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{Isaiah 46:2} They stoop, 7164 z8804 they bow down 3766 z8804 together; 3162 they could 3201 z8804 not x3808 deliver 4422 z8763 the burden, 4853 but themselves 5315 are gone 1980 z8804 into captivity. 7628
they could:
"[Beware] lest¹ Hezekiahª persuadeª° you, saying,ª° The LORDª will deliverª° us. Hath anyª of the godsª of the nationsª deliveredª°¹ his landª out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Assyria?ª ... Where¹ [are] the godsª of Hamathª and Arphad?ª where¹ [are] the godsª of Sepharvaim?ª and¹ have they deliveredª°¹ Samariaª out of my hand?ª¹" {Isa 36:18-19} + "Have the godsª of the nationsª deliveredª° them which¹ my fathersª have destroyed,ª° [as]¹ Gozan,ª and Haran,ª and Rezeph,ª and the childrenª of Edenª which¹ [were] in Telassar?ª" {Isa 37:12} + "And have castª°¹ their godsª into the fire:ª for¹ they¹ [were] no¹ gods,ª but¹¹ the workª of men'sª hands,ª woodª and stone:ª therefore they have destroyedª° them." {Isa 37:19} + "And the residueª thereof he makethª° a god,ª [even] his graven image:ª he falleth downª° unto it, and worshippethª° [it], and prayethª° unto¹ it, and saith,ª° Deliverª° me; for¹ thou¹ [art] my god.ª" {Isa 44:17} + "Assemble²° yourselves¹ and come;ª° draw nearª° together,ª ye [that are] escapedª of the nations:ª they have no knowledgeª°¹ that set upª°¹ the woodª of their graven image,ª and prayª° unto¹ a godª [that] cannot¹ save.ª°" {Isa 45:20}
"And the fiveª men²¹ that went²°¹ to spy outª°¹ the landª went up,ª° [and] came inª° thither,¹ [and] tookª°¹ the graven image,ª and the ephod,ª and the teraphim,ª and the molten image:ª and the priestª stoodª° in the enteringª of the gateª with the sixª hundredª menª [that were] appointedª° with weaponsª of war.ª ... And these¹ wentª° into Micah'sª house,ª and fetchedª°¹ the carved image,ª the ephod,ª and the teraphim,ª and the molten image.ª Then saidª° the priestª unto¹ them, What¹ doª° ye?¹" {Jdg 18:17-18} + "And he said,ª° Ye have taken awayª°¹ my godsª which¹ I made,ª° and the priest,ª and ye are gone away:²°¹ and what¹ have I more?¹ and what¹ [is] this¹ [that] ye sayª° unto¹ me, What¹ aileth thee?" {Jdg 18:24} + "And there¹ they leftª°¹ their images,ª and Davidª and his men²¹ burnedª° them." {2Sm 5:21} + "And I will kindleª° a fireª in the housesª of the godsª of Egypt;ª and he shall burnª° them, and carry them away captives:ª° and he shall array²° himself¹ with¹ the landª of Egypt,ª as¹ a shepherdª° putteth onª°¹ his garment;ª and he shall go forthª° from thence¹¹ in peace.ª ... He shall breakª° also¹ the imagesª of Bethshemesh,ª that¹ [is] in the landª of Egypt;ª and the housesª of the godsª of the Egyptiansª shall he burnª° with fire.ª" {Jer 43:12-13} + "For¹ because¹ thou hast trustedª° in thy worksª and in thy treasures,ª thou¹ shalt also¹ be taken:ª° and Chemoshª shall go forthª° into captivityª [with] his priestsª and his princesª together.ª" {Jer 48:7}
themselves are:
Heb. their soul is

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