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{Isaiah 32:7} The instruments 3627 also of the churl 3596 [are] evil: 7451 he x1931 deviseth 3289 z8804 wicked devices 2154 to destroy 2254 z8763 the poor 6041 z8675 y6035 with lying 8267 words, 561 even when the needy 34 speaketh 1696 z8763 right. 4941
"Thy princesª [are] rebellious,ª° and companionsª of thieves:ª every one¹ lovethª° gifts,ª and followeth²° after¹ rewards:ª they judgeª° not¹ the fatherless,ª neither¹ doth the causeª of the widowª comeª° unto¹ them." {Isa 1:23} + "Which justifyª° the wickedª forª reward,ª and take awayª° the righteousnessª of the righteousª from¹ him!" {Isa 5:23} + "For¹ among my peopleª are foundª° wickedª [men]: they lay wait,ª° as he that settethª° snares;ª they setª° a trap,ª they catchª° men.²¹ ... They are waxen fat,ª° they shine:ª° yea,¹ they overpassª° the deedsª of the wicked:ª they judgeª° not¹ the cause,ª the cause¹ of the fatherless,ª yet they prosper;ª° and the rightª of the needyª do they not¹ judge.ª°" {Jer 5:26-28} + "Ifª a manª walkingª° in the spiritª and falsehoodª do lie,ª° [saying], I will prophesyª° unto thee of wineª and of strong drink;ª he shall even be¹ the prophetª° of this¹ people.ª" {Mic 2:11} + "That they may do evilª¹ with both handsª earnestly,ª° the princeª asketh,ª° and the judgeª° [asketh] for a reward;ª and the greatª [man], he¹ utterethª° his mischievousª desire:ª so they wrap it up.ª°" {Mic 7:3} + "Thenª oneª of the¹ twelve,ª calledª° Judasª Iscariot,ª wentª° untoª the¹ chief priests,ª ... And²¹ fromª that timeª he soughtª° opportunityª toª betrayª° him.ª" {Mtt 26:14-16} + "Nowª the¹ chief priests,ª andª elders,ª andª allª the¹ council,ª soughtª° false witnessª againstª Jesus,ª toª put²° him² to death;ª°¹ ... Butª foundª° none:ª yea,² though¹ manyª false witnessesª came,ª° [yet] found¹ they²° none.ª² At the lastª¹ cameª° twoª false witnesses,ª" {Mtt 26:59-60}
"His mouthª is fullª° of cursingª and deceitª and fraud:ª under¹ his tongueª [is] mischiefª and vanity.ª ... He croucheth,ª° [and] humblethª° himself, that the poorª²°° may fallª° by his strong ones.ª" {Psa 10:7-10} + "That they may shootª° in secretª at the perfect:ª suddenlyª do they shootª° at him, and fearª° not.¹ ... They search outª° iniquities;ª they accomplishª° a diligent²° search:ª¹ both the inwardª [thought] of every oneª [of them], and the heart,ª [is] deep.ª" {Psa 64:4-6} + "How long¹¹ will ye judgeª° unjustly,ª and acceptª° the personsª of the wicked?ª Selah.ª ... They knowª° not,¹ neither¹ will they understand;ª° they walk²° on¹ in darkness:ª all¹ the foundations²¹ of the earthª are out of course.ª°" {Psa 82:2-5} + "Then saidª° they, Come,²°¹ and let us deviseª° devicesª against¹ Jeremiah;ª for¹ the lawª shall not¹ perishª° from the priest,ª¹ nor counselª from the wise,ª¹ nor the wordª from the prophet.ª¹ Come,²°¹ and let us smiteª° him with the tongue,ª and let us not¹ give heedª° to¹ any¹ of his words.ª" {Jer 18:18} + "The goodª [man] is perishedª° out of¹ the earth:ª and [there is] none¹ uprightª among men:ª they all¹ lie in waitª° for blood;ª they huntª° every manª¹ his brotherª with a net.ª" {Mic 7:2} + "Andª consultedª° thatª they might takeª° Jesusª by subtilty,ª andª killª° [him]." {Mtt 26:4}
"For¹ your handsª are defiledª° with blood,ª and your fingersª with iniquity;ª your lipsª have spokenª° lies,ª your tongueª hath mutteredª° perverseness.ª ... None¹ callethª° for justice,ª nor¹ [any] pleadethª° for truth:ª they trustª° in¹ vanity,ª and speakª° lies;ª they conceiveª° mischief,ª and bring forthª° iniquity.ª" {Isa 59:3-4} + "And setª° twoª men,²¹ sonsª of Belial,ª before¹ him, to bear witness²° against¹ him, saying,ª° Thou didst blasphemeª° Godª and the king.ª And [then] carry him out,ª° and stoneª° him, that he may die.ª° ... Then they sentª° to¹ Jezebel,ª saying,ª° Nabothª is stoned,ª° and is dead.ª°" {1Kg 21:10-14} + "Thenª they subornedª° men,ª which said,ª°² We have heardª° himª speakª° blasphemousª wordsª againstª Moses,ª andª [against] God.ª ... Andª set upª° falseª witnesses,ª which said,ª° This²¹ manª ceasethª° notª to speakª° blasphemousª wordsª againstª this²¹ holyª place,ª andª the¹ law:ª" {Act 6:11-13}
the needy speaketh right:
or, he speaketh against the poor in judgment

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