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{Isaiah 32:20} Blessed 835 [are] ye that sow 2232 z8802 beside x5921 all x3605 waters, 4325 that send forth 7971 z8764 [thither] the feet 7272 of the ox 7794 and the ass. 2543
"And the watersª shall failª° from the sea,ª¹ and the riverª shall be wastedª° and dried up.ª° ... The paper reedsª by¹ the brooks,ª by¹ the mouthª of the brooks,ª and every thing¹ sownª by the brooks,ª shall wither,ª° be driven away,ª° and be no¹ [more]." {Isa 19:5-7} + "Then shall he giveª° the rainª of thy seed,ª that¹ thou shalt sowª°¹ the groundª withal; and breadª of the increaseª of the earth,ª and it shall be¹ fatª and plenteous:ª in that¹ dayª shall thy cattleª feedª° in largeª° pastures.ª" {Isa 30:23} + "For¹ as¹ the rainª cometh down,ª° and the snowª from¹ heaven,ª and returnethª° not¹ thither,¹ but¹¹ waterethª°¹ the earth,ª and maketh it bring forthª° and bud,ª° that it may giveª° seedª to the sower,ª° and breadª to the eater:ª° ... So¹ shall my wordª be¹ that¹ goeth forthª° out of my mouth:ª¹ it shall not¹ returnª° unto¹ me void,ª but¹¹ it shall accomplishª°¹ that which¹ I please,ª° and it shall prosperª° [in the thing] whereto¹ I sentª° it." {Isa 55:10-11} + "Castª° thy breadª uponª¹ the waters:ª for¹ thou shalt findª° it after manyª days.ª" {Ecc 11:1} + "Thenª² they that gladly² receivedª°¹¹ hisª wordª were baptized:ª° andª the¹ sameª dayª there were addedª° [unto them] aboutª three thousandª souls.ª" {Act 2:41} + "Howbeitª manyª of them which heardª° the¹ wordª believed;ª° andª the¹ numberª of the¹ menª wasª° aboutª fiveª thousand.ª" {Act 4:4} + "Andª believersª° were²° the moreª addedª° to the¹ Lord,ª multitudesª bothª of menª andª women.)ª" {Act 5:14} + "Iª have planted,ª° Apollosª watered;ª° butª Godª gave the increase.ª°" {1Co 3:6} + "Andª the fruitª of righteousnessª is sownª° inª peaceª of them¹ that makeª° peace.ª" {Jms 3:18}
the ox:
"The oxenª likewise and the young assesª that earª° the groundª shall eatª° cleanª provender,ª which¹ hath been winnowedª° with the shovelª and with the fan.ª" {Isa 30:24} + "Forª it is writtenª° inª the¹ lawª of Moses,ª Thou shalt²° notª muzzleª° the mouth of the oxª that treadeth out the corn.ª°² Doth²°¹ Godª take careª° for oxen?ª ... Ifª weª have sownª° unto youª spiritual things,ª [is it] a great thingª ifª weª shall reapª° yourª carnal things?ª" {1Co 9:9-11}

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