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{Isaiah 40:31} But they that wait y6960 z8802 upon x6960 the LORD 3068 shall renew 2498 z8686 [their] strength; 3581 they shall mount up 5927 z8799 with wings 83 as eagles; 5404 they shall run, 7323 z8799 and not x3808 be weary; 3021 z8799 [and] they shall walk, y3212 z8799 x1980 and not x3808 faint. 3286 z8799
they that:
"And I will waitª° upon the LORD,ª that hidethª° his faceª from the houseª¹ of Jacob,ª and I will lookª° for him." {Isa 8:17} + "And it shall be saidª° in that¹ day,ª Lo,¹ this¹ [is] our God;ª we have waitedª° for him, and he will saveª° us: this¹ [is] the LORD;ª we have waitedª° for him, we will be gladª° and rejoiceª° in his salvation.ª" {Isa 25:9} + "And therefore¹ will the LORDª wait,ª° that he may be graciousª° unto you, and therefore¹ will he be exalted,ª° that he may have mercyª° upon you: for¹ the LORDª [is] a Godª of judgment:ª blessedª [are] all¹ they that waitª° for him." {Isa 30:18} + "Yea,¹ let none¹¹ that waitª° on thee be ashamed:ª° let them be ashamedª° which transgressª° without cause.ª" {Psa 25:3} + "Leadª° me in thy truth,ª and teachª° me: for¹ thou¹ [art] the Godª of my salvation;ª on thee do I waitª° all¹ the day.ª" {Psa 25:5} + "Let integrityª and uprightnessª preserveª° me; for¹ I wait²° on¹ thee." {Psa 25:21} + "Waitª° on¹ the LORD:ª be of good courage,ª° and he shall strengthenª° thine heart:ª wait,ª° I say, on¹ the LORD.ª" {Psa 27:14} + "Waitª° on¹ the LORD,ª and keepª° his way,ª and he shall exaltª° thee to inheritª° the land:ª when the wickedª are cut off,ª° thou shalt seeª° [it]." {Psa 37:34} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David.]]ª I waitedª° patientlyª° for the LORD;ª and he inclinedª° unto¹ me, and heardª° my cry.ª" {Psa 40:1} + "They go²°¹ from strengthª¹ to¹ strength,ª [every one of them] in Zionª appearethª° before¹ God.ª" {Psa 84:7} + "[[A Psalmª [or] Songª for the sabbathª day.]]ª [It is a] goodª [thing] to give thanksª° unto the LORD,ª and to sing praisesª° unto thy name,ª O most High:ª" {Psa 92:1} + "Those that be plantedª° in the houseª of the LORDª shall flourishª° in the courtsª of our God.ª" {Psa 92:13} + "Behold,¹ as the eyesª of servantsª [look] unto¹ the handª of their masters,ª [and] as the eyesª of a maidenª unto¹ the handª of her mistress;ª so¹ our eyesª [wait] upon¹ the LORDª our God,ª until¹ that he have mercy²° upon¹¹ us." {Psa 123:2} + "The LORDª [is] goodª unto them that wait²° for¹ him, to the soulª [that] seekethª° him. ... [It is] goodª that [a man] should both hopeª°²° and quietly waitª for the salvationª of the LORD.ª" {Lam 3:25-26} + "Butª ifª we hope²° for¹ thatª we seeª° not,ª [then] do we²° withª patienceª wait forª° [it]." {Rom 8:25} + "Andª to wait forª° hisª Sonª fromª heaven,ª whomª he raisedª° fromª the dead,ª [even] Jesus,ª which² deliveredª° usª fromª the¹ wrathª to come.ª°" {1Th 1:10}
Heb. change, "And Samsonª calledª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° O Lordª GOD,ª rememberª° me, I pray thee,¹ and strengthenª° me, I pray thee,¹ only¹ this¹ once,ª O God,ª that I may be at once² avengedªª°¹ of the Philistinesª¹ for my twoª¹ eyes.ª" {Jdg 16:28} + "The righteousª also shall holdª° on his way,ª and he that hath clean²¹ handsª shall be²° stronger and stronger.ª¹" {Job 17:9} + "Then he is graciousª° unto him, and saith,ª° Deliverª° him from going downª°¹ to the pit:ª I have foundª° a ransom.