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{Isaiah 21:1} The burden 4853 of the desert 4057 of the sea. 3220 As whirlwinds 5492 in the south 5045 pass y2498 z8800 through; x2498 [so] it cometh 935 z8802 from the desert, 4057 x4480 from a terrible 3372 z8737 land. 776 x4480
The burden:
The first ten verses of this chapter contain a prediction of the taking of Babylon by the Medes and Persians; which is here denominated "the desert of the sea," because the country around it, and especially towards the sea, was a great morass, often overflowed by the Tigris and Euphrates, and only rendered habitable by being drained by a number of canals. "The burdenª of Babylon,ª which¹ Isaiahª the sonª of Amozª did see.ª°" {Isa 13:1} + "The burdenª of Damascus.ª Behold,¹ Damascusª is taken awayª° from [being] a city,ª¹ and it shall be¹ a ruinousª heap.ª" {Isa 17:1}
the desert:
"It shall neverª¹ be inhabited,ª° neither¹ shall it be dweltª° in from generationª to¹ generation:ª neither¹ shall the Arabianª pitch tentª° there;¹ neither¹ shall the shepherdsª° make their foldª° there.¹ ... And the wild beasts of the islandsª shall cryª° in their desolate houses,ª and dragonsª in [their] pleasantª palaces:ª and her timeª [is] nearª to come,ª° and her daysª shall not¹ be prolonged.ª°" {Isa 13:20-22} + "I will also makeª° it a possessionª for the bittern,ª and poolsª of water:ª and I will sweepª° it with the besomª of destruction,ª° saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Isa 14:23} + "The seaª is come upª° upon¹ Babylon:ª she is coveredª° with the multitudeª of the wavesª thereof." {Jer 51:42}
As whirlwinds:
"Out of¹ the southª comethª° the whirlwind:ª and coldª out of the north.ª¹" {Job 37:9} + "And at the timeª of the endª shall the kingª of the southª pushª° at¹ him: and the kingª of the northª shall come against him like a whirlwind,ª°¹ with chariots,ª and with horsemen,ª and with manyª ships;ª and he shall enterª° into the countries,ª and shall overflowª° and pass over.ª°" {Dan 11:40} + "And the LORDª shall be seenª° over¹ them, and his arrowª shall go forthª° as the lightning:ª and the Lordª GODª shall blowª° the trumpet,ª and shall goª° with whirlwindsª of the south.ª" {Zch 9:14}
"The noiseª of a multitudeª in the mountains,ª like¹ as² of a greatª people;ª a tumultuousª noiseª of the kingdomsª of nationsª gathered together:ª° the LORDª of hostsª musterethª° the hostª of the battle.ª ... They comeª° from a far² country,ª¹¹ from the endª¹ of heaven,ª [even] the LORD,ª and the weaponsª of his indignation,ª to destroyª° the whole¹ land.ª" {Isa 13:4-5} + "Behold,¹ I will stir upª°¹ the Medesª against¹ them, which¹ shall not¹ regardª° silver;ª and [as for] gold,ª they shall not¹ delightª° in it. ... [Their] bowsª also shall dashª° the young menª to pieces;²° and they shall have no¹ pityª° on the fruitª of the womb;ª their eyeª shall not¹ spareª°¹ children.ª" {Isa 13:17-18} + "He¹ and his peopleª with¹ him, the terribleª of the nations,ª shall be broughtª° to destroyª° the land:ª and they shall drawª° their swordsª against¹ Egypt,ª and fillª°¹ the landª with the slain.ª" {Ezk 30:11} + "And strangers,ª° the terribleª of the nations,ª have cut him off,ª° and have leftª° him: upon¹ the mountainsª and in all¹ the valleysª his branchesª are fallen,ª° and his boughsª are brokenª° by all¹ the riversª of the land;ª and all¹ the peopleª of the earthª are gone downª° from his shadow,ª¹ and have leftª° him." {Ezk 31:12}

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