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{Isaiah 30:1} Woe 1945 to the rebellious 5637 z8802 children, 1121 saith 5002 z8803 the LORD, 3068 that take 6213 z8800 counsel, 6098 but not x3808 of x4480 me; and that cover 5258 z8800 with a covering, 4541 but not x3808 of my spirit, 7307 that x4616 they may add 5595 z8800 sin 2403 to x5921 sin: 2403
am cir, 3291, bc cir, 713
the rebellious:
"That¹ this¹ [is] a rebelliousª people,ª lyingª children,ª childrenª [that] willª° not¹ hearª° the lawª of the LORD:ª" {Isa 30:9} + "Hear,ª° O heavens,ª and give ear,ª° O earth:ª for¹ the LORDª hath spoken,ª° I have nourishedª° and brought upª° children,ª and they¹ have rebelledª° against me." {Isa 1:2} + "But they¹ rebelled,ª° and vexedª°¹ his holyª Spirit:ª therefore he was turnedª° to be their enemy,ª° [and] he¹ foughtª° against them." {Isa 63:10} + "I have spread outª° my handsª all¹ the dayª unto¹ a rebelliousª° people,ª which walkethª° in a wayª [that was] not¹ good,ª afterª their own thoughts;ª" {Isa 65:2} + "Remember,ª° [and] forgetª° not,¹¹ how¹ thou provokedst¹¹ the LORDª thy Godª to wrath²° in the wilderness:ª fromª the dayª that¹ thou didst depart¹ out²° of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª until¹ ye cameª° unto¹ this¹ place,ª ye have been¹ rebelliousª° againstª the LORD.ª" {Deu 9:7} + "Ye have been¹ rebelliousª° against¹ the LORDª from the dayª¹ that I knewª° you." {Deu 9:24} + "And it come to pass,¹ when he hearethª°¹ the wordsª of this¹ curse,ª that he bless²° himself¹ in his heart,ª saying,ª° I shall have¹ peace,ª thoughª I walk²°¹ in the imaginationª of mine heart,ª to¹ addª° drunkennessª to¹ thirst:ª" {Deu 29:19} + "As keepersª° of a field,ª are¹ they against¹ her round about;ª¹ because¹ she hath been rebelliousª° against me, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 4:17} + "But this¹ peopleª hath¹ a revoltingª° and a rebelliousª° heart;ª they are revoltedª° and gone.²°¹" {Jer 5:23} + "And he saidª° unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª I¹ sendª° thee¹ to¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª to¹ a rebelliousª° nationª that¹ hath rebelledª° against me: they¹ and their fathersª have transgressedª° against me, [even] unto¹ this¹ veryª day.ª" {Ezk 2:3} + "As an adamantª harderª than flintª¹ have I madeª° thy forehead:ª fearª° them not,¹ neither¹ be dismayedª° at their looks,ª¹ though¹ they¹ [be] a rebelliousª house.ª" {Ezk 3:9} + "And I will make thy tongueª cleaveª° to¹ the roof of thy mouth,ª that thou shalt be dumb,ª° and shalt not¹ be¹ to them a reprover:ªª° for¹ they¹ [are] a rebelliousª house.ª ... But when I speakª° withª thee, I will openª°¹ thy mouth,ª and thou shalt sayª° unto¹ them, Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª He that heareth,ª° let him hear;ª° and he that forbeareth,ª let him forbear:ª° for¹ they¹ [are] a rebelliousª house.ª" {Ezk 3:26-27} + "Sonª of man,ª thou¹ dwellestª° in the midstª of a rebelliousª house,ª which¹ have eyesª to see,ª° and seeª° not;¹ they have earsª to hear,ª° and hearª° not:¹ for¹ they¹ [are] a rebelliousª house.ª ... Therefore, thou¹ sonª of man,ª prepareª° thee stuffª for removing,ª and removeª° by dayª in their sight;ª and thou shalt removeª° from thy placeª¹ to¹ anotherª placeª in their sight:ª it may be¹ they will consider,ª° though¹ they¹ [be] a rebelliousª house.ª" {Ezk 12:2-3} + "Woeª unto them! for¹ they have fledª° from¹ me: destructionª unto them! because¹ they have transgressedª° against me: though I¹ have redeemedª° them, yet they¹ have spokenª° liesª against¹ me." {Hsa 7:13} + "Ye stiffneckedª andª uncircumcisedª in heartª andª ears,ª yeª do²° alwaysª resistª° the¹ Holyª Ghost:ª asª yourª fathersª [did], soª [do] ye.ª ... Whichª of the¹ prophetsª have²° notª yourª fathersª persecuted?ª° andª they have slainª° them which² shewed beforeª° ofª the¹ comingª of the¹ Just One;ª of whomª yeª have beenª° nowª the betrayersª andª murderers:ª" {Act 7:51-52}
