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{Isaiah 3:7} In that x1931 day 3117 shall he swear, 5375 z8799 saying, 559 z8800 I will not x3808 be x1961 an healer; 2280 z8802 for in my house 1004 [is] neither x369 bread 3899 nor x369 clothing: 8071 make 7760 z8799 me not x3808 a ruler 7101 of the people. 5971
Heb. lift up the hand, "And Abramª saidª° to¹ the kingª of Sodom,ª I have lift upª° mine handª unto¹ the LORD,ª the most highª God,ª the possessorª° of heavenª and earth,ª" {Gen 14:22} + "For¹ I lift upª° my handª to¹ heaven,ª and say,ª° I¹ liveª for ever.ª" {Deu 32:40} + "Andª the¹ angelª whichª I sawª° standª° uponª the¹ seaª andª uponª the¹ earthª lifted upª° his²¹ handª toª heaven,ª ... Andª swareª° byª him that livethª° for² ever² and ever,ª¹ whoª createdª° heaven,ª andª the things¹ that therein¹¹ are,²² andª the¹ earth,ª andª the things¹ that therein¹¹ are,²² andª the¹ sea,ª andª the things¹ which are therein,ªª thatª there should beª° timeª noª longer:ª" {Rev 10:5-6}
Heb. binder up, "And [they that shall be] of¹ thee shall buildª° the oldª waste places:ª thou shalt raise upª° the foundationsª of many² generations;ª and thou shalt be called,ª° The repairerª° of the breach,ª The restorerª° of pathsª to dwell¹ in.²°" {Isa 58:12} + "Hast thou utterly²° rejectedª°¹ Judah?ª hath thy soulª lothedª° Zion?ª why¹ hast thou smittenª° us, and [there is] no¹ healingª for us? we lookedª° for peace,ª and [there is] no¹ good;ª and for the timeª of healing,ª and behold¹ trouble!ª" {Jer 14:19} + "What thing¹ shall I take to witnessª°°° for thee? what thingª shall I likenª° to thee, O daughterª of Jerusalem?ª what¹ shall I equalª° to thee, that I may comfortª° thee, O virginª daughterª of Zion?ª for¹ thy breachª [is] greatª like the sea:ª who¹ can healª° thee?" {Lam 2:13} + "When Ephraimª sawª°¹ his sickness,ª and Judahª [saw]¹ his wound,ª then went²°¹ Ephraimª to¹ the Assyrian,ª and sentª° to¹ kingª Jareb:ª°²° yet couldª° he¹ not¹ healª° you, nor¹ cureª°¹ you of your wound.ª" {Hsa 5:13} + "Come,²°¹ and let us returnª° unto¹ the LORD:ª for¹ he¹ hath torn,ª° and he will healª° us; he hath smitten,ª° and he will bind us up.ª°" {Hsa 6:1}
neither bread:
Princes and great men in the East, as Sir J. Chardin testifies, are obliged to have a great stock of clothes in readiness for presents on all occasions; and a great quantity of provisions for the table is equally necessary (see "And Solomon'sª provisionª for oneª dayª was¹ thirtyª measuresª of fine flour,ª and threescoreª measuresª of meal,ª ... Tenª fatª oxen,ª and twentyª oxenª out of the pastures,ª and an hundredª sheep,ª beside¹ harts,ª¹ and roebucks,ª and fallowdeer,ª and fattedª° fowl.ª" {1Kg 4:22-23} + "Moreover [there were] at¹ my tableª an hundredª and fiftyªª of the Jewsª and rulers,ª beside those that cameª° unto¹ us from among¹ the heathenª that¹ [are] about¹ us.² ... Now [that] which¹ was¹ preparedª° [for me] dailyª¹ [was] oneª oxª [and] sixª choiceª° sheep;ª also fowlsª were preparedª° for me, and once¹ in tenª daysª storeª° of all¹ sorts of wine:ª yet for allª this¹ requiredª° not¹ I the breadª of the governor,ª because¹ the bondageª was heavyª° upon¹ this¹ people.ª" {Neh 5:17-18}). Hence the person desired to undertake the government, alleges as an excuse that he is not able to support the dignity of his station.

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