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{Ecclesiastes 3:13} And also x1571 that every man y120 should eat 398 z8799 x7945 x3605 x120 and drink, 8354 z8804 and enjoy 7200 z8804 the good 2896 of all x3605 his labour, 5999 it x1931 [is] the gift 4991 of God. 430
"[There is] nothing¹ betterª for a man,ª [than] that he should eatª°¹ and drink,ª° and [that] he should make his soulª¹¹ enjoy²° goodª in his labour.ª Thisª also¹ I¹ saw,ª° that¹ it¹ [was] from the handª¹ of God.ª" {Ecc 2:24} + "Behold¹ [that] which¹ I¹ have seen:ª° [it is] goodª and comelyª [for one] to eatª° and to drink,ª° and to enjoyª° the goodª of all¹ his labourª that he takethª°¹ under¹ the sunª allª the daysª of his life,ª which¹ Godª givethª° him: for¹ it¹ [is] his portion.ª ... For¹ he shall not¹ muchª° rememberª°¹ the daysª of his life;ª because¹ Godª answereth²°¹ [him] in the joyª of his heart.ª" {Ecc 5:18-20} + "A manª to whom¹ Godª hath givenª° riches,ª wealth,ª and honour,ª so that he wantethª nothing¹ for his soulª of all¹¹ that¹ he desireth,ª° yet Godª giveth him not powerª°¹ to eatª° thereof,¹ but¹ a strangerªª eatethª° it: this¹ [is] vanity,ª and it¹ [is] an evilª disease.ª" {Ecc 6:2} + "Go¹ thy way,²° eatª° thy breadª with joy,ª and drinkª° thy wineª with a merryª heart;ª for¹ Godª nowª acceptethª°¹ thy works.ª" {Ecc 9:7} + "Thou shalt betrothª° a wife,ª and anotherª manª shall lie°²°² with¹ her: thou shalt buildª° an house,ª and thou shalt not¹ dwellª° therein: thou shalt plantª° a vineyard,ª and shalt not¹ gather the grapesª° thereof. ... Thine oxª [shall be] slainª° before thine eyes,ª and thou shalt not¹ eatª° thereof:¹ thine assª [shall be] violently taken awayª° from before thy face,ª¹ and shall not¹ be restoredª° to thee: thy sheepª [shall be] givenª° unto thine enemies,ª° and thou shalt have none¹ to rescueª° [them]." {Deu 28:30-31} + "Because¹¹ thou servedstª° not¹¹ the LORDª thy Godª with joyfulness,ª and with gladnessª of heart,ª for the abundanceª¹ of all¹ [things]; ... Therefore shalt thou serveª°¹ thine enemiesª° which¹ the LORDª shall sendª° against thee, in hunger,ª and in thirst,ª and in nakedness,ª and in wantª of all¹ [things]: and he shall putª° a yokeª of ironª upon¹ thy neck,ª until¹ he have destroyedª° thee." {Deu 28:47-48} + "And [so] it was,¹ when¹ Israelª had sown,ª° that the Midianitesª came up,ª° and the Amalekites,²¹ and the childrenª of the east,ª even they came upª° against¹ them; ... And Israelª was greatlyª impoverishedª° becauseª¹ of the Midianites;ª and the childrenª of Israelª criedª° unto¹ the LORD.ª" {Jdg 6:3-6} + "For¹ thou shalt eatª° the labourª of thine hands:ª happyª [shalt] thou [be], and [it shall be] wellª with thee." {Psa 128:2} + "And they shall buildª° houses,ª and inhabitª° [them]; and they shall plantª° vineyards,ª and eatª° the fruitª of them. ... They shall not¹ labourª° in vain,ª nor¹ bring forthª° for trouble;ª for¹ they¹ [are] the seedª of the blessedª° of the LORD,ª and their offspringª with¹ them." {Isa 65:21-23}

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