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{Proverbs 28:9} He that turneth away 5493 z8688 his ear 241 from hearing 8085 z8800 x4480 the law, 8451 even x1571 his prayer 8605 [shall be] abomination. 8441
"Whoso stoppethª° his earsª at the cryª¹ of the poor,ª he also¹ shall cryª° himself,¹ but shall not¹ be heard.ª°" {Prv 21:13} + "And when ye spread forthª° your hands,ª I will hideª° mine eyesª from¹ you: yea,¹ when¹ ye make manyª° prayers,ª I will not¹ hear:ª° your handsª are fullª° of blood.ª ... Washª° you, make you clean;ª° put awayª° the evilª of your doingsª from beforeª¹ mine eyes;ª ceaseª° to do evil;ª°" {Isa 1:15-16} + "[Is it] not¹ to dealª° thy breadª to the hungry,ª and that thou bringª° the poorª that are cast outª to thy house?ª when¹ thou seestª° the naked,ª that thou coverª° him; and that thou hide²° not thyself¹¹ from thine own flesh?ª¹ ... And the LORDª shall guideª° thee continually,ª and satisfyª° thy soulª in drought,ª and make fatª° thy bones:ª and thou shalt be¹ like a wateredª garden,ª and like a springª of water,ª whose¹ watersª failª° not.¹" {Isa 58:7-11} + "But they refusedª° to hearken,ª° and pulled¹ awayª²°° the shoulder,ª and stoppedª° their ears,ª that they should not hear.ª°¹ ... Therefore it is come to pass,¹ [that] as¹ he cried,ª° and they would not¹ hear;ª° so¹ they cried,ª° and I would not¹ hear,ª° saithª° the LORDª of hosts:ª" {Zch 7:11-13} + "Forª the timeª will comeª° whenª they will²° notª endureª° soundª° doctrine;ª butª afterª their ownª lustsª shall they heapª° to themselvesª teachers,ª having itchingª° ears;ª ... Andª they shall turn awayª²° [their] earsª fromª¹ the¹ truth,ª andª shall be turnedª° untoª fables.ª" {2Tm 4:3-4}
"The sacrificeª of the wickedª [is] an abominationª to the LORD:ª but the prayerª of the uprightª [is] his delight.ª" {Prv 15:8} + "If¹ I regardª° iniquityª in my heart,ª the Lordª will not¹ hearª° [me]:" {Psa 66:18} + "When he shall be judged,ª° let him be²° condemned:ª¹ and let¹ his prayerª become¹ sin.ª" {Psa 109:7} + "When onceªªª the¹ master of the houseª is risen up,ª° andª hath shut²° to¹ the¹ door,ª andª ye beginª° to standª° without,ª andª to knockª° at the¹ door,ª saying,ª° Lord,ª Lord,ª openª° unto us;ª andª he shall answerª° and sayª° unto you,ª I knowª° youª notª whenceª ye are:ª° ... Butª he shall say,ª° I tellª° you,ª I knowª° youª notª whenceª ye are;ª° departª° fromª me,ª allª [ye] workersª of iniquity.ª" {Lke 13:25-27}

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