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{Isaiah 1:10} Hear 8085 z8798 the word 1697 of the LORD, 3068 ye rulers 7101 of Sodom; 5467 give ear 238 z8685 unto the law 8451 of our God, 430 ye people 5971 of Gomorrah. 6017
"And he said,ª° Hearª° thou therefore¹ the wordª of the LORD:ª I sawª°¹ the LORDª sittingª° on¹ his throne,ª and all¹ the hostª of heavenª standingª° by¹ him on his right handª¹ and on his left.ª¹ ... Now¹ therefore, behold,¹ the LORDª hath putª° a lyingª spiritª in the mouthª of all¹ these¹ thy prophets,ª and the LORDª hath spokenª° evilª concerning¹ thee." {1Kg 22:19-23} + "Hearª°¹ this¹ wordª that¹ the LORDª hath spokenª° against¹ you, O childrenª of Israel,ª against¹ the whole¹ familyª which¹ I brought upª° from the landª¹ of Egypt,ª saying,ª°" {Ams 3:1} + "The lionª hath roared,ª° who¹ will notª fear?ª° the Lordª GODª hath spoken,ª° who¹ can but¹ prophesy?ª°" {Ams 3:8} + "But trulyª I¹ am fullª° of powerª by¹ the spiritª of the LORD,ª and of judgment,ª and of might,ª to declareª° unto Jacobª his transgression,ª and to Israelª his sin.ª ... Therefore¹ shall Zionª for your sakeª be plowedª° [as] a field,ª and Jerusalemª shall become¹ heaps,ª and the mountainª of the houseª as the high placesª of the forest.ª" {Mic 3:8-12}
"But the men²¹ of Sodomª [were] wickedª and sinnersª before the LORDª exceedingly.ª" {Gen 13:13} + "For¹ their vineª [is] of the vineª¹ of Sodom,ª and of the fieldsª¹ of Gomorrah:ª their grapesª [are] grapesª of gall,ª their clustersª [are] bitter:ª" {Deu 32:32} + "Egypt,ª and Judah,ª and Edom,ª and the childrenª of Ammon,ª and Moab,ª and all¹ [that are] in the utmostª° corners,ª that dwellª° in the wilderness:ª for¹ all¹ [these] nationsª [are] uncircumcised,ª and all¹ the houseª of Israelª [are] uncircumcisedª in the heart.ª" {Jer 9:26} + "I have seenª° also in the prophetsª of Jerusalemª an horrible thing:ª they commit adultery,ª° and walkª° in lies:ª they strengthenª° also the handsª of evildoers,ª° that noneª¹ doth returnª° from his wickedness:ª¹ they are¹ all¹ of them unto me as Sodom,ª and the inhabitantsª° thereof as Gomorrah.ª" {Jer 23:14} + "And thine elderª sisterª [is] Samaria,ª she¹ and her daughtersª that dwellª° at¹ thy left hand:ª and thy youngerª sister,ª that dwellethª° at thy right hand,ª¹ [is] Sodomª and her daughters.ª" {Ezk 16:46} + "[Are] ye¹ not¹ as childrenª of the Ethiopiansª unto me, O childrenª of Israel?ª saithª° the LORD.ª Have not¹ I brought upª°¹ Israelª out of the landª¹ of Egypt?ª and the Philistinesª from Caphtor,ª¹ and the Syriansª from Kir?ª¹" {Ams 9:7} + "Andª their²¹ dead bodiesª [shall lie] inª the¹ streetª of the¹ greatª city,ª whichª spirituallyª is calledª° Sodomª andª Egypt,ª whereª alsoª our²¹ Lordª was crucified.ª°" {Rev 11:8}

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