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{Ecclesiastes 8:10} And so 3651 I saw 7200 z8804 the wicked 7563 buried, 6912 z8803 who had come 935 z8804 and gone 1980 z8762 from the place 4725 x4480 of the holy, 6918 and they were forgotten 7911 z8691 in the city 5892 where x834 they had so x3651 done: 6213 z8804 this x2088 [is] also x1571 vanity. 1892
"And when he was come in,ª° he did eatª° and drink,ª° and said,ª° Go,²° see¹ now¹¹ this¹ cursedª° [woman], and buryª° her: for¹ she¹ [is] a king'sª daughter.ª ... And they went²°¹ to buryª° her: but they foundª° no more¹ of her thanª¹ the skull,ª and the feet,ª and the palmsª of [her] hands.ª" {2Kg 9:34-35} + "They are¹ as stubbleª beforeª the wind,ª and as chaffª that the stormª carrieth away.ª°" {Job 21:18} + "Yet shall he¹ be broughtª° to the grave,ª and shall remainª° in¹ the tomb.ª ... The clodsª of the valleyª shall be sweetª° unto him, and every¹ manª shall drawª° afterª him, as [there are] innumerableª¹ beforeª him." {Job 21:32-33} + "Andª it came to pass,ª° that the¹ beggarª died,ª° andª was¹ carriedª° byª the¹ angelsª intoª Abraham'sª bosom:ª¹ the¹ rich manª alsoª² died,ª° andª was buried;ª°" {Lke 16:22}
the place:
"[[A Songª of degreesª of David.]]ª I was gladª° when they saidª° unto me, Let us go²°¹ into the houseª of the LORD.ª ... For¹ there¹ are setª° thronesª of judgment,ª the thronesª of the houseª of David.ª" {Psa 122:1-5} + "Andª set upª° falseª witnesses,ª which said,ª° This²¹ manª ceasethª° notª to speakª° blasphemousª wordsª againstª this²¹ holyª place,ª andª the¹ law:ª" {Act 6:13}
they were:
"For¹ [there is] no¹ remembranceª of the wiseª more thanª of the foolª for ever;ª seeing that which nowª¹ [is] in the daysª to comeª° shall all¹ be forgotten.ª° And how¹ diethª° the wiseª [man]? as¹ the fool.ª" {Ecc 2:16} + "For¹ the livingª knowª° that they shall die:ª°¹ but the deadª° knowª° not¹ any thing,ª neither¹ have they any more¹ a reward;ª for¹ the memoryª of them is forgotten.ª°" {Ecc 9:5} + "I am forgottenª° as a dead manª° out of mind:ª¹ I am¹ like a brokenª° vessel.ª" {Psa 31:12} + "The memoryª of the justª [is] blessed:ª but the nameª of the wickedª shall rot.ª°" {Prv 10:7} + "O LORD,ª the hopeª of Israel,ª all¹ that forsakeª° thee shall be ashamed,ª° [and] they that depart² from¹ me²° shall be writtenª° in the earth,ª because¹ they have forsakenª°¹ the LORD,ª the fountainª of livingª waters.ª" {Jer 17:13} + "Nowª the¹ justª shall liveª° byª faith:ª butª ifª [any man] draw back,ª° myª soulª shall have²° no² pleasureª°¹ inª him.ª" {Hbr 10:38}

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