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{Ecclesiastes 7:10} Say 559 z8799 not x408 thou, What x4100 is x1961 [the cause] that the former y7223 days 3117 x7945 x7223 were x1961 better 2896 than these? x4480 x428 for x3588 thou dost not x3808 enquire 7592 z8804 wisely 2451 x4480 concerning x5921 this. x2088
"And Gideonª saidª° unto¹ him, Ohª my Lord,ª if² the LORDª be¹ with¹ us, why¹ then is all¹ this¹ befallenª° us? and where¹ [be] all¹ his miraclesª° which¹ our fathersª toldª° us of, saying,ª° Did not¹ the LORDª bring us upª° from Egypt?ª¹ but now¹ the LORDª hath forsakenª° us, and deliveredª° us into the handsª of the Midianites.ª" {Jdg 6:13} + "But¹ we will certainly²° doª°¹ whatsoever¹¹ thingª goeth forthª° out of our own mouth,ª¹ to burn incenseª° unto the queenª of heaven,ª and to pour outª° drink offeringsª unto her, as¹ we have done,ª° we,¹ and our fathers,ª our kings,ª and our princes,ª in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem:ª for [then] had we plentyª° of victuals,ª and were¹ well,ª and sawª° no¹ evil.ª ... And when¹ we¹ burned incenseª° to the queenª of heaven,ª and poured outª° drink offeringsª unto her, did we makeª° her cakesª to worshipª° her, and pour outª° drink offeringsª unto her, withoutª¹ our men?²¹" {Jer 44:17-19}
Heb. out of wisdom, "The earthª also was corruptª° beforeª God,ª and the earthª was filledª° with violence.ª ... And Godª looked²° upon¹¹ the earth,ª and, behold,¹ it was corrupt;ª° for¹ all¹ fleshª had corruptedª°¹ his wayª upon¹ the earth.ª" {Gen 6:11-12} + "The LORDª looked downª° from heavenª¹ upon¹ the childrenª of men,ª to seeª° if there² were¹ any that did understand,ª° [and] seekª°¹ God.ª ... They are all¹ gone aside,ª° they are [all] togetherª become filthy:ª° [there is] none¹ that doethª° good,ª no,¹ not¹ one.ª" {Psa 14:2-3} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Where¹ [is] the billª of your mother'sª divorcement,ª whom¹ I have put away?ª° or¹ which¹ of my creditorsª°¹ [is it] to whom¹ I have soldª° you? Behold,¹ for your iniquitiesª have ye sold²° yourselves,¹ and for your transgressionsª is your motherª put away.ª°" {Isa 50:1} + "Professing¹ themselves²° to beª° wise,ª they became fools,ª° ... Whoª knowingª° the¹ judgmentª of God,ª thatª they which commitª° such thingsª areª° worthyª of death,ª notª onlyª doª° the same,ª butªª have pleasureª° in them that doª° them." {Rom 1:22-32} + "Whatª then?ª are we betterª° [than they]? No,ª in no wise:ª forª we have before provedª° bothª Jewsª andª Gentiles,ª that they areª° allª underª sin;ª ... Nowª we knowª° thatª what things soeverª the¹ lawª saith,ª° it saithª° to them¹ who are underª the¹ law:ª thatª everyª mouthª may be stopped,ª° andª allª the¹ worldª may becomeª° guiltyª before God.ª" {Rom 3:9-19}

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