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{Isaiah 34:17} And he x1931 hath cast 5307 z8689 the lot 1486 for them, and his hand 3027 hath divided 2505 z8765 it unto them by line: 6957 they shall possess 3423 z8799 it for y5704 ever, 5769 x5704 from generation 1755 to generation 1755 shall they dwell 7931 z8799 therein.
he hath cast:
"And the men²¹ arose,ª° and went away:²°¹ and Joshuaª chargedª°¹ them that wentª° to describeª°¹ the land,ª saying,ª° Go²°¹ and walkª° through the land,ª and describeª° it, and come againª° to¹ me, that I may here¹ castª° lotsª for you beforeª the LORDª in Shiloh.ª" {Jsh 18:8} + "He cast outª° the heathenª also beforeª¹ them, and dividedª° them an inheritanceª by line,ª and made the tribesª of Israelª to dwellª° in their tents.ª" {Psa 78:55} + "Andª when he had destroyedª° sevenª nationsª inª the landª of Chanaan,ª he divided²° their² land² to them² by lot.ªª°¹" {Act 13:19} + "Andª hath madeª° ofª oneª bloodª allª nationsª of menª for to dwellª° onª allª the¹ faceª of the¹ earth,ª and hath determinedª° the timesª before appointed,ª° andª the¹ boundsª of their²¹ habitation;ª" {Act 17:26}
they shall:
"It shall not¹ be quenchedª° nightª nor day;ª the smokeª thereof shall go upª° for ever:ª from generationª¹ to generationª it shall lie waste;ª° none¹ shall pass throughª° it for everª and ever.ª" {Isa 34:10} + "It shall neverª¹ be inhabited,ª° neither¹ shall it be dweltª° in from generationª to¹ generation:ª neither¹ shall the Arabianª pitch tentª° there;¹ neither¹ shall the shepherdsª° make their foldª° there.¹ ... And the wild beasts of the islandsª shall cryª° in their desolate houses,ª and dragonsª in [their] pleasantª palaces:ª and her timeª [is] nearª to come,ª° and her daysª shall not¹ be prolonged.ª°" {Isa 13:20-22}

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