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{Isaiah 3:10} Say 559 z8798 ye to the righteous, 6662 that x3588 [it shall be] well y2896 x2895 [with him]: for x3588 they shall eat 398 z8799 the fruit 6529 of their doings. 4611
Say ye:
"Come,²°¹ my people,ª enterª° thou into thy chambers,ª and shutª° thy doorsª about¹ thee: hideª° thyself as it were for a littleª moment,ª until¹ the indignationª be overpast.ª° ... For,¹ behold,¹ the LORDª cometh¹ out²° of his placeª¹ to punishª° the inhabitantsª° of the earthª for their iniquity:ª the earthª also shall discloseª°¹ her blood,ª and shall no¹ more¹ coverª°¹ her slain.ª°" {Isa 26:20-21} + "Though¹ a sinnerª° doª° evilª an hundred times,ª and his [days] be prolonged,ª° yet¹ surely¹ I¹ knowª° that¹ it shall be¹ wellª with them that fearª God,ª which¹ fearª° beforeª¹ him:" {Ecc 8:12} + "The LORDª said,ª° Verilyªª it shall be wellª with thy remnant;²°°²¹ verilyª¹ I will cause¹ the enemyª° to entreatª° thee [well] in the timeª of evilª and in the timeª of affliction.ª" {Jer 15:11} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, Go throughª° the midstª of the city,ª through the midstª of Jerusalem,ª and setª° a markª upon¹ the foreheadsª of the men²¹ that sighª° and that cryª° for¹ all¹ the abominationsª that be doneª° in the midstª thereof." {Ezk 9:4} + "Hath walkedª° in my statutes,ª and hath keptª° my judgments,ª to dealª° truly;ª he¹ [is] just,ª he shall surely²° live,ª° saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª ... Yet sayª° ye, Why?¹ doth not¹ the sonª bearª° the iniquityª of the father?ª When the sonª hath doneª° that which is lawfulª and right,ª [and] hath keptª°¹ all¹ my statutes,ª and hath doneª° them, he shall surely²° live.ª°" {Ezk 18:9-19} + "Seekª° ye¹ the LORD,ª all¹ ye meekª of the earth,ª which¹ have wroughtª° his judgment;ª seekª° righteousness,ª seekª° meekness:ª it may beª ye shall be hidª° in the dayª of the LORD'Sª anger.ª" {Zph 2:3} + "Then shall ye return,ª° and discernª° between¹ the righteousª and the wicked,ª between¹ him that servethª° Godª and him¹ that servethª° him not.¹" {Mal 3:18} + "Butª afterª thyª hardnessª andª impenitentª heartª treasurest upª° unto thyselfª wrathª againstª the dayª of wrathª andª revelationª of the righteous judgmentª of God;ª ... Forª there isª° noª respect of personsª withª God.ª" {Rom 2:5-11}
they shall eat:
"I was¹ also uprightª before¹ him, and I kept²° myself¹ from mine iniquity.ª¹ ... Therefore hath the LORDª recompensedª° me according to my righteousness,ª according to the cleannessª of my handsª in¹ his eyesight.ª" {Psa 18:23-24} + "[[A Songª of degrees.]]ª Blessedª [is] every one¹ that fearethª the LORD;ª that walkethª° in his ways.ª ... For¹ thou shalt eatª° the labourª of thine hands:ª happyª [shalt] thou [be], and [it shall be] wellª with thee." {Psa 128:1-2} + "Be²° notª deceived;ª° Godª is²° notª mocked:ª° forª whatsoeverªª a manª soweth,ª° thatª shall he²° alsoª reap.ª° ... For²¹ he that sowethª° toª hisª fleshª shall²° ofª the¹ fleshª reapª° corruption;ª butª he that sowethª° toª the¹ Spiritª shall²° ofª the¹ Spiritª reapª° lifeª everlasting.ª" {Gal 6:7-8} + "Forª Godª [is] notª unrighteousª to forgetª° yourª workª andª labourª of love,ª whichª ye have shewedª°°° towardª hisª name,ª in that ye have ministeredª° to the¹ saints,ª andª do minister.ª°" {Hbr 6:10}

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