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{Proverbs 20:25} [It is] a snare 4170 to the man 120 [who] devoureth 3216 z8804 [that which is] holy, 6944 and after 310 vows 5088 to make enquiry. 1239 z8763
a snare:
"A fool'sª mouthª [is] his destruction,ª and his lipsª [are] the snareª of his soul.ª" {Prv 18:7} + "If¹ a soulª commitª° a trespass,ª and sinª° through ignorance,ª in¹ the holy thingsª of the LORD;ª then he shall bringª°¹ for his trespassª unto the LORDª a ramª without blemishª out of¹ the flocks,ª with thy estimationª by shekelsª of silver,ª after the shekelª of the sanctuary,ª for a trespass offering:ª" {Lev 5:15} + "There shall no¹¹ strangerª° eatª° [of] the holy thing:ª a sojournerª of the priest,ª or an hired servant,ª shall not¹ eatª° [of] the holy thing.ª ... And they shall not¹ profaneª°¹ the holy thingsª of the childrenª of Israel,ª¹ which¹ they offerª° unto the LORD;ª" {Lev 22:10-15} + "And all¹ the titheª of the land,ª [whether] of the seedª¹ of the land,ª [or] of the fruitª¹ of the tree,ª [is] the LORD'S:ª [it is] holyª unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 27:30} + "Will a manª robª° God?ª Yet¹ ye¹ have robbedª° me. But ye say,ª° Wherein¹ have we robbedª° thee? In tithesª and offerings.ª ... Bringª° ye¹ all¹ the tithesª into¹ the storehouse,ª¹ that there may be¹ meatª in mine house,ª and proveª° me now¹ herewith,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª if¹ I will not¹ openª° you¹ the windowsª of heaven,ª and pour you outª° a blessing,ª that¹ [there shall] not¹ [be room] enoughª [to receive it]." {Mal 3:8-10}
"And if¹ [it be] a beast,ª whereof¹¹ men bringª° an offeringª unto the LORD,ª all¹ that¹ [any man] givethª° of¹ such unto the LORDª shall be¹ holy.ª ... He shall not¹ alterª° it, nor¹ changeª° it, a goodª for a bad,ª or¹ a badª for a good:ª and if¹ he shall at all²° changeª° beastª for beast,ª then it¹ and the exchangeª thereof shall be¹ holy.ª" {Lev 27:9-10} + "And if¹ a manª will at all²° redeemª° [ought] of his tithes,ª¹ he shall addª° thereto¹ the fifthª [part] thereof." {Lev 27:31} + "If¹ a manª vowª° a vowª unto the LORD,ª or¹ swearª° an oathª to bindª°¹ his soulª with a bond;ª he shall not¹ breakª° his word,ª he shall doª° according to all¹ that proceedeth²° out¹ of his mouth.ª¹ ... These¹ [are] the statutes,ª which¹ the LORDª commandedª°¹ Moses,ª between¹ a manª and his wife,ª between¹ the fatherª and his daughter,ª [being yet] in her youthª in her father'sª house.ª" {Num 30:2-16} + "When¹ thou vowestª° a vowª unto God,ª deferª° not¹ to payª° it; for¹ [he hath] no¹ pleasureª in fools:ª payª°¹ that which¹ thou hast vowed.ª° ... Sufferª° not¹¹ thy mouthª to cause¹ thy fleshª to sin;ª° neither¹ sayª° thou beforeª the angel,ª that¹ it¹ [was] an error:ª wherefore¹ should Godª be angryª° at¹ thy voice,ª and destroyª°¹ the workª of thine hands?ª" {Ecc 5:4-6} + "Again,ª ye have heardª° thatª it hath been saidª° by them of old time,ª Thou shalt²° notª forswear¹ thyself,²° butª shalt performª° unto the¹ Lordª thineª oaths:ª" {Mtt 5:33}

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