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{Ecclesiastes 10:1} Dead 4194 flies 2070 cause the ointment 8081 of the apothecary 7543 z8802 to send forth 5042 z8686 a stinking savour: 887 z8686 [so doth] a little 4592 folly 5531 him that is in reputation 3368 for wisdom 2451 x4480 [and] honour. 3519 x4480
Dead flies:
Heb. Flies of death
the ointment:
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Takeª° unto thee sweet spices,ª stacte,ª and onycha,ª and galbanum;ª [these] sweet² spicesª with pureª frankincense:ª of eachª shall there be¹ a likeª [weight]: ... And thou shalt makeª° it a perfume,ª a confectionª after the artª of the apothecary,ª° tempered²° together,¹ pureª [and] holy:ª" {Exd 30:34-35}
a little:
"And Jehuª the sonª of Hananiª the seerª went outª° to meetª¹ him, and saidª° to¹ kingª Jehoshaphat,ª Shouldest thou helpª° the ungodly,ª and loveª° them that hateª° the LORD?ª thereforeª [is] wrathª upon¹ thee from beforeª¹ the LORD.ª" {2Ch 19:2} + "Therefore¹ [was] he¹ hired,ª° that¹ I should be afraid,ª° and do¹ so,²°¹ and sin,ª° and [that] they might have¹ [matter] for an evilª report,ª that¹ they might reproachª° me." {Neh 6:13} + "Did not¹ Solomonª kingª of Israelª sinª° by¹ these things?¹ yet among manyª nationsª was¹ there no¹ kingª like him,¹ who was¹ belovedª° of his God,ª and Godª madeª° him kingª over¹ all¹ Israel:ª nevertheless¹ even him² did outlandishª womenª cause to sin.ª°" {Neh 13:26} + "Yeª areª° the¹ saltª of the¹ earth:ª butª ifª the¹ saltª have lost his savour,ª° wherewithªª shall it be salted?ª° it is thenceforthª goodª° forª nothing,ª butª to be castª° out,ª andª to be trodden under footª° ofª men.ª ... Let yourª lightª soª shineª° beforeª men,ª thatª they may seeª° yourª goodª works,ª andª glorifyª° yourª Fatherª whichª is inª heaven.ª" {Mtt 5:13-16} + "Forª before² that certainª cameª° fromª James,ª he did eatª° withª the¹ Gentiles:ª butª whenª they were come,ª° he withdrewª° andª separatedª° himself,ª fearingª° them¹ which were ofª the circumcision.ª ... Butª whenª I sawª° thatª they walked²° not² uprightlyª°¹ according¹ to² the¹ truthª of the¹ gospel,ª I saidª° unto Peterª beforeª [them] all,ª Ifª thou,ª beingª° a Jew,ª livestª° after the manner of Gentiles,ª andª notª as do the Jews,ª whyª compellest¹ thou²° the¹ Gentilesª to live as do the Jews?ª°" {Gal 2:12-14}

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