ª ... He shall prayª° unto¹ God,ª and he will be favourableª° unto him: and he shall seeª° his faceª with joy:ª for he will renderª° unto manª his righteousness.ª" {Job 33:24-26} + "Who satisfiethª° thy mouthª with goodª [things; so that] thy youthª is renewedª° like the eagle's.ª" {Psa 103:5} + "In the dayª when I criedª° thou answeredstª° me, [and] strengthenedstª° me [with] strengthª in my soul.ª" {Psa 138:3} + "Forª we wouldª° not,ª brethren,ª have²° you² ignorantª°¹ ofª ourª troubleª which² cameª° to usª inª Asia,ª thatª we were pressed²¹ out²° of measure,ª¹ aboveª strength,ª insomuch² that¹ weª despairedª° evenª of life:ª° ... Whoª deliveredª° usª fromª so greatª a death,ª andª doth deliver:ª° inª whomª we trustª° thatª he willª²° yetª deliverª° [us];" {2Co 1:8-10} + "[We are] troubledª° onª every side,ª yetª notª distressed;ª° [we are] perplexed,ª° butª notª in despair;ª° ... Alwaysª bearing aboutª° inª the¹ bodyª the¹ dyingª of the¹ Lordª Jesus,ª thatª the¹ lifeª alsoª of Jesusª might be made manifestª° inª ourª body.ª" {2Co 4:8-10} + "For which causeª we faintª° not;ª butª thoughª ourª outwardª manª perish,ª° yetª the¹ inwardª [man] is renewedª° day² by² day.ª¹" {2Co 4:16} + "Andª he saidª° unto me,ª Myª graceª is sufficientª° for thee:ª forª myª strengthª is made perfectª° inª weakness.² Most gladly²¹ thereforeª will I²° ratherª gloryª° inª myª infirmities,ª thatª the¹ powerª of Christª may restª° uponª me.ª ... Thereforeª I take pleasureª° inª infirmities,ª inª reproaches,ª inª necessities,ª inª persecutions,ª inª distressesª for²° Christ's² sake:ª¹ forª whenª I am weak,ª° thenª amª° I strong.ª" {2Co 12:9-10}
"Ye¹ have seenª° what¹ I didª° unto the Egyptians,ª and [how] I bareª° you on¹ eagles'ª wings,ª and broughtª° you unto¹ myself." {Exd 19:4} + "They go²°¹ from strengthª¹ to¹ strength,ª [every one of them] in Zionª appearethª° before¹ God.ª" {Psa 84:7} + "Who¹ [is] this¹ that cometh upª° from¹ the wilderness,ª leaningª° upon¹ her beloved?ª I raised²° thee up¹ under¹ the apple tree:ª there¹ thy motherª brought thee forth:ª° there¹ she brought thee forthª° [that] bareª° thee." {Sgs 8:5} + "And I will strengthenª° them in the LORD;ª and they shall walk up and downª° in his name,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Zch 10:12} + "Andª the¹ firstª beastª [was] likeª a lion,ª andª the¹ secondª beastª likeª a calf,ª andª the¹ thirdª beastª hadª° a faceª asª a man,ª andª the¹ fourthª beastª [was] likeª a flyingª° eagle.ª" {Rev 4:7}
not faint:
"[I had fainted], unlessª I had believedª° to seeª° the goodnessª of the LORDª in the landª of the living.ª" {Psa 27:13} + "Andª he spakeª°² a¹ parableª unto themª² [to this end], that men oughtª° alwaysª to pray,ª° andª notª to faint;ª°" {Lke 18:1} + "Therefore¹¹ seeing²² we haveª° thisª ministry,ª asª we have received mercy,ª° we faintª° not;ª" {2Co 4:1} + "For which causeª we faintª° not;ª butª thoughª ourª outwardª manª perish,ª° yetª the¹ inwardª [man] is renewedª° day² by² day.ª¹" {2Co 4:16} + "Andª let us²° notª be wearyª° in wellª doing:ª° forª in dueª seasonª we shall reap,ª° if we faintª° not.ª" {Gal 6:9} + "Whereforeª seeing we¹ alsoª are²° compassed aboutª°² with¹ so greatª a cloudª of witnesses,ª let²° us² lay asideª° everyª weight,ª andª the sinª which doth so easily besetª [us], and¹ let us runª° withª patienceª the¹ raceª that is set beforeª° us,ª" {Hbr 12:1} + "Andª hast borne,ª° andª hastª° patience,ª andª for²° my² name's sakeªª¹ hast laboured,ª° andª hast²° notª fainted.ª°" {Rev 2:3}

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