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{Isaiah 17:2} The cities 5892 of Aroer 6177 [are] forsaken: 5800 z8803 they shall be x1961 for flocks, 5739 which shall lie down, 7257 z8804 and none x369 shall make [them] afraid. 2729 z8688
"And the childrenª of Gadª builtª°¹ Dibon,ª and Ataroth,ª and Aroer,ª" {Num 32:34} + "From¹ Aroer,ª which¹ [is] by¹ the brinkª of the riverª of Arnon,ª and [from] the cityª that¹ [is] by the river,ª even unto¹ Gilead,ª there was¹ not¹ one cityª too strongª° for¹ us: the LORDª our Godª deliveredª°¹ all¹ unto¹ us:²" {Deu 2:36} + "And this¹ land,ª [which] we possessedª° at that¹ time,ª from Aroer,ª¹ which¹ [is] by¹ the riverª Arnon,ª and halfª mountª Gilead,ª and the citiesª thereof, gaveª° I unto the Reubenitesª and to the Gadites.ª" {Deu 3:12} + "And their coastª was¹ from Aroer,ª¹ that¹ [is] on¹ the bankª of the riverª Arnon,ª and the cityª that¹ [is] in the midstª of the river,ª and all¹ the plainª by¹ Medeba;ª" {Jsh 13:16} + "O inhabitantª° of Aroer,ª standª° by¹ the way,ª and espy;ª° askª° him that fleeth,ª° and her that escapeth,ª° [and] say,ª° What¹ is¹ done?²°" {Jer 48:19}
they shall:
"Then shall the lambsª feedª° after their manner,ª and the waste placesª of the fat onesª shall strangersª° eat.ª°" {Isa 5:17} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] every¹ placeª shall be,¹ where¹ there were¹ a thousandª vinesª at a thousandª silverlings,ª it shall [even] be¹ for briersª and thorns.ª ... And [on] all¹ hillsª that¹ shall be diggedª° with the mattock,ª there shall not¹ come¹ thither²°¹ the fearª of briersª and thorns:ª but it shall be¹ for the sending forthª of oxen,ª and for the treadingª of lesser cattle.ª" {Isa 7:23-25} + "And I will makeª°¹ Rabbahª a stableª for camels,ª and the Ammonitesªª a couchingplaceª for flocks:ª and ye shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 25:5} + "And the seaª coastª shall be¹ dwellingsª [and] cottagesª for shepherds,ª° and foldsª for flocks.ª" {Zph 2:6}
"And the carcasesª of this¹ peopleª shall be¹ meatª for the fowlsª of the heaven,ª and for the beastsª of the earth;ª and none¹ shall fray [them] away.ª°" {Jer 7:33}

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