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{Isaiah 30:12} Wherefore x3651 thus x3541 saith 559 z8804 the Holy One 6918 of Israel, 3478 Because x3282 ye despise 3988 z8800 this x2088 word, 1697 and trust 982 z8799 in oppression 6233 and perverseness, 3868 z8737 and stay 8172 z8735 thereon: x5921
"Woeª to the rebelliousª° children,ª saithª° the LORD,ª that takeª° counsel,ª but not¹ of¹ me; and that coverª° with a covering,ª but not¹ of my spirit,ª that¹ they may addª° sinª to¹ sin:ª" {Isa 30:1} + "For the Egyptiansª shall helpª° in vain,ª and to no purpose:ª therefore¹ have I criedª° concerning this,ª Their² strengthª [is] to sit still.ª" {Isa 30:7} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª the Holy Oneª of Israel;ª In returningª and restª shall ye be saved;ª° in quietnessª° and in confidenceª shall be¹ your strength:ª and ye wouldª° not.¹ ... Oneª thousandª [shall flee] atª¹ the rebukeª of one;ª atª¹ the rebukeª of fiveª shall ye flee:ª° till¹¹ ye be leftª° as a beaconª upon¹ the topª of a mountain,ª and as an ensignª on¹ an hill.ª" {Isa 30:15-17} + "Therefore¹ as the fireª devourethª° the stubble,ª and the flameª² consumethª° the chaff,ª [so] their rootª shall be¹ as rottenness,ª and their blossomª shall go upª° as dust:ª because¹ they have cast awayª°¹ the lawª of the LORDª of hosts,ª and despisedª° the wordª of the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª" {Isa 5:24} + "Woeª to them that go downª° to Egyptª for help;ª and stayª° on¹ horses,ª and trustª° in¹ chariots,ª because¹ [they are] many;ª and in¹ horsemen,ª because¹ they are very² strong;ª°¹ but they lookª° not¹ unto¹ the Holy Oneª of Israel,ª neither¹ seekª° the LORD!ª ... Now the Egyptiansª [are] men,ª and not¹ God;ª and their horsesª flesh,ª and not¹ spirit.ª When the LORDª shall stretch outª° his hand,ª both he that helpethª° shall fall,ª° and he that is holpenª° shall fall down,ª° and they all¹ shall failª° together.ª" {Isa 31:1-3} + "Wherefore¹ hast thou despisedª°¹ the commandmentª of the LORD,ª to doª° evilª in his sight?ª thou hast killedª°¹ Uriahª the Hittiteª with the sword,ª and hast takenª° his wifeª [to be] thy wife,ª and hast slainª° him with the swordª of the childrenª of Ammon.ª ... Now¹ therefore the swordª shall neverªª¹ departª° from thine house;ª¹ becauseª¹ thou hast despisedª° me, and hast takenª°¹ the wifeª of Uriahª the Hittiteª to be¹ thy wife.ª" {2Sm 12:9-10} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª For¹ threeª transgressionsª of Judah,ª and for¹ four,ª I will not¹ turn awayª° [the punishment] thereof; because¹ they have despisedª°¹ the lawª of the LORD,ª and have not¹ keptª° his commandments,ª and their liesª caused them to err,ª° afterª the which¹ their fathersª have walked:ª°" {Ams 2:4} + "He that hearethª° youª hearethª° me;ª andª he that despisethª° youª despisethª° me;ª andª he that despisethª° meª despisethª° him¹ that sentª° me.ª" {Lke 10:16} + "He therefore² that despiseth,ª°¹ despisethª° notª man,ª butª God,ª who hath²° also² givenª°¹ untoª usª his²¹ holyª Spirit.ª" {1Th 4:8}
and trust:
"Because¹ ye have said,ª° We have madeª° a covenantª with¹ death,ª and with¹ hellª are we²° at¹ agreement;ª when¹ the overflowingª° scourgeª°² shall pass through,ª°°° it shall not¹ comeª° unto us: for¹ we have madeª° liesª our refuge,ª and under falsehoodª have we hid²° ourselves:¹" {Isa 28:15} + "For thou hast trustedª° in thy wickedness:ª thou hast said,ª° None¹ seethª° me. Thy wisdomª and thy knowledge,ª it¹ hath pervertedª° thee; and thou hast saidª° in thine heart,ª I¹ [am], and none else² beside¹¹ me." {Isa 47:10} + "Lo,¹ [this is] the manª [that] madeª° not¹ Godª his strength;ª but trustedª° in the abundanceª of his riches,ª [and] strengthenedª° himself in his wickedness.ª" {Psa 52:7} + "Trustª° not¹ in oppression,ª and become not vainª°¹ in robbery:ª if¹ richesª increase,ª° setª° not¹ your heartª [upon them]." {Psa 62:10} + "This¹ [is] thy lot,ª the portionª of thy measuresª from¹¹ me, saithª° the LORD;ª because¹ thou hast forgottenª° me, and trustedª° in falsehood.ª" {Jer 13:25}
or, fraud

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