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{Isaiah 3:25} Thy men 4962 shall fall 5307 z8799 by the sword, 2719 and thy mighty 1369 in the war. 4421
Thy men:
"For, lo,¹ our fathersª have fallenª° by the sword,ª and our sonsª and our daughtersª and our wivesª [are] in captivityª for¹ this.¹" {2Ch 29:9} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª Behold,¹ I will punishª°¹ them: the young menª shall dieª° by the sword;ª their sonsª and their daughtersª shall dieª° by famine:ª" {Jer 11:22} + "If¹ I go forthª° into the field,ª then behold¹ the slainª with the sword!ª and if¹ I enterª° into the city,ª then behold¹ them that are sickª with famine!ª yea,¹ both¹ the prophetª and¹ the priestª go aboutª° into¹ a landª that they knowª° not.¹" {Jer 14:18} + "Therefore¹ deliver upª°¹ their childrenª to the famine,ª and pour outª° their [blood] by¹ the forceª of the sword;ª and let their wivesª be¹ bereaved² of their children,¹ and [be] widows;ª and let their men²¹ be¹ putª° to death;ª [let] their young menª [be] slainª° by the swordª in battle.ª" {Jer 18:21} + "And I will make voidª°¹ the counselª of Judahª and Jerusalemª in this¹ place;ª and I will cause them to fallª° by the swordª beforeª their enemies,ª° and by the handsª of them that seekª° their lives:ª and¹ their carcasesª will I giveª° to be meatª for the fowlsª of the heaven,ª and for the beastsª of the earth.ª" {Jer 19:7} + "He that abidethª° in this¹ cityª shall dieª° by the sword,ª and by the famine,ª and by the pestilence:ª but he that goeth out,ª° and fallethª° to¹ the Chaldeansª that besiegeª°¹ you, he shall live,ª°°° and his lifeª shall be¹ unto him for a prey.ª" {Jer 21:9} + "The youngª and the oldª lieª° on the groundª in the streets:ª my virginsª and my young menª are fallenª° by the sword;ª thou hast slainª° [them] in the dayª of thine anger;ª thou hast killed,ª° [and] not¹ pitied.ª°" {Lam 2:21} + "All¹ the sinnersª of my peopleª shall dieª° by the sword,ª which say,ª° The evilª shall not¹ overtakeª° nor preventª°¹ us." {Ams 9:10}
Heb. might

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