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{Isaiah 32:11} Tremble, 2729 z8798 ye women that are at ease; 7600 be troubled, 7264 z8798 ye careless ones: 982 z8802 strip 6584 z8800 you, and make you bare, 6209 z8798 and gird 2290 [sackcloth] upon x5921 [your] loins. 2504
be troubled:
"And they shall goª° into the holesª of the rocks,ª and into the cavesª of the earth,ª forª¹ fearª of the LORD,ª and for the gloryª¹ of his majesty,ª when he arisethª° to shake terriblyª° the earth.ª" {Isa 2:19} + "To goª° into the cleftsª of the rocks,ª and into the topsª of the ragged rocks,ª forª¹ fearª of the LORD,ª and for the gloryª¹ of his majesty,ª when he arisethª° to shake terriblyª° the earth.ª" {Isa 2:21} + "Therefore¹¹ saidª° I, Look awayª° from¹ me; I will weepª bitterly,ª° labourª° not¹ to comfortª° me, because¹ of the spoilingª of the daughterª of my people.ª ... For¹ [it is] a dayª of trouble,ª and of treading down,ª and of perplexityª by the Lordª GODª of hostsª in the valleyª of vision,ª breaking²° down¹ the walls,ª and of cryingª to¹ the mountains.ª" {Isa 22:4-5} + "The sinnersª in Zionª are afraid;ª° fearfulnessª hath surprisedª° the hypocrites.ª Who¹ among us shall dwellª° with the devouringª° fire?ª who¹ among us shall dwellª° with everlastingª burnings?ª" {Isa 33:14} + "Andª there followedª° himª a greatª companyª of people,ª andª of women,ª whichª alsoª bewailedª° andª lamentedª° him.ª ... Thenª shall they beginª° to sayª° to the¹ mountains,ª Fallª° onª us;ª andª to the¹ hills,ª Coverª° us.ª" {Lke 23:27-30} + "Ye have lived in pleasureª° onª the¹ earth,ª andª been wanton;ª° ye have nourishedª° yourª hearts,ª as² inª a dayª of slaughter.ª" {Jms 5:5}
"So¹ shall the kingª of Assyriaª lead awayª°¹ the Egyptiansª prisoners,ª and the Ethiopiansª captives,ª youngª and old,ª nakedª and barefoot,ª even with [their] buttocksª uncovered,ª° to the shameª of Egypt.ª" {Isa 20:4} + "Come down,ª° and sitª° in¹ the dust,ª O virginª daughterª of Babylon,ª sitª° on the ground:ª [there is] no¹ throne,ª O daughterª of the Chaldeans:ª for¹ thou shalt no¹ moreª° be calledª° tenderª and delicate.ª ... Thy nakednessª shall be uncovered,ª° yea,¹ thy shameª shall be seen:ª° I will takeª° vengeance,ª and I will not¹ meetª° [thee as] a man.ª" {Isa 47:1-3} + "Therefore shalt thou serveª°¹ thine enemiesª° which¹ the LORDª shall sendª° against thee, in hunger,ª and in thirst,ª and in nakedness,ª and in wantª of all¹ [things]: and he shall putª° a yokeª of ironª upon¹ thy neck,ª until¹ he have destroyedª° thee." {Deu 28:48} + "Lest¹ I stripª° her naked,ª and setª° her as in the dayª that she was born,ª° and makeª° her as a wilderness,ª and setª° her like a dryª land,ª and slayª° her with thirst.ª" {Hsa 2:3} + "Therefore¹¹ I will wailª° and howl,ª° I will go²°¹ strippedª° and naked:ª I will makeª° a wailingª like the dragons,²¹ and mourningª as the owls.ªª ... Pass ye away,ª° thou inhabitantª° of Saphir,ª having thy shameª naked:ª the inhabitantª° of Zaananª came not forthª°¹ in the mourningª of Bethezel;ª he shall receiveª° of¹ you his standing.ª" {Mic 1:8-11}
and gird:
"And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] instead¹ of sweet smellª there shall be¹ stink;ª and instead¹ of a girdleª a rent;ª and instead¹ of well setª hairª baldness;ª and instead¹ of a stomacherª a girdingª of sackcloth;ª [and] burningª instead¹ of beauty.ª" {Isa 3:24} + "In their streetsª they shall girdª° themselves with sackcloth:ª on¹ the tops² of their houses,¹ and in their streets,ª every one¹ shall howl,ª° weepingª abundantly.ª°" {Isa 15:3} + "For¹ this¹ girdª° you with sackcloth,ª lamentª° and howl:ª° for¹ the fierceª angerª of the LORDª is not¹ turned backª° from¹ us." {Jer 4:8} + "O daughterª of my people,ª girdª° [thee] with sackcloth,ª and wallow²° thyself¹ in ashes:ª makeª° thee mourning,ª [as for] an only son,ª most bitterª lamentation:ª for¹ the spoilerª° shall suddenlyª comeª° upon¹ us." {Jer 6:26} + "Howl,ª° O Heshbon,ª for¹ Aiª is spoiled:ª° cry,ª° ye daughtersª of Rabbah,ª girdª° you with sackcloth;ª lament,ª° and run to and froª° by the hedges;ª for¹ their kingª shall go²°¹ into captivity,ª [and] his priestsª and his princesª together.ª" {Jer 49:3}

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