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{Isaiah 11:16} And there shall be x1961 an highway 4546 for the remnant 7605 of his people, 5971 which 834 shall be left, 7604 z8735 from Assyria; 804 x4480 like as x834 it was x1961 to Israel 3478 in the day 3117 that he came up 5927 z8800 out of the land 776 x4480 of Egypt. 4714
And there shall:
"And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the Lordª shall set²° his handª againª° the second timeª to recoverª°¹ the remnantª of his people,ª which¹ shall be left,ª° from Assyria,ª¹ and from Egypt,ª¹ and from Pathros,ª¹ and from Cush,ª¹ and from Elam,ª¹ and from Shinar,ª¹ and from Hamath,ª¹ and from the islandsª¹ of the sea.ª" {Isa 11:11} + "In that¹ dayª shall there be¹ a highwayª out of Egyptª¹ to Assyria,ª and the Assyrianª shall comeª° into Egypt,ª and the Egyptianª into Assyria,ª and the Egyptiansª shall serveª° with¹ the Assyrians.ª" {Isa 19:23} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the greatª trumpetª shall be blown,ª° and they shall comeª° which were ready to perishª° in the landª of Assyria,ª and the outcastsª° in the landª of Egypt,ª and shall worshipª° the LORDª in the holyª mountª at Jerusalem.ª" {Isa 27:13} + "And an highwayª shall be¹ there,¹ and a way,ª and it shall be calledª° The wayª of holiness;ª the uncleanª shall not¹ pass overª° it; but it¹ [shall be] for those: the wayfaring men,ª°¹ though fools,ª shall not¹ errª° [therein]. ... And the ransomedª° of the LORDª shall return,ª° and comeª° to Zionª with songsª and everlastingª joy²¹ upon¹ their heads:ª they shall obtainª° joy²¹ and gladness,²¹ and sorrowª and sighingª shall flee away.ª°" {Isa 35:8-10} + "The voiceª of him that criethª° in the wilderness,ª Prepareª° ye the wayª of the LORD,ª make straightª° in the desertª a highwayª for our God.ª ... Every¹ valleyª shall be exalted,ª° and every¹ mountainª and hillª shall be made low:ª° and the crookedª shall be made¹ straight,ª and the rough placesª plain:ª" {Isa 40:3-4} + "Behold,¹ these¹ shall comeª° from far:ª¹ and, lo,¹ these¹ from the northª¹ and from the west;ª¹ and these¹ from the landª¹ of Sinim.ª" {Isa 49:12} + "And shall say,ª° Cast ye up,ª° cast ye up,ª° prepareª° the way,ª take upª° the stumblingblockª out of the wayª¹ of my people.ª" {Isa 57:14}
like as it was:
"I will make wasteª° mountainsª and hills,ª and dry upª° all¹ their herbs;ª and I will makeª° the riversª islands,ª and I will dry upª° the pools.ª ... And I will bring²°¹ the blindª by a wayª [that] they knewª° not;¹ I will lead²° them¹ in pathsª [that] they have not¹ known:ª° I will makeª° darknessª lightª beforeª them, and crooked thingsª straight.ª These¹ thingsª will I doª° unto them, and not¹ forsakeª° them." {Isa 42:15-16} + "Go ye forthª° of Babylon,ª¹ fleeª° ye from the Chaldeans,ª¹ with a voiceª of singingª declareª° ye, tellª° this,¹ utterª° it [even] to¹ the endª of the earth;ª sayª° ye, The LORDª hath redeemedª° his servantª Jacob.ª ... And they thirstedª° not¹ [when] he led²°¹ them through the deserts:ª he caused the watersª to flowª° out of the rockª¹ for them: he claveª° the rockª also, and the watersª gushed out.ª°" {Isa 48:20-21} + "[Art] thou¹ not¹ it¹ which hath driedª° the sea,ª the watersª of the greatª deep;ª that hath madeª° the depthsª of the seaª a wayª for the ransomedª° to pass over?ª°" {Isa 51:10} + "That led²°¹ [them] by the right handª of Mosesª with his gloriousª arm,ª dividingª° the waterª beforeª¹ them, to makeª° himself an everlastingª name?ª ... That led²°¹ them through the deep,ª as an horseª in the wilderness,ª [that] they should not¹ stumble?ª°" {Isa 63:12-13} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Stretch outª°¹ thine handª over¹ the sea,ª that the watersª may come againª° upon¹ the Egyptians,ª upon¹ their chariots,ª and upon¹ their horsemen.ª ... But the childrenª of Israelª walkedª° upon dryª [land] in the midstª of the sea;ª and the watersª [were] a wallª unto them on their right hand,ª¹ and on their left.ª¹" {Exd 14:26-29}

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