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{Proverbs 26:4} Answer 6030 z8799 not x408 a fool 3684 according to his folly, 200 lest x6435 thou x859 also x1571 be like 7737 z8799 unto him.
"The beginningª of strifeª [is as] when one letteth outª° water:ª therefore leave offª° contention,ª beforeª it be meddled²° with.¹" {Prv 17:14} + "And the menª of Ephraimª gathered themselves together,ª° and wentª° northward,ª and saidª° unto Jephthah,ª Wherefore¹ passedst thou overª° to fightª° against the childrenª of Ammon,ª and didst not¹ callª° us to go²°¹ with¹ thee? we will burnª° thine houseª upon¹ thee with fire.ª ... Then saidª° they unto him, Sayª° now¹ Shibboleth:ª and he saidª° Sibboleth:ª for he could not¹ frameª° to pronounceª° [it] right.²°¹ Then they tookª° him, and slewª° him at¹ the passagesª of Jordan:ª and there fellª° at that¹ timeª of the Ephraimitesª¹ fortyª and twoª thousand.ª" {Jdg 12:1-6} + "And, behold,¹ all¹ the menª of Israelª cameª° to¹ the king,ª and saidª° unto¹ the king,ª Why¹ have our brethrenª the menª of Judahª stolen thee away,ª° and have broughtª°¹ the king,ª and his household,ª and all¹ David'sª men²¹ with¹ him, over¹ Jordan?ª ... And the menª of Israelª answeredª°¹ the menª of Judah,ª and said,ª° We have tenª partsª in the king,ª and weª have also¹ more [right] in Davidª than¹ ye: why¹ then did ye despiseª° us, that our adviceª should not¹ be¹ firstª had in bringing backª°¹ our king?ª And the wordsª of the menª of Judahª were fiercerª° than the wordsª¹ of the menª of Israel.ª" {2Sm 19:41-43} + "And spakeª° to¹ them after the counselª of the young men,ª saying,ª° My fatherª made²°¹ your yokeª heavy,ª° and I¹ will addª° to¹ your yoke:ª my fatherª [also] chastisedª° you with whips,ª but I¹ will chastiseª° you with scorpions.ª" {1Kg 12:14} + "So²° when all¹ Israelª sawª° that¹ the kingª hearkenedª° not¹ unto¹ them, the peopleª answeredª¹¹ the king,ª saying,ª° What¹ portionª have we in David?ª neither¹ [have we] inheritanceª in the sonª of Jesse:ª to your tents,ª O Israel:ª now¹ seeª° to thine own house,ª David.ª So Israelª departed²°¹ unto their tents.ª" {1Kg 12:16} + "Then¹ Amaziahª sentª° messengersª to¹ Jehoash,ª the sonª of Jehoahazª sonª of Jehu,ª kingª of Israel,ª saying,ª° Come,²°¹ let us look²° one another¹ in the face.ª ... Thou hast indeed²° smittenª°¹ Edom,ª and thine heartª hath lifted thee up:ª° gloryª° [of this], and tarryª° at home:ª for why¹ shouldest thou meddleª° to [thy] hurt,ª that thou shouldest fall,ª° [even] thou,¹ and Judahª with¹ thee?" {2Kg 14:8-10} + "Forª even² hereuntoª¹ were ye called:ª° becauseª Christª alsoª sufferedª° forª us,ª leavingª° usª an example,ª thatª ye should followª° hisª steps:ª ... Who,ª when he was reviled,ª° reviled²° not² again;ª°¹ when he suffered,ª° he threatenedª° not;ª butª committedª° [himself] to him that judgethª° righteously:ª" {1Pe 2:21-23} + "Notª renderingª° evilª forª evil,ª orª railingª forª railing:ª butª contrariwiseª blessing;²¹ knowingª° thatª ye are²° thereuntoªª called,ª° thatª ye should inheritª° a blessing.²°¹" {1Pe 3:9} + "Yetª Michaelª the¹ archangel,ª whenª contendingª° with the¹ devilª he disputedª° aboutª the¹ bodyª of Moses,ª durstª° notª bring against¹ him²° a railingª accusation,ª butª said,ª° The Lordª rebukeª° thee.ª" {Jde 1:9}

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