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{Isaiah 3:9} The shew 1971 of their countenance 6440 doth witness x6030 against them; y6030 z8804 and they declare 5046 z8689 their sin 2403 as Sodom, 5467 they hide 3582 z8765 [it] not. x3808 Woe 188 unto their soul! 5315 for x3588 they have rewarded 1580 z8804 evil 7451 unto themselves.
The show:
"Moreover the LORDª saith,ª° Becauseª¹ the daughtersª of Zionª are haughty,ª° and walk²°¹ with stretched forthª° necksª and wantonª° eyes,ª walkingª° and mincingª° [as] they go,²°¹ and making a tinklingª° with their feet:ª" {Isa 3:16} + "Then saidª° Samuel,ª Bring ye hitherª° to¹ me¹ Agagª the kingª of the Amalekites.ª And Agagª came²°¹ unto¹ him delicately.ª And Agagª said,ª° Surelyª the bitternessª of deathª is past.ª°" {1Sm 15:32} + "And when Jehuª was comeª° to Jezreel,ª Jezebelª heardª° [of it]; and she paintedªª° her face,ª and tiredª°¹ her head,ª and looked outª° at¹ a window.ª" {2Kg 9:30} + "The wicked,ª through the prideª of his countenance,ª will not¹ seekª° [after God]: Godª [is] not¹ in all¹ his thoughts.ª" {Psa 10:4} + "Therefore¹ prideª compasseth them about as a chain;ª° violenceª coverethª° them [as] a garment.ª ... Their eyesª stand outª° with fatness:ª¹ they have moreª° than heartª could wish.ª" {Psa 73:6-7} + "[There is] a generation,ª O how¹ loftyª° are their eyes!ª and their eyelidsª are lifted up.ª°" {Prv 30:13} + "Therefore the showersª have been withholden,ª° and there hath been¹ no¹ latter rain;ª and thou hadst a whore'sªª° forehead,ª thou refusedstª° to be ashamed.ª°" {Jer 3:3} + "Were they ashamed²°¹ when¹ they had committedª° abomination?ª nay,ª they were not¹ at all²° ashamed,ª° neither²¹ couldª° they blush:ª° therefore¹ they shall fallª° among them that fall:ª° at the timeª [that] I visitª° them they shall be cast down,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 6:15} + "And ofª the tenª hornsª that¹ [were] in his head,ª and [of] the otherª which¹ came up,ª° and beforeªª whom threeª fell;ª° even [of] that¹ hornª that² had eyes,ª and a mouthª that spakeª° very great things,ª whose lookª [was] more²° stoutª thanª his fellows.ª" {Dan 7:20}
and they declare:
"But the men²¹ of Sodomª [were] wickedª and sinnersª before the LORDª exceedingly.ª" {Gen 13:13} + "And the LORDª said,ª° Because¹ the cryª of Sodomª and Gomorrahª is great,²¹ and because¹ their sinª is veryª grievous;ª° ... I will go downª° now,¹ and seeª° whether they have doneª° altogetherª according to the cryª of it, which is comeª° unto¹ me; and if¹ not,¹ I will know.ª°" {Gen 18:20-21} + "And they calledª° unto¹ Lot,ª and saidª° unto him, Where¹ [are] the men²¹ which¹ came inª° to¹ thee this night?ª bring them outª° unto¹ us, that we may knowª° them. ... And they said,ª° Standª° back.ª And they saidª° [again], This oneª [fellow] came inª° to sojourn,ª° and he will needs²° be a judge:ª° now¹ will we deal worseª° with thee, than¹ with them. And they pressedª° soreª upon the man,ª [even] Lot,ª and came nearª° to breakª° the door.ª" {Gen 19:5-9} + "[As for] the wordª that¹ thou hast spokenª° unto¹ us in the nameª of the LORD,ª we will not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ thee. ... But¹ we will certainly²° doª°¹ whatsoever¹¹ thingª goeth forthª° out of our own mouth,ª¹ to burn incenseª° unto the queenª of heaven,ª and to pour outª° drink offeringsª unto her, as¹ we have done,ª° we,¹ and our fathers,ª our kings,ª and our princes,ª in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem:ª for [then] had we plentyª° of victuals,ª and were¹ well,ª and sawª° no¹ evil.ª" {Jer 44:16-17} + "And as soon as she sawª them with her eyes,ª she dotedª° upon¹ them, and sentª° messengersª unto¹ them into Chaldea.ª" {Ezk 23:16}
"The crownª is fallenª° [from] our head:ª woeª unto us, that¹ we have sinned!ª°" {Lam 5:16} + "O Israel,ª thou hast destroyedª° thyself; but¹ in me [is] thine help.ª" {Hsa 13:9}

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