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{Isaiah 20:3} And the LORD 3068 said, 559 z8799 Like as x834 my servant 5650 Isaiah 3470 hath walked 1980 z8804 naked 6174 and barefoot 3182 three 7969 years 8141 [for] a sign 226 and wonder 4159 upon x5921 Egypt 4714 and upon x5921 Ethiopia; 3568
"After the numberª of the daysª in which¹ ye searchedª°¹ the land,ª [even] fortyª days,ª each day² for a year,ªª shall ye bearª°¹ your iniquities,ª [even] fortyª years,ª and ye shall knowª°¹ my breach of promise.ª" {Num 14:34} + "For I¹ have laidª° upon thee¹ the yearsª of their iniquity,ª according to the numberª of the days,ª threeª hundredª and ninetyª days:ª so shalt thou bearª° the iniquityª of the houseª of Israel.ª ... And when thou hast accomplishedª°¹ them,ª lieª° againª on¹ thy rightª°² side,ª and thou shalt bearª°¹ the iniquityª of the houseª of Judahª fortyª days:ª I have appointedª° thee each dayª for a year.ªª" {Ezk 4:5-6} + "Butª the¹ courtª which² is withoutª² the¹ templeª leaveª° out,ª andª measureª° itª not;ª forª it is givenª° unto the¹ Gentiles:ª andª the¹ holyª cityª shall they tread under footª° forty² [and] twoª¹ months.ª ... Andª I will giveª° [power] unto myª twoª witnesses,ª andª they shall prophesyª° a thousand² two hundred² [and] threescoreª¹¹ days,ª clothed¹ in²° sackcloth.ª" {Rev 11:2-3}
a sign:
"Behold,¹ I¹ and the childrenª whom¹ the LORDª hath givenª° me [are] for signsª and for wondersª in Israelª from¹¹ the LORDª of hosts,ª which dwellethª° in mountª Zion.ª" {Isa 8:18}
upon Egypt:
"Woeª to the landª shadowingª with wings,ª which¹ [is] beyondª¹ the riversª of Ethiopia:ª ... In that¹ timeª shall the presentª be broughtª° unto the LORDª of hostsª of a peopleª scatteredª° and peeled,ª° and from a peopleª¹ terribleª° from¹ their beginning¹ hitherto;ª a nationª meted outª² and trodden under foot,ª whose¹ landª the riversª have spoiled,ª° to¹ the placeª of the nameª of the LORDª of hosts,ª the mountª Zion.ª" {Isa 18:1-7}

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