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{Isaiah 31:3} Now the Egyptians 4714 [are] men, 120 and not x3808 God; 410 and their horses 5483 flesh, 1320 and not x3808 spirit. 7307 When the LORD 3068 shall stretch out 5186 z8686 his hand, 3027 both he that helpeth 5826 z8802 shall fall, 3782 z8804 and he that is holpen 5826 z8803 shall fall down, 5307 z8804 and they all x3605 shall fail 3615 z8799 together. 3162
the Egyptians:
"Lo,¹ thou trustestª° in¹ the staffª of this¹ brokenª° reed,ª on¹ Egypt;ª whereon¹¹ if a manª lean,ª° it will goª° into his hand,ª and pierceª° it: so¹ [is] Pharaohª kingª of Egyptª to all¹ that trustª° in¹ him." {Isa 36:6} + "How¹ should oneª chaseª° a thousand,ª and twoª put¹ ten² thousand²¹ to flight,ª° exceptª¹¹ their Rockª had soldª° them,² and the LORDª had shut them up?ª° ... For¹ their rockª [is] not¹ as our Rock,ª even our enemiesª° themselves [being] judges.ª" {Deu 32:30-31} + "Putª° them in fear,ª° O LORD:ª [that] the nationsª may knowª° themselves¹ [to be but] men.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 9:20} + "Put not¹ your trustª° in princes,ª [nor] in the sonª of man,ª in whom [there is] no¹¹ help.ª ... Happyª [is he] that [hath] the Godª¹ of Jacobª for his help,ª whose hopeª [is] in¹ the LORDª his God:ª" {Psa 146:3-5} + "Wilt thou yet²° sayª° beforeª him that slayethª° thee, I¹ [am] God?ª but thou¹ [shalt be] a man,ª and no¹ God,ª in the handª of him that slayethª° thee." {Ezk 28:9} + "Andª the¹ peopleª gave a shout,ª° [saying, It is] the voiceª of a god,ª andª notª of a man.ª ... Andª immediatelyª the angelª of the Lordª smoteª° him,ª becauseªª he gaveª° notª Godª the¹ glory:ª andª he wasª° eaten of worms,ª and gave up the ghost.ª°" {Act 12:22-23} + "Who² opposethª° andª exalteth²° himself¹ aboveª allª that is calledª° God,ª orª that is worshipped;ª so² that¹ heª asª Godª sittethª° inª the¹ templeª of God,ª shewingª° himselfª thatª he isª° God.ª ... Andª thenª shall²° that Wickedª be revealed,ª° whomª the¹ Lordª shall consumeª° with the¹ spiritª of his²¹ mouth,ª andª shall destroyª° with the¹ brightnessª of his²¹ coming:ª" {2Th 2:4-8}
their horses:
"An horseª [is] a vain thingª for safety:ª neither¹ shall he deliverª° [any] by his greatª strength.ª" {Psa 33:17}
"Therefore¹¹ the Lordª shall have no¹ joyª° in¹ their young men,ª neither¹ shall have mercyª° on their fatherlessª and widows:ª for¹ every one¹ [is] an hypocriteª and an evildoer,ª° and every¹ mouthª speakethª° folly.ª For all¹ this¹ his angerª is not¹ turned away,ª° but his handª [is] stretched out¹ still.²°¹" {Isa 9:17} + "Thou¹ hast forsakenª° me, saithª° the LORD,ª thou art gone²°¹ backward:ª therefore will I stretch outª°¹ my handª against¹ thee, and destroyª° thee; I am wearyª° with repenting.ª°" {Jer 15:6} + "[As] I¹ live,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª surely¹¹ with a mightyª hand,ª and with a stretched outª° arm,ª and with furyª poured out,ª° will I ruleª° over¹ you: ... And I will bring you outª°¹ from¹ the people,ª and will gatherª° you out of¹ the countriesª wherein¹ ye are scattered,ª° with a mightyª hand,ª and with a stretched outª° arm,ª and with furyª poured out.ª°" {Ezk 20:33-34}
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Godª of Israel;ª Thus¹ shall ye sayª° to¹ the kingª of Judah,ª that sentª° you unto¹ me to enquireª° of me; Behold,¹ Pharaoh'sª army,ª which is come forthª° to helpª you, shall returnª° to Egyptª into their own land.ª ... For¹ though¹ ye had smittenª° the whole¹ armyª of the Chaldeansª that fightª° against¹ you, and there remainedª° [but] woundedª° men²¹ among them, [yet] should they rise¹ up²° every manª in his tent,ª and burnª°¹ this¹ cityª with fire.ª" {Jer 37:7-10}

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