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{Isaiah 20:4} So x3651 shall the king 4428 of Assyria 804 lead away 5090 z8799 x853 the Egyptians 4714 prisoners, 7628 and the Ethiopians 3568 captives, 1546 young 5288 and old, 2205 naked 6174 and barefoot, 3182 even with [their] buttocks 8357 uncovered, 2834 z8803 to the shame 6172 of Egypt. 4714
"Andª the Egyptiansª will I give overª° into the handª of a cruelª lord;ª and a fierceª kingª shall ruleª° over them, saithª° the Lord,ª the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Isa 19:4} + "And I will deliverª° them into the handª of those that seekª° their lives,ª and into the handª of Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylon,ª and into the handª of his servants:ª and afterwardª¹ it shall be inhabited,ª° as in the daysª of old,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 46:26} + "At Tehaphnehesª also the dayª shall be darkened,ª°²° when I shall breakª° there¹¹ the yokesª of Egypt:ª and the pompª of her strengthª shall ceaseª° in her:² as for her,¹ a cloudª shall coverª° her, and her daughtersª shall go²°¹ into captivity.ª" {Ezk 30:18}
Heb. captivity of Egypt
with their:
"Therefore the Lordª will smite with a scabª° the crown of the headª of the daughtersª of Zion,ª and the LORDª will discoverª° their secret parts.ª" {Isa 3:17} + "Wherefore Hanunª tookª° David'sª¹ servants,ª and shaved offª° the¹ one halfª of their beards,ª and cut offª°¹ their garmentsª in the middle,ª [even] to¹ their buttocks,ª and sent them away.ª°" {2Sm 10:4} + "And if¹ thou sayª° in thine heart,ª Wherefore¹ comeª° these things¹ upon me? For the greatnessª of thine iniquityª are thy skirtsª discovered,ª° [and] thy heelsª made bare.ª°" {Jer 13:22} + "Therefore¹ will I¹ discoverª° thy skirtsª upon¹ thy face,ª that thy shameª may appear.ª°" {Jer 13:26} + "Pass ye away,ª° thou inhabitantª° of Saphir,ª having thy shameª naked:ª the inhabitantª° of Zaananª came not forthª°¹ in the mourningª of Bethezel;ª he shall receiveª° of¹ you his standing.ª" {Mic 1:11}
Heb. nakedness, "I counselª° theeª to buyª° ofª meª goldª triedª° inª the fire,ª thatª thou mayest be rich;ª° andª whiteª raiment,ª that²¹ thou mayest be clothed,ª° andª [that] the¹ shameª of thyª nakednessª do²° notª appear;ª° andª anointª° thineª eyesª with eyesalve,ª thatª thou mayest see.ª°" {Rev 3:18}

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