that take:
"And when¹ they shall sayª° unto¹ you, Seekª° unto¹ them that have familiar spirits,ª and unto¹ wizardsª that peep,ª° and that mutter:ª° should not¹ a peopleª seekª° unto¹ their God?ª for¹ the livingª to¹ the dead?ª°" {Isa 8:19} + "Woeª unto them that seek deepª° to hideª° their counselª from the LORD,ª¹ and their worksª are¹ in the dark,ª and they say,ª° Who¹ seethª° us? and who¹ knowethª° us?" {Isa 29:15} + "So Saulª diedª° for his transgressionª which¹ he committedª° against the LORD,ª [even] against¹ the wordª of the LORD,ª which¹ he keptª° not,¹ and also¹ for askingª° [counsel] of [one that had] a familiar spirit,ª to enquireª° [of it]; ... And enquiredª° not¹ of the LORD:ª therefore he slewª° him, and turnedª°¹ the kingdomª unto Davidª the sonª of Jesse.ª" {1Ch 10:13-14} + "For they shall eat,ª° and not¹ have enough:ª° they shall commit whoredom,ª° and shall not¹ increase:ª° because¹ they have left offª° to take heedª°¹ to the LORD.ª ... My peopleª ask²° counsel¹ at their stocks,ª and their staffª declarethª° unto them: for¹ the spiritª of whoredomsª hath caused [them] to err,ª° and they have gone a whoringª° from under¹¹ their God.ª" {Hsa 4:10-12}
"And the LORDª will createª° upon¹ every¹ dwelling placeª of mountª Zion,ª and upon¹ her assemblies,ª a cloudª and smokeª by day,ª and the shiningª of a flamingª fireª by night:ª for¹ upon¹ all¹ the gloryª [shall be] a defence.ª" {Isa 4:5} *marg. "Because¹ ye have said,ª° We have madeª° a covenantª with¹ death,ª and with¹ hellª are we²° at¹ agreement;ª when¹ the overflowingª° scourgeª°² shall pass through,ª°°° it shall not¹ comeª° unto us: for¹ we have madeª° liesª our refuge,ª and under falsehoodª have we hid²° ourselves:¹" {Isa 28:15} + "For¹ the bedª is shorterª° than that [a man] can stretch²° himself¹¹ [on it]: and the coveringª narrowerª° than that he can wrap²° himself¹ [in it]." {Isa 28:20} + "And a manª shall be¹ as an hiding placeª from the wind,ª and a covertª from the tempest;ª as riversª of waterª in a dry place,ª as the shadowª of a greatª rockª in a wearyª land.ª" {Isa 32:2} + "I will abideª° in thy tabernacleª for ever:ª I will trustª° in the covertª of thy wings.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 61:4} + "He that dwellethª° in the secret² place¹ of the most Highª shall abideª° under the shadowª of the Almighty.ª ... He shall coverª° thee with his feathers,ª and under¹ his wingsª shalt thou trust:ª° his truthª [shall be thy] shieldª and buckler.ª" {Psa 91:1-4}
"Why¹¹ should ye be strickenª° any more?¹ ye will revoltª more and more:ª° the whole¹ headª is sick,ª and the whole¹ heartª faint.ª" {Isa 1:5} + "Woeª unto them that drawª° iniquityª with cordsª of vanity,ª and sin²¹ as it were with a cartª rope:ª" {Isa 5:18} + "And, behold,¹ ye are risen upª° in your fathers'² stead,¹¹ an increaseª of sinfulª men,²¹ to augmentª°¹ yet¹ the fierceª angerª of the LORDª toward¹ Israel.ª" {Num 32:14} + "And now¹ they sinª° more and more,ª° and have madeª° them molten imagesª of their silver,ª¹ [and] idolsª according to their own understanding,ª all¹ of it the workª of the craftsmen:ª they¹ sayª° of them, Let the menª that sacrificeª° kissª° the calves.ª" {Hsa 13:2} + "Butª afterª thyª hardnessª andª impenitentª heartª treasurest upª° unto thyselfª wrathª againstª the dayª of wrathª andª revelationª of the righteous judgmentª of God;ª" {Rom 2:5} + "Butª evilª menª andª seducersª shall wax²° worse and worse,ªª¹ deceiving,ª° andª being deceived.ª°" {2Tm 3:13}

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