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{Isaiah 28:4} And the glorious 6643 beauty, 8597 which x834 [is] on x5921 the head 7218 of the fat 8081 valley, 1516 shall be x1961 a fading 5034 z8802 flower, 6733 [and] as the hasty fruit 1061 before x2962 the summer; 7019 which x834 [when] he that looketh 7200 z8802 upon it seeth, 7200 z8799 while it is yet x5750 in his hand 3709 he eateth it up. 1104 z8799
shall be:
"Woeª to the crownª of pride,ª to the drunkardsª of Ephraim,ª whose gloriousª beautyª [is] a fadingª° flower,ª which¹ [are] on¹ the headª of the fatª valleysª of them that are overcomeª° with wine!ª" {Isa 28:1} + "How¹ are¹ they [brought] into desolation,ª as in a moment!ª they are utterly²° consumedª°¹ with¹ terrors.ª ... As a dreamª when [one] awaketh;ª°¹ [so], O Lord,ª when thou awakest,ª thou shalt despiseª° their image.ª" {Psa 73:19-20} + "O Ephraim,ª what¹ shall I doª° unto thee? O Judah,ª what¹ shall I doª° unto thee? for your goodnessª [is] as a morningª cloud,ª and as the earlyª° dewª it goeth away.ª°" {Hsa 6:4} + "I foundª° Israelª like grapesª in the wilderness;ª I sawª° your fathersª as the firstripeª in the fig treeª at her first time:ª [but] they¹ wentª° to Baalpeor,ª and separated²° themselves¹ unto [that] shame;ª and [their] abominationsª were¹ according as they loved.ª° ... [As for] Ephraim,ª their gloryª shall fly awayª° like a bird,ª from the birth,ª°¹ and from the womb,ª¹ and from the conception.ª¹" {Hsa 9:10-11} + "Ephraimª is smitten,ª° their rootª is dried up,ª° they shall bearª° no¹ fruit:ª yea,¹ though¹ they bring forth,ª° yet will I slayª° [even] the belovedª [fruit] of their womb.ª" {Hsa 9:16} + "When Ephraimª spakeª° trembling,ª he¹ exaltedª° himself in Israel;ª but when he offendedª° in Baal,ª he died.ª°" {Hsa 13:1} + "Though¹ he¹ be fruitfulª° among¹ [his] brethren,ª an east windª shall come,ª° the windª of the LORDª shall come upª° from the wilderness,ª¹ and his springª shall become dry,ª° and his fountainª shall be dried up:ª° he¹ shall spoilª° the treasureª of all¹ pleasantª vessels.ª" {Hsa 13:15} + "Butª the¹ rich,ª inª that he²¹ is made low:ª becauseª asª the flowerª of the grassª he shall pass away.ª° ... Forª the¹ sunª is no sooner risenª° withª a burning heat,ª butª it witherethª° the¹ grass,ª andª the¹ flowerª thereofª falleth,ª° andª the¹ graceª of the¹ fashionª of itª perisheth:ª° soª alsoª shall²° the¹ rich manª fade awayª° inª his²¹ ways.ª" {Jms 1:10-11}
the hasty:
"No sooner," says Dr. Shaw, "doth the boccore (or early fig) draw near to perfection in the middle or latter end of June, than the kermez or summer fig, begins to be formed, though it rarely ripens before August; about which time the same tree frequently throws out a third crop, or winter fig, as we may call it. This is usually of a much longer shape and darker complexion than the kermez hanging and ripening upon the tree, even after the leaves are shed; and, provided the winter proves mild and temperate, is gathered as a delicious morsel in the spring." "Woeª is me! for¹ I am¹ as when they have gatheredª the summer fruits,ª as the grapegleaningsª of the vintage:ª [there is] no¹ clusterª to eat:ª° my soulª desiredª° the firstripe fruit.ª" {Mic 7:1} + "All¹ thy strong holdsª [shall be like] fig treesª with¹ the firstripe figs:ª if¹ they be shaken,ª° they shall even fallª° into¹ the mouthª of the eater.ª°" {Nah 3:12} + "Andª the¹ starsª of heavenª fellª° untoª the¹ earth,ª even asª a fig treeª castethª° her²¹ untimely figs,ª when she is shakenª° ofª a mightyª wind.ª" {Rev 6:13}
Heb. swalloweth

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