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{Isaiah 41:1} Keep silence 2790 z8685 before x413 me, O islands; 339 and let the people 3816 renew 2498 z8686 [their] strength: 3581 let them come near; 5066 z8799 then x227 let them speak: 1696 z8762 let us come near 7126 z8799 together 3162 to judgment. 4941
"Listen,ª° O isles,ª unto¹ me; and hearken,ª° ye people,ª from far;ª¹ The LORDª hath calledª° me from the womb;ª¹ from the bowelsª¹ of my motherª hath he made mentionª° of my name.ª" {Isa 49:1} + "Be still,ª° and knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] God:ª I will be exaltedª° among the heathen,ª I will be exaltedª° in the earth.ª" {Psa 46:10} + "But the LORDª [is] in his holyª temple:ª let all¹ the earthª keep silenceª° beforeª¹ him." {Hab 2:20} + "Be silent,ª° O all¹ flesh,ª beforeª¹ the LORD:ª for¹ he is raised upª° out of his holyª habitation.ª¹" {Zch 2:13}
let the people:
"They helpedª° every oneª¹ his neighbour;ª and [every one] saidª° to his brother,ª Be of good courage.ª° ... So the carpenterª encouragedª°¹ the goldsmith,ª° [and] he that smoothethª° [with] the hammerª¹ him that smoteª° the anvil,ª saying,ª° It¹ [is] readyª for the sodering:ª and he fastenedª° it with nails,ª [that] it should not¹ be moved.ª°" {Isa 41:6-7} + "Produceª° your cause,ª saithª° the LORD;ª bring forthª° your strongª [reasons], saithª° the Kingª of Jacob.ª ... Let them bring [them] forth,ª° and shewª° us¹ what¹ shall happen:ª° let them shewª° the former things,ª what¹ they¹ [be], that we may considerªª° them, and knowª° the latter endª of them; or¹ declareª° us things for to come.ª°" {Isa 41:21-22} + "Associateª° yourselves, O ye people,ª and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° and give ear,ª° allª ye of farª countries:ª gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces.²° ... Take²° counsel² together,ª°¹ and it shall come to nought;ª° speakª° the word,ª and it shall not¹ stand:ª° for¹ Godª [is] with us.¹" {Isa 8:9-10} + "Gird upª° now¹ thy loinsª like a man;ª for I will demandª° of thee, and answerª° thou me." {Job 38:3} + "Gird upª° thy loinsª now¹ like a man:ª I will demandª° of thee, and declareª° thou unto me." {Job 40:7} + "Beatª° your plowsharesª into swords,ª and your pruninghooksª into spears:ª let the weakª say,ª° I¹ [am] strong.ª ... Assembleª° yourselves, and come,ª° all¹ ye heathen,ª and gather yourselves togetherª° round about:ª¹ thither¹ cause thy mighty onesª to come down,ª° O LORD.ª" {Jol 3:10-11}
let us:
"Come¹ now,²°¹ and let us reason together,ª° saithª° the LORD:ª though¹ your sinsª be¹ as scarlet,ª they shall be as whiteª° as snow;ª though¹ they be redª° like crimson,ª they shall be¹ as wool.ª" {Isa 1:18} + "Oh thatª°¹ I knewª° where I might findª° him! [that] I might comeª° [even] to¹ his seat!ª ... There¹ the righteousª might disputeª° with¹ him; so should I be deliveredª° for everª from my judge.ª°¹" {Job 23:3-7} + "Oh that²°¹ one would¹ hearª° me! behold,¹ my desireª [is, that] the Almightyª would answerª° me, and [that] mine adversaryªª had writtenª° a book.ª ... Surely¹ I would takeª° it upon¹ my shoulder,ª [and] bindª° it [as] a crownª to me." {Job 31:35-36} + "Wilt thou also¹ disannulª° my judgment?ª wilt thou condemnª° me, that¹ thou mayest be righteous?ª° ... Deckª° thyself now¹ [with] majestyª and excellency;ª and arrayª° thyself with gloryª and beauty.ª" {Job 40:8-10} + "Hearª° ye now¹¹ what¹ the LORDª saith;ª° Arise,ª° contendª° thou before¹ the mountains,ª and let the hillsª hearª° thy voice.ª ... O my people,ª what¹ have I doneª° unto thee? and wherein¹ have I weariedª° thee? testifyª° against me." {Mic 6:1-3}

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