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{Isaiah 9:11} Therefore the LORD 3068 shall set up 7682 z8762 x853 the adversaries 6862 of Rezin 7526 against x5921 him, and join y5526 z0 his enemies y341 z8802 together; 5526 z8770 x853 x341
set up:
"For¹ before¹ the childª shall have knowledgeª° to cry,ª° My father,ª and my mother,ª¹ the richesª of Damascusª and the spoilª of Samariaª shall be taken awayª° beforeª the kingª of Assyria.ª ... Now therefore,¹ behold,¹ the Lordª bringeth upª° upon¹ them¹ the watersª of the river,ª strongª and many,ª [even]¹ the kingª of Assyria,ª and all¹ his glory:ª and he shall come upª° over¹ all¹ his channels,ª and go¹ over²°¹ all¹ his banks:ª" {Isa 8:4-7} + "[Is] not¹ Calnoª as Carchemish?ª [is] not¹ Hamathª as Arpad?ª [is] not¹ Samariaª as Damascus?ª ... Shall I not,¹ as¹ I have doneª° unto Samariaª and her idols,ª so¹ doª° to Jerusalemª and her idols?ª" {Isa 10:9-11} + "The burdenª of Damascus.ª Behold,¹ Damascusª is taken awayª° from [being] a city,ª¹ and it shall be¹ a ruinousª heap.ª ... And it shall be¹ as when the harvestmanª gatherethª° the corn,ª and reapethª° the earsª with his arm;ª and it shall be¹ as he that gatherethª° earsª in the valleyª of Rephaim.ª" {Isa 17:1-5} + "In the daysª of Pekahª kingª of Israelª cameª° Tiglathpileserª kingª of Assyria,ª and tookª°¹ Ijon,ª and Abelbethmaachah,ª and Janoah,ª and Kedesh,ª and Hazor,ª and Gilead,ª and Galilee,ª all¹ the landª of Naphtali,ª and carried them captiveª° to Assyria.ª" {2Kg 15:29} + "And the kingª of Assyriaª hearkenedª° unto¹ him: for the kingª of Assyriaª went upª° against¹ Damascus,ª and tookª° it, and carried [the people of] it captiveª° to Kir,ª and slewª° Rezin.ª" {2Kg 16:9}
Heb. mingle

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