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{Isaiah 5:5} And now x6258 go to; I will tell 3045 z8686 x4994 you x853 what x834 I x589 will do 6213 z8802 to my vineyard: 3754 I will take away 5493 z8687 the hedge 4881 thereof, and it shall be x1961 eaten up; 1197 z8763 [and] break down 6555 z8800 the wall 1447 thereof, and it shall be x1961 trodden down: 4823
go to:
"And they said,ª° Go to,ª° let us buildª° us a cityª and a tower,ª whose topª [may reach] unto heaven;ª and let us makeª° us a name,ª lest¹ we be scattered abroadª° upon¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth.ª" {Gen 11:4} + "Go to,ª° let us go down,ª° and there¹ confoundª° their language,ª thatª they may not¹ understandª° oneª another'sª speech.ª" {Gen 11:7}
I will take:
"Yet¹ the defencedª° cityª [shall be] desolate,ª [and] the habitationª forsaken,ª° and leftª° like a wilderness:ª there¹ shall the calfª feed,ª° and there¹ shall he lie down,ª° and consumeª° the branchesª thereof. ... When the boughsª thereof are withered,ª° they shall be broken off:ª° the womenª come,ª° [and] set them on fire:ª°¹ for¹ it [is] a peopleª of no¹ understanding:ª therefore¹¹ he¹ that madeª° them will not¹ have mercyª° on them, and he that formedª° them will shew them no favour.ª°¹" {Isa 27:10-11} + "And I will makeª°¹ your citiesª waste,ª and bring²° your sanctuaries² unto desolation,ª°¹¹ and I will not¹ smellª° the savourª of your sweet odours.ª ... As long asª¹ it lieth desolateª° it shall rest;ª°¹ because¹ it did not¹ restª° in your sabbaths,ª when ye dweltª° upon¹ it." {Lev 26:31-35} + "The LORDª shall bringª° a nationª against¹ thee from far,ª¹ from the endª¹ of the earth,ª [as swift] as¹ the eagleª flieth;ª° a nationª whose¹ tongueª thou shalt not¹ understand;ª° ... And he shall besiegeª° thee in all¹ thy gates,ª until¹ thy highª and fencedª° wallsª come down,ª° wherein²¹ thou¹ trustedst,ª° throughout all¹ thy land:ª and he shall besiegeª° thee in all¹ thy gatesª throughout all¹ thy land,ª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath givenª° thee." {Deu 28:49-52} + "And the kingª of Egyptª made¹ Eliakimª his brotherª kingª° over¹ Judahª and Jerusalem,ª and turnedª°¹ his nameª to Jehoiakim.ª And Nechoª tookª° Jehoahaz²¹ his brother,ª and carriedª° him to Egypt.ª ... And when the yearª was expired,ª kingª Nebuchadnezzarª sent,ª° and broughtª° him to Babylon,ª with¹ the goodlyª vesselsª of the houseª of the LORD,ª and made¹¹ Zedekiahª his brotherª king²° over¹ Judahª and Jerusalem.ª" {2Ch 36:4-10} + "And saidª° unto the king,ª Let the kingª liveª° for ever:ª why¹ should not¹ my countenanceª be sad,²°¹ when¹ the city,ª the placeª of my fathers'ª sepulchres,ª [lieth] waste,ª and the gatesª thereof are consumedª° with fire?ª" {Neh 2:3} + "[[Maschilª° of Asaph.]]ª O God,ª why¹ hast thou cast [us] offª° for ever?ª [why] doth thine angerª smokeª° against the sheepª of thy pasture?ª ... O God,ª how long¹¹ shall the adversaryª reproach?ª° shall the enemyª° blasphemeª° thy nameª for ever?ª" {Psa 74:1-10} + "Why¹ hast thou [then] broken downª° her hedges,ª so that all¹ they which pass²° by¹ the wayª do pluckª° her? ... [It is] burnedª° with fire,ª [it is] cut down:ª° they perishª° at the rebukeª¹ of thy countenance.ª" {Psa 80:12-16} + "She weepeth²° soreª° in the night,ª and her tearsª [are] on¹ her cheeks:ª among all¹¹ her loversª° she hath none¹ to comfortª° [her]: all¹ her friendsª have dealt treacherouslyª° with her, they are become¹ her enemies.ª° ... Her filthinessª [is] in her skirts;ª she rememberethª° not¹ her last end;ª therefore she came downª° wonderfully:ª she had no¹ comforter.ª° O LORD,ª beholdª°¹ my affliction:ª for¹ the enemyª° hath magnifiedª° [himself]." {Lam 1:2-9} + "The kingsª of the earth,ª and all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the world,ª would not¹ have believedª° that¹ the adversaryª and the enemyª° should have enteredª° into the gatesª of Jerusalem.ª" {Lam 4:12}
trodden down:
Heb. for a treading, "I will sendª° him against an hypocriticalª nation,ª and against¹ the peopleª of my wrathª will I give him a charge,ª° to takeª° the spoil,ª and to takeª° the prey,ª and to tread them downª²° like the mireª of the streets.ª" {Isa 10:6} + "For¹ in this¹ mountainª shall the handª of the LORDª rest,ª° and Moabª shall be trodden downª° under¹ him, even as strawª is trodden downª° for the dunghill.ª²°²" {Isa 25:10} + "The crownª of pride,ª the drunkardsª of Ephraim,ª shall be troddenª° under feet:ª" {Isa 28:3} + "And your covenantª with¹ deathª shall be disannulled,ª° and your agreementª with¹ hellª shall not¹ stand;ª° when¹ the overflowingª° scourgeª shall pass through,ª° then ye shall be¹ trodden downª by it." {Isa 28:18} + "The Lordª hath trodden under footª° all¹ my mightyª [men] in the midstª of me: he hath calledª° an assemblyª against¹ me to crushª° my young men:ª the Lordª hath troddenª° the virgin,ª the daughterª of Judah,ª [as] in a winepress.ª" {Lam 1:15} + "Then I heardª° oneª saintª speaking,ª° and anotherª saintª saidª° unto that certainª [saint] which spake,ª° How long¹¹ [shall be] the visionª [concerning] the dailyª [sacrifice], and the transgressionª of desolation,ª° to giveª° both the sanctuaryª and the hostª to be trodden under foot?ª" {Dan 8:13} + "Andª they shall fallª° by the edgeª of the sword,ª andª shall be led away captiveª° intoª allª nations:ª andª Jerusalemª shall beª° trodden downª° ofª the Gentiles,ª untilª the timesª of the Gentilesª be fulfilled.ª°" {Lke 21:24} + "Butª the¹ courtª which² is withoutª² the¹ templeª leaveª° out,ª andª measureª° itª not;ª forª it is givenª° unto the¹ Gentiles:ª andª the¹ holyª cityª shall they tread under footª° forty² [and] twoª¹ months.ª" {Rev 11:2}

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