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{Isaiah 42:17} They shall be turned 5472 z8738 back, 268 they shall be greatly y1322 ashamed, 954 z8799 x1322 that trust 982 z8802 in graven images, 6459 that say 559 z8802 to the molten images, 4541 Ye x859 [are] our gods. 430
be greatly:
"For¹ they shall be ashamedª° of the oaksª¹ which¹ ye have desired,ª° and ye shall be confoundedª° for the gardensª¹ that¹ ye have chosen.ª°" {Isa 1:29} + "Behold,¹ all¹ his fellowsª shall be ashamed:ª° and the workmen,ª they¹ [are] of men:ª¹ let them all¹ be gathered together,ª° let them stand up;ª° [yet] they shall fear,ª° [and] they shall be ashamedª° together.ª" {Isa 44:11} + "They shall be ashamed,ª° and also¹ confounded,ª° all¹ of them: they shall goª° to confusionª togetherª [that are] makersª of idols.ª ... [But] Israelª shall be savedª° in the LORDª with an everlastingª salvation:ª ye shall not¹ be ashamedª° nor¹ confoundedª° world² without end.ª¹¹" {Isa 45:16-17} + "Confoundedª° be all¹ they that serveª° graven images,ª that boast²° themselves¹ of idols:ª worshipª° him, all¹ [ye] gods.ª" {Psa 97:7} + "As the thiefª is ashamedª when¹ he is found,ª° so¹ is the houseª of Israelª ashamed;²°¹ they,¹ their kings,ª their princes,ª and their priests,ª and their prophets,ª ... Sayingª° to a stock,ª Thou¹ [art] my father;ª and to a stone,ª Thou¹ hast brought me forth:ª° for¹ they have turnedª° [their] backª unto¹ me, and not¹ [their] face:ª but in the timeª of their troubleª they will say,ª° Arise,ª° and saveª° us." {Jer 2:26-27} + "What¹ profitethª° the graven imageª that¹ the makerª° thereof hath gravenª° it; the molten image,ª and a teacherª° of lies,ª that¹ the makerª° of his workª trustethª° therein,¹ to makeª° dumbª idols?ª ... But the LORDª [is] in his holyª temple:ª let all¹ the earthª keep silenceª° beforeª¹ him." {Hab 2:18-20}
say to:
"And the residueª thereof he makethª° a god,ª [even] his graven image:ª he falleth downª° unto it, and worshippethª° [it], and prayethª° unto¹ it, and saith,ª° Deliverª° me; for¹ thou¹ [art] my god.ª" {Isa 44:17} + "And he receivedª° [them] at their hand,ª¹ and fashionedª° it with a graving tool,ª after he had madeª° it a moltenª calf:ª and they said,ª° These¹ [be] thy gods,ª O Israel,ª which¹ brought²° thee up¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Exd 32:4} + "They have turned²° aside¹ quicklyª out of¹ the wayª which¹ I commandedª° them: they have madeª° them a moltenª calf,ª and have worshippedª° it, and have sacrificedª° thereunto, and said,ª° These¹ [be] thy gods,ª O Israel,ª which¹ have brought thee upª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Exd 32:8}

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