareª° not,¹ lengthenª° thy cords,ª and strengthenª° thy stakes;ª" {Isa 54:1-2} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will bring againª° the captivityª of Jacob'sª tents,ª and have mercyª° on his dwellingplaces;ª and the cityª shall be buildedª° upon¹ her own heap,ª and the palaceª shall remainª° after¹ the mannerª thereof. ... And out of¹ them shall proceedª° thanksgivingª and the voiceª of them that make merry:ª° and I will multiplyª° them, and they shall not¹ be few;ª° I will also glorifyª° them, and they shall not¹ be small.ª°" {Jer 30:18-19} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Again¹ there shall be heardª° in this¹ place,ª which¹ ye¹ sayª° [shall be] desolateª without¹¹ manª and without¹¹ beast,ª [even] in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem,ª that are desolate,ª° without¹¹ man,ª and without¹¹ inhabitant,ª° and without¹¹ beast,ª ... The voiceª of joy,ª and the voiceª of gladness,ª the voiceª of the bridegroom,ª and the voiceª of the bride,ª the voiceª of them that shall say,ª° Praiseª°¹ the LORDª of hosts:ª for¹ the LORDª [is] good;ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª [and] of them that shall bringª° the sacrifice of praiseª into the houseª of the LORD.ª For¹ I will cause to returnª°¹ the captivityª of the land,ª as at the first,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 33:10-11} + "For,¹ behold,¹ I [am] for¹ you, and I will turnª° unto¹ you, and ye shall be tilledª° and sown:ª° ... Neither¹ will I cause [men] to hearª° in¹ thee the shameª of the heathenª any more,¹ neither¹ shalt thou bearª° the reproachª of the peopleª any more,¹ neither¹ shalt thou cause thy nationsª to fallª° any more,¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 36:9-15} + "Yet the numberª of the childrenª of Israelª shall be¹ as the sandª of the sea,ª which¹ cannot¹ be measuredª° nor¹ numbered;ª° and it shall come to pass,¹ [that] in the placeª where¹ it was saidª° unto them, Ye¹ [are] not¹ my people,ª [there] it shall be saidª° unto them, [Ye are] the sonsª of the livingª God.ª ... Then shall the childrenª of Judahª and the childrenª of Israelª be gathered²° together,ª¹ and appointª° themselves oneª head,ª and they shall come upª° out of¹ the land:ª for¹ greatª [shall be] the dayª of Jezreel.ª" {Hsa 1:10-11} + "And saidª° unto¹ him, Run,ª° speakª° to¹ thisª young man,ª saying,ª° Jerusalemª shall be inhabitedª° [as] towns without wallsª for the multitudeª¹ of menª and cattleª therein:ª" {Zch 2:4} + "And manyª nationsª shall be joinedª° to¹ the LORDª in that¹ day,ª and shall be¹ my people:ª and I will dwellª° in the midstª of thee, and thou shalt knowª° that¹ the LORDª of hostsª hath sentª° me unto¹ thee." {Zch 2:11} + "I will bring them againª° also out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª and gatherª° them out of Assyria;ª¹ and I will bringª° them into¹ the landª of Gileadª and Lebanon;ª and [place] shall not¹ be foundª° for them." {Zch 10:10}
they that:
"Thy childrenª shall make haste;ª° thy destroyersª° and they that made thee wasteª° shall go forthª° of¹ thee." {Isa 49:17} + "But¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Even¹ the captivesª of the mightyª shall be taken away,ª° and the preyª of the terribleª shall be delivered:ª° for I¹ will contend²° with¹ him that contendeth² with¹ thee, and I¹ will saveª° thy children.ª ... And I will feedª°¹ them that oppressª° thee with¹ their own flesh;ª and they shall be drunkenª° with their own blood,ª as with sweet wine:ª and all¹ fleshª shall knowª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª [am] thy Saviourª° and thy Redeemer,ª° the mighty Oneª of Jacob.ª" {Isa 49:25-26} + "[[To the chief Musicianª° upon¹ Jonathelemrechokim,ª Michtamª of David,ª when the Philistinesª tookª° him in Gath.]]ª Be mercifulª° unto me, O God:ª for¹ manª would swallow me up;ª° he fightingª° dailyª¹ oppressethª° me. ... Mine enemiesª° would dailyª¹ swallow²° [me] up:¹ for¹ [they be] manyª that fightª° against me, O thou most High.ª" {Psa 56:1-2} + "Thenª they had swallowed us upª° quick,ª when their wrathª was kindledª° against us:" {Psa 124:3} + "Let us swallow them upª° aliveª as the grave;ª and whole,ª as those that go downª° into the pit:ª" {Prv 1:12} + "Therefore¹ all¹ they that devourª° thee shall be devoured;ª° and all¹ thine adversaries,ª every one¹ of them, shall go²°¹ into captivity;ª and they that spoilª°°² thee shall be¹ a spoil,ª and all¹ that preyª° upon thee will I giveª° for a prey.ª" {Jer 30:16} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª The daughterª of Babylonª [is] like a threshingfloor,ª [it is] timeª to threshª° her: yet¹ a little while,ª and the timeª of her harvestª shall come.ª°" {Jer 51:33} + "And I will punishª°¹ Belª in Babylon,ª and I will bring forthª° out of his mouthª¹¹ that which he hath swallowed up:ª and the nationsª shall not¹ flow togetherª° any more¹ unto¹ him: yea,¹ the wallª of Babylonª shall fall.ª°" {Jer 51:44} + "Therefore¹ prophesyª° and say,ª° Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Becauseª they have made [you] desolate,ª° and swallowed you upª°¹ on every side,ª¹ that ye might be¹ a possessionª unto the residueª of the heathen,ª and ye are taken upª° in¹ the lipsª of talkers,ª and [are] an infamyª of the people:ª" {Ezk 36:3}

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