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{Isaiah 3:24} And it shall come to pass, x1961 [that] instead x8478 of sweet smell 1314 there shall be x1961 stink; 4716 and instead x8478 of a girdle 2290 a rent; 5364 and instead x8478 of well set 4639 hair 4748 baldness; 7144 and instead x8478 of a stomacher 6614 a girding 4228 of sackcloth; 8242 [and] burning 3587 instead x8478 of beauty. 3308
"And thou wentestª° to the kingª with ointment,ª and didst increaseª° thy perfumes,ª and didst sendª° thy messengersª far off,ª¹¹ and didst debaseª° [thyself even] unto¹ hell.ª" {Isa 57:9} + "I have perfumedª° my bedª with myrrh,ª aloes,ª and cinnamon.ª" {Prv 7:17}
"And in that¹ dayª did the Lordª GODª of hostsª callª° to weeping,ª and to mourning,ª and to baldness,ª and to girdingª° with sackcloth:ª" {Isa 22:12} + "They shall also girdª° [themselves] with sackcloth,ª and horrorª shall coverª° them; and shameª [shall be] upon¹ all¹ faces,ª and baldnessª upon all¹ their heads.ª" {Ezk 7:18} + "Make thee bald,ª° and pollª° thee for¹ thy delicateª children;ª enlargeª° thy baldnessª as the eagle;ª for¹ they are gone into captivityª° from¹ thee." {Mic 1:16}
a girding:
"In their streetsª they shall girdª° themselves with sackcloth:ª on¹ the tops² of their houses,¹ and in their streets,ª every one¹ shall howl,ª° weepingª abundantly.ª°" {Isa 15:3} + "Rise up,ª° ye womenª that are at ease;ª hearª° my voice,ª ye carelessª° daughters;ª give earª° unto my speech.ª ... Tremble,ª° ye women that are at ease;ª be troubled,ª° ye careless ones:ª° stripª° you, and make you bare,ª° and girdª [sackcloth] upon¹ [your] loins.ª" {Isa 32:9-11} + "I have sewedª° sackclothª upon¹ my skin,ª and defiledª° my hornª in the dust.ª" {Job 16:15} + "For¹ this¹ girdª° you with sackcloth,ª lamentª° and howl:ª° for¹ the fierceª angerª of the LORDª is not¹ turned backª° from¹ us." {Jer 4:8} + "O daughterª of my people,ª girdª° [thee] with sackcloth,ª and wallow²° thyself¹ in ashes:ª makeª° thee mourning,ª [as for] an only son,ª most bitterª lamentation:ª for¹ the spoilerª° shall suddenlyª comeª° upon¹ us." {Jer 6:26} + "For¹ every¹ headª [shall be] bald,ª and every¹ beardª clipped:ª° upon¹ all¹ the handsª [shall be] cuttings,²¹ and upon¹ the loinsª sackcloth.ª" {Jer 48:37} + "Howl,ª° O Heshbon,ª for¹ Aiª is spoiled:ª° cry,ª° ye daughtersª of Rabbah,ª girdª° you with sackcloth;ª lament,ª° and run to and froª° by the hedges;ª for¹ their kingª shall go²°¹ into captivity,ª [and] his priestsª and his princesª together.ª" {Jer 49:3} + "The eldersª of the daughterª of Zionª sitª° upon the ground,ª [and] keep silence:ª° they have cast upª° dustª upon¹ their heads;ª they have girdedª° themselves with sackcloth:ª the virginsª of Jerusalemª hang downª° their headsª to the ground.ª" {Lam 2:10} + "And they shall make themselves utterly² baldª°¹ for¹ thee, and girdª° them with sackcloth,ª and they shall weepª° for¹ thee with bitternessª of heartª [and] bitterª wailing.ª" {Ezk 27:31} + "Lamentª° like a virginª girdedª° with sackclothª for¹ the husbandª of her youth.ª" {Jol 1:8} + "And I will turnª° your feastsª into mourning,ª and all¹ your songsª into lamentation;ª and I will bring upª° sackclothª upon¹ all¹ loins,ª and baldnessª upon¹ every¹ head;ª and I will makeª° it as the mourningª of an onlyª [son], and the endª thereof as a bitterª day.ª" {Ams 8:10} + "Andª I will giveª° [power] unto myª twoª witnesses,ª andª they shall prophesyª° a thousand² two hundred² [and] threescoreª¹¹ days,ª clothed¹ in²° sackcloth.ª" {Rev 11:3}
"When¹ the Lordª shall have washed awayª°¹ the filthª of the daughtersª of Zion,ª and shall have purgedª° the bloodª of Jerusalemª from the midstª¹ thereof by the spiritª of judgment,ª and by the spiritª of burning.ª°" {Isa 4:4} + "I¹ also¹ will doª° this¹ unto you; I will even appointª° over¹ you terror,ª¹ consumption,ª and the burning ague,ª that shall consumeª° the eyes,ª and cause sorrowª° of heart:ª and ye shall sowª° your seedª in vain,ª for your enemiesª° shall eatª° it." {Lev 26:16} + "The LORDª shall smiteª° thee with a consumption,ª and with a fever,ª and with an inflammation,ª and with an extreme burning,ª and with the sword,ª and with blasting,ª and with mildew;ª and they shall pursueª° thee until¹ thou perish.ª°" {Deu 28:22} + "[They shall be] burntª with hunger,ª and devouredª° with burning heat,ª and with bitterª destruction:ª I will also sendª° the teethª of beastsª upon them, with¹ the poisonª of serpentsª° of the dust.ª" {Deu 32:24} + "Andª menª were scorchedª° with greatª heat,ª andª blasphemedª° the¹ nameª of God,ª which² hathª° powerª overª theseª plagues:ª andª they repentedª° notª to giveª° himª glory.ª" {Rev 16:9} + "Andª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earth,ª who² have committed fornicationª° andª lived deliciouslyª° withª her,ª shall bewailª° her,ª andª lamentª° forª her,ª whenª they shall seeª° the¹ smokeª of her²¹ burning,ª" {Rev 18:9}

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