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{Isaiah 6:2} Above 4605 x4480 it stood 5975 z8802 the seraphims: 8314 each one 259 had six y8337 wings; 3671 8337 with twain 8147 he covered 3680 z8762 his face, 6440 and with twain 8147 he covered 3680 z8762 his feet, 7272 and with twain 8147 he did fly. 5774 z8787
"And he said,ª° Hearª° thou therefore¹ the wordª of the LORD:ª I sawª°¹ the LORDª sittingª° on¹ his throne,ª and all¹ the hostª of heavenª standingª° by¹ him on his right handª¹ and on his left.ª¹" {1Kg 22:19} + "Now there was¹ a dayª when the sonsª of Godª cameª° to present²° themselves¹ before¹ the LORD,ª and Satanª cameª° also¹ amongª them." {Job 1:6} + "A fieryª¹ streamª issuedª° and came forthª° fromª beforeª him: thousandª thousandsª ministeredª° unto him, and ten thousand² times ten thousandª stoodª° beforeª him: the judgmentª was set,ª° and the booksª were opened.ª°" {Dan 7:10} + "And he answeredª° and spakeª° unto¹ those that stoodª° beforeª him, saying,ª° Take awayª° the filthyª garmentsª from¹¹ him. And unto¹ him he said,ª° Behold,ª° I have caused thine iniquityª to passª° from¹¹ thee, and I will clotheª° thee with change of raiment.ª" {Zch 3:4} + "Andª the¹ wholeª multitudeª of the¹ peopleª wereª° prayingª° withoutª at the¹ timeª of incense.ª" {Lke 1:10} + "Andª allª the¹ angelsª stoodª° round aboutª the¹ throne,ª andª [about] the¹ eldersª andª the¹ fourª beasts,ª andª fellª° beforeª the¹ throneª onª their²¹ faces,ª andª worshippedª° God,ª" {Rev 7:11}
"Who makethª° his angelsª spirits;ª his ministersª° a flamingª° fire:ª" {Psa 104:4} + "And I looked,ª° and, behold,¹ a whirlwindªª cameª° out of¹ the north,ª a greatª cloud,ª and a fireª infolding²° itself,¹ and a brightnessª [was] aboutª it, and out of the midstª¹ thereof as the colourª of amber,ª out of the midstª¹ of the fire.ª" {Ezk 1:4} + "Andª of²² the angelsª¹¹ he saith,ª° Who makethª° his²¹ angelsª spirits,ª andª his²¹ ministersª a flameª of fire.ª" {Hbr 1:7}
"And the cherubimsª shall¹ stretch²° forth¹ [their] wingsª on high,ª coveringª°¹ the mercy seatª with their wings,ª and their facesª [shall look] oneª to¹ another;ª toward¹ the mercy seatª shall the facesª of the cherubimsª be.¹" {Exd 25:20} + "And the cherubimsª spread outª° [their] wingsª on high,ª [and] coveredª° with their wingsª over¹ the mercy seat,ª with their facesª oneª to¹ another;ª [even] to¹ the mercy seatwardª were¹ the facesª of the cherubims.ª" {Exd 37:9} + "And fiveª cubitsª [was] the oneª wingª of the cherub,ª and fiveª cubitsª the otherª wingª of the cherub:ª from the uttermost partª¹ of the one wingª unto¹ the uttermost partª of the otherª [were] tenª cubits.ª" {1Kg 6:24} + "And he setª°¹ the cherubimsª withinª the innerª house:ª and they stretched forthª°¹ the wingsª of the cherubims,ª so that the wingª of the oneª touchedª° the [one] wall,ª and the wingª of the otherª cherubª touchedª° the otherª wall;ª and their wingsª touchedª° oneª anotherª¹ in¹ the midstª of the house.ª" {1Kg 6:27} + "For¹ the cherubimsª spread forthª° [their] two wingsª over¹ the placeª of the ark,ª and the cherubimsª coveredª°¹ the arkª and the stavesª thereof above.ª¹" {1Kg 8:7} + "And every oneª had fourª faces,ª and every oneª had fourª wings.ª" {Ezk 1:6} + "Their wingsª [were] joinedª° oneª to¹ another;ª they turnedª° not¹ when they went;²°¹ they went²°¹ every oneª straightª forward.