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{Isaiah 5:28} Whose x834 arrows 2671 [are] sharp, 8150 z8802 and all x3605 their bows 7198 bent, 1869 z8803 their horses' 5483 hoofs 6541 shall be counted 2803 z8738 like flint, y6862 x6864 and their wheels 1534 like a whirlwind: 5492
"Thine arrowsª [are] sharpª° in the heartª of the king'sª enemies;ª° [whereby] the peopleª fallª° under¹ thee." {Psa 45:5} + "Sharpª° arrowsª of the mighty,ª with¹ coalsª of juniper.ª" {Psa 120:4} + "Their quiverª [is] as an openª° sepulchre,ª they [are] all¹ mighty men.ª" {Jer 5:16} + "Sonª of man,ª prophesy,ª° and say,ª° Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;²¹ Say,ª° A sword,ª a swordª is sharpened,ª° and also¹ furbished:ª° ... And he hath givenª° it to be furbished,ª° that it may be handled:ªª° this¹ swordª is sharpened,ª° and it¹ is furbished,²°¹ to giveª° it into the handª of the slayer.ª°" {Ezk 21:9-11}
their horses':
"Then¹ were the horsehoofsªª brokenª° by the means of the pransings,ª¹ the pransingsª of their mighty ones.ª" {Jdg 5:22} + "At the noiseª¹ of the stampingª of the hoofsª of his strongª [horses], at the rushingª¹ of his chariots,ª [and at] the rumblingª of his wheels,ª the fathersª shall not¹ look backª° to¹ [their] childrenª for feeblenessª¹ of hands;ª" {Jer 47:3} + "Ariseª° and thresh,ª° O daughterª of Zion:ª for¹ I will makeª° thine hornª iron,ª and I will makeª° thy hoofsª brass:ª and thou shalt beat in piecesª° manyª people:ª and I will consecrateª° their gainª unto the LORD,ª and their substanceª unto the Lordª of the whole¹ earth.ª" {Mic 4:13} + "The shieldª of his mighty menª is made red,ª° the valiantª men²¹ [are] in scarlet:ª° the chariotsª [shall be] with flamingª torchesª in the dayª of his preparation,ª° and the fir treesª shall be terribly shaken.ª° ... The chariotsª shall rageª° in the streets,ª they shall justle one against anotherª° in the broad ways:ª they shall seemª like torches,ª they shall runª° like the lightnings.ª" {Nah 2:3-4} + "The noiseª of a whip,ª and the noiseª of the rattlingª of the wheels,ª and of the pransingª° horses,ª and of the jumpingª° chariots.ª" {Nah 3:2}

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