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{Ecclesiastes 8:15} Then I x589 commended 7623 z8765 x853 mirth, 8057 because x834 a man 120 hath no x369 better x2896 thing y2896 under x8478 the sun, 8121 than x3588 x518 to eat, 398 z8800 and to drink, 8354 z8800 and to be merry: 8055 z8800 for that x1931 shall abide 3867 z8799 with him of his labour 5999 the days 3117 of his life, 2416 which x834 God 430 giveth 5414 z8804 him under x8478 the sun. 8121
Then I:
Some consider this as the cavil of an infidel objector, equivalent to the Epicurean maxim, Ede, bibe, lude; post mortem nulla voluptas, "Eat, drink, and play; there is no pleasure after death." But it may be regarded as a recommendation of a moderate use of worldly things, with a cheerful and contented mind; which may justly be considered as the greatest advantage which can be made of all below the sun, and amidst all changes, such a frame of mind, if the result of right principles, may and ought to be preserved; and it will be the recompence and solace of all our labours and toils. "[There is] nothing¹ betterª for a man,ª [than] that he should eatª°¹ and drink,ª° and [that] he should make his soulª¹¹ enjoy²° goodª in his labour.ª Thisª also¹ I¹ saw,ª° that¹ it¹ [was] from the handª¹ of God.ª" {Ecc 2:24} + "I knowª° that¹ [there is] no¹ goodª in them, but¹ for¹ [a man] to rejoice,ª° and to doª° goodª in his life.ª ... And also¹ that every man² should eatª°¹¹¹ and drink,ª° and enjoyª° the goodª of all¹ his labour,ª it¹ [is] the giftª of God.ª" {Ecc 3:12-13} + "Wherefore I perceiveª° that¹ [there is] nothing¹ better,ª than that¹¹ a manª should rejoiceª° in his own works;ª for¹ that¹ [is] his portion:ª for¹ who¹ shall bringª° him to seeª° what shall be¹¹¹ afterª him?" {Ecc 3:22} + "Behold¹ [that] which¹ I¹ have seen:ª° [it is] goodª and comelyª [for one] to eatª° and to drink,ª° and to enjoyª° the goodª of all¹ his labourª that he takethª°¹ under¹ the sunª allª the daysª of his life,ª which¹ Godª givethª° him: for¹ it¹ [is] his portion.ª" {Ecc 5:18} + "Go¹ thy way,²° eatª° thy breadª with joy,ª and drinkª° thy wineª with a merryª heart;ª for¹ Godª nowª acceptethª°¹ thy works.ª ... Live² joyfullyª°¹ with¹ the wifeª whom¹ thou lovestª° all¹ the daysª of the lifeª of thy vanity,ª which¹ he hath givenª° thee under¹ the sun,ª all¹ the daysª of thy vanity:ª for¹ that¹ [is] thy portionª in [this] life,ª and in thy labourª which¹ thou¹ takestª under¹ the sun.ª" {Ecc 9:7-9} + "Forbiddingª° to marry,ª° [and commanding] to abstain¹ from²° meats,ª whichª Godª hath createdª° to² be receivedª¹ withª thanksgivingª of them which believeª andª knowª° the¹ truth.ª ... Forª everyª creatureª of Godª [is] good,ª andª nothingª to be refused,ª if it be receivedª° withª thanksgiving:ª" {1Tm 4:3-4} + "Chargeª° them that are richª inª this² world,ª¹ that they be²° not² highminded,ª°¹ norª trustª° inª uncertainª riches,ª butª inª the¹ livingª° God,ª who² givethª° usª richlyª all thingsª toª enjoy;ª" {1Tm 6:17}

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