ª" {Ezk 1:9} + "And when they went,²°¹ I heardª°¹ the noiseª of their wings,ª like the noiseª of greatª waters,ª as the voiceª of the Almighty,ª the voiceª of speech,ª as the noiseª of an host:ª when they stood,ª° they let downª° their wings.ª" {Ezk 1:24} + "Every oneª had four² faces² apiece,ª²¹ and every oneª fourª wings;ª and the likenessª of the handsª of a manª [was] under¹ their wings.ª" {Ezk 10:21} + "Andª the fourª beastsª hadª° each²² of themªª¹¹ sixª wingsª aboutª [him]; andª [they were] fullª° of eyesª within:ª andª they restª¹ notª²° dayª andª night,ª saying,ª° Holy,ª holy,ª holy,ª Lordª Godª Almighty,ª which² was,²°°²° and² is,²°°²° and² is to come.ª²°°" {Rev 4:8}
covered his face:
"And Abramª fellª° on¹ his face:ª and Godª talkedª° with¹ him, saying,ª°" {Gen 17:3} + "Moreover he said,ª° I¹ [am] the Godª of thy father,ª the Godª of Abraham,ª the Godª of Isaac,ª and the Godª of Jacob.ª And Mosesª hidª° his face;ª for¹ he was afraidª° to lookª°¹ upon¹ God.ª" {Exd 3:6} + "And it was¹ [so], when Elijahª heardª° [it], that he wrappedª° his faceª in his mantle,ª and went out,ª° and stoodª° in the entering inª of the cave.ª And, behold,¹ [there came] a voiceª unto¹ him, and said,ª° What¹ doest thou here,¹ Elijah?ª" {1Kg 19:13} + "Godª is greatlyª to be fearedª° in the assemblyª of the saints,ª and to be had in reverenceª° of¹ all¹ [them that are] aboutª him." {Psa 89:7}
his feet:
"Behold,¹ he put no trustª°¹ in his servants;ª and his angelsª he chargedª° with folly:ª" {Job 4:18} + "Behold,¹ he putteth no trustª°¹ in his saints;ª yea, the heavensª are not¹ cleanª° in his sight.ª" {Job 15:15} + "Thus [were] their faces:ª and their wingsª [were] stretchedª° upward;ª¹ twoª [wings] of every oneª [were] joinedª° one² to another,ª and twoª coveredª°¹ their bodies.ª" {Ezk 1:11}
did fly:
"Then flewª° oneª of¹ the seraphimsª unto¹ me, having a live coalª in his hand,ª [which] he had takenª° with the tongsª from off¹¹ the altar:ª" {Isa 6:6} + "And he rodeª° upon¹ a cherub,ª and did fly:ª° yea, he did flyª° upon¹ the wingsª of the wind.ª" {Psa 18:10} + "Blessª° the LORD,ª ye his angels,ª that excelª in strength,ª that doª° his commandments,ª hearkeningª° unto the voiceª of his word.ª" {Psa 103:20} + "And when the cherubimsª went,²°¹ the wheelsª went²°¹ by¹ them:² and when the cherubimsª lifted upª°¹ their wingsª to mount upª° from¹¹ the earth,ª the same¹ wheelsª also²¹ turnedª° not¹ from besideª¹ them." {Ezk 10:16} + "Yea, whiles¹ I¹ [was] speakingª° in prayer,ª even the manª Gabriel,ª whom¹ I had seenª° in the visionª at the beginning,ª being caused to flyª° swiftly,ª touchedª°¹ me about the timeª of the eveningª oblation.ª" {Dan 9:21} + "Andª I beheld,ª° andª heardª° anª angelª flyingª° throughª the midst of heaven,ª sayingª° with a loudª voice,ª Woe,ª woe,ª woe,ª to the¹ inhabitersª° ofª the¹ earthª by reason ofª the¹ otherª voicesª of the¹ trumpetª of the¹ threeª angels,ª which² are yetª° to sound!ª°" {Rev 8:13} + "Andª I sawª° anotherª angelª flyª° inª the midst of heaven,ª havingª° the everlastingª gospelª to preachª° unto them that dwellª° onª the¹ earth,ª andª to everyª nation,ª andª kindred,ª andª tongue,ª andª people,ª" {Rev 14:6}

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