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{Isaiah 49:11} And I will make 7760 z8804 all x3605 my mountains 2022 a way, 1870 and my highways 4546 shall be exalted. 7311 z8799
"And there shall be¹ an highwayª for the remnantª of his people,ª whichª shall be left,ª° from Assyria;ª¹ like as¹ it was¹ to Israelª in the dayª that he came upª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Isa 11:16} + "And an highwayª shall be¹ there,¹ and a way,ª and it shall be calledª° The wayª of holiness;ª the uncleanª shall not¹ pass overª° it; but it¹ [shall be] for those: the wayfaring men,ª°¹ though fools,ª shall not¹ errª° [therein]. ... And the ransomedª° of the LORDª shall return,ª° and comeª° to Zionª with songsª and everlastingª joy²¹ upon¹ their heads:ª they shall obtainª° joy²¹ and gladness,²¹ and sorrowª and sighingª shall flee away.ª°" {Isa 35:8-10} + "The voiceª of him that criethª° in the wilderness,ª Prepareª° ye the wayª of the LORD,ª make straightª° in the desertª a highwayª for our God.ª ... Every¹ valleyª shall be exalted,ª° and every¹ mountainª and hillª shall be made low:ª° and the crookedª shall be made¹ straight,ª and the rough placesª plain:ª" {Isa 40:3-4} + "Behold,¹ I will doª° a new thing;ª now¹ it shall spring forth;ª° shall ye not¹ knowª° it? I will even¹ makeª° a wayª in the wilderness,ª [and] riversª in the desert.ª" {Isa 43:19} + "And shall say,ª° Cast ye up,ª° cast ye up,ª° prepareª° the way,ª take upª° the stumblingblockª out of the wayª¹ of my people.ª" {Isa 57:14} + "Go through,ª° go throughª° the gates;ª prepareª° ye the wayª of the people;ª cast up,ª° cast upª° the highway;ª gather outª° the stones;ª¹ lift upª° a standardª for¹ the people.ª" {Isa 62:10} + "They wanderedª° in the wildernessª in a solitaryª way;ª they foundª° no¹ cityª to dwellª in." {Psa 107:4} + "And he led them forthª° by the rightª way,ª that they might go²°¹ to¹ a cityª of habitation.ª" {Psa 107:7} + "Asª it is writtenª° inª the bookª of the wordsª of Esaiasª the¹ prophet,ª saying,ª° The voiceª of one cryingª° inª the¹ wilderness,ª Prepare¹ ye²° the¹ wayª of the Lord,ª makeª° hisª pathsª straight.ª ... Everyª valleyª shall be²° filled,ª° andª everyª mountainª andª hillª shall be brought low;ª° andª the¹ crookedª shall be made²¹ straight,ª andª the¹ rough² ways²¹ [shall be]¹¹ made² smooth;ª" {Lke 3:4-5} + "Jesusª saithª° unto him,ª Iª amª° the¹ way,ª² the¹ truth,ª andª the¹ life:ª no manª comethª° untoª the¹ Father,ª butª byª me.ª" {Jhn 14:6}

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