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{Isaiah 36:2} And the king 4428 of Assyria 804 sent 7971 z8799 x853 Rabshakeh 7262 from Lachish 3923 x4480 to Jerusalem 3389 unto x413 king 4428 Hezekiah 2396 with a great 3515 army. y2426 x2428 And he stood 5975 z8799 by the conduit 8585 of the upper 5945 pool 1295 in the highway 4546 of the fuller's 3526 z8801 field. 7704
am 3294, bc 710
"And the kingª of Assyriaª sentª°¹ Tartanª and Rabsarisª and Rabshakehª from¹ Lachishª to¹ kingª Hezekiahª with a greatª hostª against Jerusalem.ª And they went upª° and cameª° to Jerusalem.ª And when they were come up,ª° they cameª° and stoodª° by the conduitª of the upperª pool,ª which¹ [is] in the highwayª of the fuller'sª° field.ª ... Then cameª° Eliakimª the sonª of Hilkiah,ª which¹ [was] over¹ the household,ª and Shebnaª the scribe,ª° and Joahª the sonª of Asaphª the recorder,ª° to¹ Hezekiahª with [their] clothesª rent,ª° and toldª° him the wordsª of Rabshakeh.ª" {2Kg 18:17-37} + "Afterª this¹ did Sennacheribª kingª of Assyriaª sendª° his servantsª to Jerusalem,ª (but he¹ [himself laid siege] against¹ Lachish,ª and all¹ his powerª with¹ him,) unto¹ Hezekiahª kingª of Judah,ª and unto¹ all¹ Judahª that¹ [were] at Jerusalem,ª saying,ª° ... And manyª broughtª° giftsª unto the LORDª to Jerusalem,ª and presentsª to Hezekiahª kingª of Judah:ª so that he was magnifiedª° in the sightª of all¹ nationsª from thenceforth.ª¹¹" {2Ch 32:9-23}
the conduit:
"Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ Isaiah,ª Go forthª° now¹ to meet²°¹ Ahaz,ª thou,¹ and Shearjashubª thy son,ª at¹ the endª of the conduitª of the upperª poolª in¹ the highwayª of the fuller'sª° field;ª" {Isa 7:3} + "Ye have seenª° also the breachesª of the cityª of David,ª that¹ they are many:ª° and ye gathered togetherª°¹ the watersª of the lowerª pool.ª ... Ye madeª° also a ditchª between¹ the two wallsª for the waterª of the oldª pool:ª but ye have not¹ lookedª° unto¹ the makerª° thereof, neither¹ had respectª° unto him that fashionedª° it long ago.ª¹" {Isa 22:9-11}

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