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{Isaiah 36:7} But x3588 if thou say 559 z8799 to x413 me, We trust 982 z8804 in x413 the LORD 3068 our God: 430 [is it] not x3808 he, x1931 x853 whose x834 high places 1116 and whose altars 4196 Hezekiah 2396 hath taken away, 5493 z8689 and said 559 z8799 to Judah 3063 and to Jerusalem, 3389 Ye shall worship 7812 z8691 before 6440 this x2088 altar? 4196
We trust:
"He trustedª° in the LORDª Godª of Israel;ª so that afterª him was¹ none¹ like him¹ among all¹ the kingsª of Judah,ª nor [any] that¹ were¹ beforeª him." {2Kg 18:5} + "But if¹ ye sayª° unto¹ me, We trustª° in¹ the LORDª our God:ª [is] not¹ that he,¹ whose¹¹ high placesª and whose altarsª Hezekiahª hath taken away,ª° and hath saidª° to Judahª and Jerusalem,ª Ye shall worshipª° beforeª this¹ altarª in Jerusalem?ª" {2Kg 18:22} + "And they were helpedª° against¹ them, and the Hagaritesª were deliveredª° into their hand,ª and all¹ that [were] with¹¹ them: for¹ they criedª° to Godª in the battle,ª and he was intreatedª° of them; because¹ they put their trustª° in him." {1Ch 5:20} + "And at that¹ timeª Hananiª the seer²°¹ cameª° to¹ Asaª kingª of Judah,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Because thou hast reliedª° on¹ the kingª of Syria,ª and not¹ reliedª° on¹ the LORDª thy God,ª therefore¹¹ is the hostª of the kingª of Syriaª escapedª° out of thine hand.ª¹ ... For¹ the eyesª of the LORDª run to and froª° throughout the whole¹ earth,ª to shew himself strongª° in the behalf of¹ [them] whose heartª [is] perfectª toward¹ him. Herein¹¹ thou hast done foolishly:ª° therefore¹ from henceforthª¹ thou shalt haveª wars.ª" {2Ch 16:7-9} + "Be strongª° and courageous,ª° be not afraidª°¹ nor¹ dismayedª° forª¹ the kingª of Assyria,ª nor for¹¹ all¹ the multitudeª that¹ [is] with¹ him: for¹ [there be] moreª with¹ us than with¹¹ him: ... With¹ him [is] an armª of flesh;ª but with¹ us [is] the LORDª our Godª to helpª° us, and to fightª° our battles.ª And the peopleª rested²° themselves¹ upon¹ the wordsª of Hezekiahª kingª of Judah.ª" {2Ch 32:7-8} + "Our fathersª trustedª° in thee: they trusted,ª° and thou didst deliverª° them. ... They criedª° unto¹ thee, and were delivered:ª° they trustedª° in thee, and were not¹ confounded.ª°" {Psa 22:4-5} + "Why¹ art thou cast down,ª° O my soul?ª and [why] art thou disquietedª° in¹ me? hopeª° thou in God:ª for¹ I shall yet¹ praiseª° him [for] the helpª of his countenance.ª" {Psa 42:5} + "[As] with a swordª in my bones,ª mine enemiesª° reproachª° me; while they sayª° dailyª¹ unto¹ me, Where¹ [is] thy God?ª ... Why¹ art thou cast down,ª° O my soul?ª and why¹ art thou disquietedª° within¹ me? hopeª° thou in God:ª for¹ I shall yet¹ praiseª° him, [who is] the healthª of my countenance,ª and my God.ª" {Psa 42:10-11}
is it not:
"Ye shall utterlyª° destroyª°¹ all¹ the places,ª wherein¹¹ the nationsª whichª¹ ye¹ shall possessª° servedª°¹ their gods,ª upon¹ the highª° mountains,ª and upon¹ the hills,ª and under¹ every¹ greenª tree:ª ... And thither¹ ye shall bringª° your burnt offerings,ª and your sacrifices,ª and your tithes,ª and¹ heave offeringsª of your hand,ª and your vows,ª and your freewill offerings,ª and the firstlingsª of your herdsª and of your flocks:ª" {Deu 12:2-6} + "Take heedª° to thyself that¹ thou offerª° not thy burnt offeringsª in every¹ placeª that¹ thou seest:ª° ... But¹¹ in the placeª which¹ the LORDª shall chooseª° in oneª of thy tribes,ª there¹ thou shalt offerª° thy burnt offerings,ª and there¹ thou shalt doª° all¹ that¹ I¹ commandª° thee." {Deu 12:13-14} + "He¹ removedª°¹ the high places,ª and brakeª°¹ the images,ª and cut downª°¹ the groves,ª and brake in piecesª° the brasenª serpentª that¹ Mosesª had made:ª° for¹ unto¹ those¹ daysª the childrenª of Israelª did¹ burn incenseª° to it: and he calledª° it Nehushtan.ª" {2Kg 18:4} + "And they aroseª° and took awayª°¹ the altarsª that¹ [were] in Jerusalem,ª and all¹ the altars for incenseª took they away,ª° and castª° [them] into the brookª Kidron.ª" {2Ch 30:14} + "Now when all¹ this¹ was finished,ª° all¹ Israelª that were presentª° went outª° to the citiesª of Judah,ª and brake²° the images² in pieces,ª°¹ and cut downª° the groves,ª and threw downª°¹ the high placesª and the altarsª out of all¹¹ Judahª and Benjamin,ª in Ephraimª also and Manasseh,ª until¹ they had utterly destroyedª° them all. Then all¹ the childrenª of Israelª returned,ª° every manª to his possession,ª into their own cities.ª" {2Ch 31:1} + "Hath not¹ the same¹ Hezekiahª taken awayª°¹ his high placesª and his altars,ª and commandedª° Judahª and Jerusalem,ª saying,ª° Ye shall worshipª° beforeª oneª altar,ª and burn incenseª° upon¹ it?" {2Ch 32:12} + "Butª he that is spiritualª¹ judgethª°² all things,ª yetª he¹ himself² is judgedª° ofª no man.ª" {1Co 2:15}

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