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{Isaiah 22:4} Therefore x5921 x3651 said 559 z8804 I, Look away 8159 z8798 from x4480 me; I will weep 1065 bitterly, 4843 z8762 labour 213 z8686 not x408 to comfort 5162 z8763 me, because x5921 of the spoiling 7701 of the daughter 1323 of my people. 5971
"And she saidª° unto¹ them, Callª° me not¹ Naomi,ª callª° me Mara:ª for¹ the Almightyª hath dealt very² bitterlyª°¹ with me. ... I¹ went outª° full,ª and the LORDª hath brought me home againª° empty:ª why¹ [then] callª° ye me Naomi,ª seeing the LORDª hath testifiedª° against me, and the Almightyª hath afflictedª° me?" {Rth 1:20-21} + "My bowels,ª my bowels!ª I am painedª²°°° at my veryª heart;ª my heartª maketh a noiseª° in me; I cannot¹ hold my peace,ª° because¹ thou hast heard,ª° O my soul,ª the soundª of the trumpet,ª the alarmª of war.ª" {Jer 4:19} + "Oh that²°¹ my headª were¹ waters,ª and mine eyesª a fountainª of tears,ª that I might weepª° dayª and nightª for¹ the slainª of the daughterª of my people!ª" {Jer 9:1} + "But if¹ ye will not¹ hearª° it, my soulª shall weepª° in secret placesª forª¹ [your] pride;ª and mine eyeª shall weep²° sore,ª° and run downª° with tears,ª because¹ the LORD'Sª flockª is carried away captive.ª°" {Jer 13:17} + "Even² as¹ they deliveredª° them unto us,ª which² from² the beginning² wereª°¹¹ eyewitnesses,ª andª ministersª of the¹ word;ª" {Lke 1:2}
Weep bitterly:
Heb. be bitter in weeping, "Behold,¹ their valiant onesª shall cryª° without:ª the ambassadorsª of peaceª shall weepª° bitterly.ª" {Isa 33:7} + "O daughterª of my people,ª girdª° [thee] with sackcloth,ª and wallow²° thyself¹ in ashes:ª makeª° thee mourning,ª [as for] an only son,ª most bitterª lamentation:ª for¹ the spoilerª° shall suddenlyª comeª° upon¹ us." {Jer 6:26} + "Therefore¹¹ I will wailª° and howl,ª° I will go²°¹ strippedª° and naked:ª I will makeª° a wailingª like the dragons,²¹ and mourningª as the owls.ªª" {Mic 1:8} + "Andª Peterª rememberedª° the¹ wordª of Jesus,ª which² saidª° unto him,ª Beforeª² the cockª crow,ª° thou shalt denyª° meª thrice.ª Andª he went¹ out,ª and²° weptª° bitterly.ª" {Mtt 26:75}
"In the dayª of my troubleª I soughtª° the Lord:ª my soreª ranª° in the night,ª and ceasedª° not:¹ my soulª refusedª° to be comforted.ª°" {Psa 77:2} + "[When] I would comfortª myself against¹ sorrow,ª my heartª [is] faintª in¹ me." {Jer 8:18} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª A voiceª was heardª° in Ramah,ª lamentation,ª [and] bitterª weeping;ª Rahelª weepingª° for¹ her childrenª refusedª° to be comfortedª° for¹ her children,ª because¹ they [were] not.¹" {Jer 31:15} + "Inª Ramaª was there²° a voiceª heard,ª° lamentation,ª andª weeping,ª andª greatª mourning,ª Rachelª weepingª° [for] her²¹ children,ª andª wouldª° notª be comforted,ª° becauseª they areª° not.ª" {Mtt 2:18}

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