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{Ecclesiastes 7:6} For x3588 as the crackling 6963 of thorns 5518 under x8478 a pot, 5518 so x3651 [is] the laughter 7814 of the fool: 3684 this x2088 also x1571 [is] vanity. 1892
"I saidª° of laughter,ª [It is] mad:ª° and of mirth,ª What²¹ doethª° it?¹" {Ecc 2:2} + "Before¹ your potsª can feelª° the thorns,ª he shall take them away as with a whirlwind,ª° both¹ living,ª and in¹ [his] wrath.ª" {Psa 58:9} + "They compassed me aboutª° like bees;ª they are quenchedª° as the fireª of thorns:ª for in the nameª of the LORDª I will destroyª° them." {Psa 118:12} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª Behold,¹ my servantsª shall eat,ª° but ye¹ shall be hungry:ª° behold,¹ my servantsª shall drink,ª° but ye¹ shall be thirsty:ª° behold,¹ my servantsª shall rejoice,ª° but ye¹ shall be ashamed:ª° ... And ye shall leave²°¹ your nameª for a curseª unto my chosen:ª for the Lordª GODª shall slayª° thee, and callª° his servantsª by anotherª name:ª" {Isa 65:13-15} + "And I will turnª° your feastsª into mourning,ª and all¹ your songsª into lamentation;ª and I will bring upª° sackclothª upon¹ all¹ loins,ª and baldnessª upon¹ every¹ head;ª and I will makeª° it as the mourningª of an onlyª [son], and the endª thereof as a bitterª day.ª" {Ams 8:10} + "Woeª unto youª that are full!ª° forª ye shall hunger.ª° Woeª unto youª that laughª° now!ª forª ye shall mournª° andª weep.ª°" {Lke 6:25} + "Butª Abrahamª said,ª° Son,ª rememberª° thatª thouª inª thyª lifetimeª receivedstª° thyª good things,ª andª likewiseª Lazarusª evil things:ª butª nowª² he¹ is comforted,ª° andª thouª art tormented.ª°" {Lke 16:25} + "And shall receiveª° the rewardª of unrighteousness,ª [as] they that countª° it pleasureª to riotª inª the day time.ª Spots²¹ [they are] andª blemishes,ª sporting themselvesª° withª their own²¹ deceivingsª while they feastª° with you;ª ... Theseª areª° wellsª without water,ª cloudsª that are carriedª° withª a tempest;ª to whomª the¹ mistª of darknessª is reservedª° forª¹ ever.²" {2Pe 2:13-17} + "Theseª areª° spotsª inª yourª feasts of charity,ª when they feast²° with¹ you,ª feedingª° themselvesª without fear:ª cloudsª [they are] without water,ª carried aboutª° ofª winds;ª treesª whose fruit withereth,ª without fruit,ª twiceª dead,ª° plucked up by the roots;ª° ... Ragingª wavesª of the sea,ª foaming outª° their ownª shame;ª wanderingª stars,ª to whomª is reservedª° the¹ blacknessª of darknessª for² ever.ª¹" {Jde 1:12-13}
Heb. sound
the laughter:
"[If] a wiseª manª contendethª° with¹ a foolishª man,ª whether he rageª° or laugh,ª° [there is] no¹ rest.ª" {Prv 29:9}

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