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{Proverbs 20:17} Bread 3899 of deceit 8267 [is] sweet 6156 to a man; 376 but afterwards 310 his mouth 6310 shall be filled 4390 z8735 with gravel. 2687
Heb. lying, or falsehood, "For¹ they eatª° the breadª of wickedness,ª and drinkª° the wineª of violence.ª" {Prv 4:17}
is sweet:
"Stolenª° watersª are sweet,ª° and breadª [eaten] in secretª is pleasant.ª° ... But he knowethª° not¹ that¹ the deadª [are] there;¹ [and that] her guestsª° [are] in the depths²¹ of hell.ª" {Prv 9:17-18} + "And when the womanª sawª° that¹ the treeª [was] goodª for food,ª and that¹ itª [was] pleasantª to the eyes,ª and a treeª to be desiredª° to make [one] wise,ª° she tookª° of the fruit¹¹ thereof,² and did eat,ª° and gaveª° alsoª unto her husbandª with¹ her; and he did eat.ª° ... And the eyesª of them bothª were opened,ª° and they² knewª° that¹ they¹ [were] naked;ª and they sewedª° figª leavesª together,²° and made¹ themselves²° aprons.ª" {Gen 3:6-7} + "Though¹ wickednessª be sweetª° in his mouth,ª [though] he hideª° it under¹ his tongue;ª ... Surely¹ he shall not¹ feelª° quietnessª in his belly,ª he shall not¹ saveª° of that which he desired.ª°" {Job 20:12-20} + "Rejoice,ª° O young man,ª in thy youth;ª and let thy heartª cheer²°¹ thee in the daysª of thy youth,ª and walkª° in the waysª of thine heart,ª and in the sightª of thine eyes:ª but knowª° thou, that¹ for¹ all¹ these¹ [things] Godª will bringª° thee into judgment.ª" {Ecc 11:9} + "Choosingª° ratherª to suffer affliction²° with¹ the¹ peopleª of God,ª thanª to enjoy the pleasuresªª° of sinª for a season;ª" {Hbr 11:25}
"He hath filledª° me with bitterness,ª he hath made me drunkenª° with wormwood.ª ... He hath also brokenª° my teethª with gravel stones,ª he hath coveredª° me with ashes.ª" {Lam 3:15-16}

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