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{Isaiah 31:4} For x3588 thus x3541 hath the LORD 3068 spoken 559 z8804 unto x413 me, Like as x834 the lion 738 and the young lion 3715 roaring 1897 z8799 on x5921 his prey, 2964 when x834 a multitude 4393 of shepherds 7462 z8802 is called forth 7121 z8735 against x5921 him, [he] will not x3808 be afraid 2865 z8735 of their voice, 6963 x4480 nor x3808 abase 6031 z8799 himself for the noise 1995 x4480 of them: so x3651 shall the LORD 3068 of hosts 6635 come down 3381 z8799 to fight 6633 z8800 for x5921 mount 2022 Zion, 6726 and for x5921 the hill 1389 thereof.
Like as:
"Godª brought him forthª° out of Egypt;ª¹ he hath as it were the strengthª of an unicorn:ª he shall eat upª° the nationsª his enemies,ª and shall breakª° their bones,ª and pierce²° [them] through¹ with his arrows.ª ... He couched,ª° he lay downª° as a lion,ª and as a great lion:ª who¹ shall stir him up?ª° Blessedª° [is] he that blessethª° thee, and cursedª° [is] he that cursethª° thee." {Num 24:8-9} + "Behold,¹ he shall come upª° like a lionª from the swellingª¹ of Jordanª unto¹ the habitationª of the strong:ª but¹ I will make²° them suddenlyª° run awayª°°° from¹¹ her: and who¹ [is] a chosenª° [man, that] I may appointª° over¹ her? for¹ who¹ [is] like me?¹ and who¹ will appoint me the time?ª° and who¹ [is] that¹ shepherdª° that¹ will standª° beforeª me?" {Jer 50:44} + "They shall walk²°¹ afterª the LORD:ª he shall roarª° like a lion:ª when¹ he¹ shall roar,ª° then the childrenª shall trembleª° from the west.ª¹" {Hsa 11:10} + "The lionª hath roared,ª° who¹ will notª fear?ª° the Lordª GODª hath spoken,ª° who¹ can but¹ prophesy?ª°" {Ams 3:8} + "Andª oneª ofª the¹ eldersª saithª° unto me,ª Weepª° not:ª behold,ª° the¹ Lionª¹ ofª²° the¹ tribeª of Juda,ª the¹ Rootª of David,ª hath prevailedª° to openª° the¹ book,ª andª to looseª° the¹ sevenª sealsª thereof.²¹" {Rev 5:5}
or, multitude
so shall:
"Therefore¹ shall the Lord,ª the Lordª²° of hosts,ª sendª° among his fat onesª leanness;ª and under¹ his gloryª he shall kindleª° a burningª like the burning¹ of a fire.ª" {Isa 10:16} + "Cry outª° and shout,ª° thou inhabitantª° of Zion:ª for¹ greatª [is] the Holy Oneª of Israelª in the midstª of thee." {Isa 12:6} + "For I will defendª°¹ this¹ cityª to saveª° it for mine own sake,¹ and for my servantª David'sª sake.¹ ... Then the angelª of the LORDª went forth,ª° and smoteª° in the campª of the Assyriansª a hundredª and fourscoreª and fiveª thousand:ª and when they arose earlyª° in the morning,ª behold,¹ they [were] all¹ deadª° corpses.ª" {Isa 37:35-36} + "The LORDª shall go forthª° as a mighty man,ª he shall stir upª° jealousyª like a manª of war:ª he shall cry,ª° yea,¹ roar;ª° he shall prevailª° against¹ his enemies.ª°" {Isa 42:13} + "And he said,ª° Hearkenª° ye, all¹ Judah,ª and ye inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª and thou kingª Jehoshaphat,ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª unto you, Be not afraidª°¹¹ nor¹ dismayedª° by reason² of¹¹ this¹ greatª multitude;ª for¹ the battleª [is] not¹ yours, but¹ God's.ª" {2Ch 20:15} + "[[A Songª of degrees.]]ª They that trustª° in the LORDª [shall be] as mountª Zion,ª [which] cannot¹ be removed,ª° [but] abidethª° for ever.ª ... As the mountainsª [are] round aboutª Jerusalem,ª so the LORDª [is] round aboutª his peopleª from henceforth¹¹ even for² ever.ª¹" {Psa 125:1-2} + "For I,¹ saithª° the LORD,ª will be¹ unto her a wallª of fireª round about,ª and will be¹ the gloryª in the midstª of her." {Zch 2:5} + "And I will encampª° about mine houseª because of the army,ª because of him that passeth by,ª°¹ and because of him that returneth:ª°¹ and no¹ oppressorª° shall pass¹ through²°¹ them any more:¹ for¹ now¹ have I seenª° with mine eyes.ª" {Zch 9:8} + "The LORDª of hostsª shall defendª°¹ them; and they shall devour,ª° and subdueª° with sling² stones;ª¹ and they shall drink,ª° [and] make a noiseª° as through¹ wine;ª and they shall be filledª° like bowls,ª [and] as the cornersª of the altar.ª" {Zch 9:15} + "In that¹ dayª shall the LORDª defendª°¹ the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem;ª and he that is feebleª° among them at that¹ dayª shall be¹ as David;ª and the houseª of Davidª [shall be] as God,ª as the angelª of the LORDª beforeª them." {Zch 12:8} + "Then shall the LORDª go forth,ª° and fight²° against¹ those¹ nations,ª as whenª he foughtª° in the dayª of battle.ª" {Zch 14:3}

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