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{Proverbs 20:8} A king 4428 that sitteth x3427 in y3427 z8802 x5921 the throne 3678 of judgment 1779 scattereth away 2219 z8764 all x3605 evil 7451 with his eyes. 5869
"A wiseª kingª scatterethª° the wicked,ª and bringethª° the wheelª over¹ them." {Prv 20:26} + "[It is] an abominationª to kingsª to commitª° wickedness:ª for¹ the throneª is establishedª° by righteousness.ª" {Prv 16:12} + "The kingª that faithfullyª judgethª° the poor,ª his throneª shall be establishedª° for ever.ª" {Prv 29:14} + "And David'sª men²¹ saidª° unto¹ him, Behold,¹ we¹ be afraid²¹ here¹ in Judah:ª how much¹ more then if¹ we come²°¹ to Keilahª against¹ the armiesª of the Philistines?ª ... Then Davidª enquiredª° of the LORDª yet¹ again.ª° And the LORDª answeredª° him and said,ª° Arise,ª° go downª° to Keilah;ª for¹ I¹ will deliverª°¹ the Philistinesª into thine hand.ª" {1Sm 23:3-4} + "And [he shall be] as the lightª of the morning,ª [when] the sunª riseth,ª° [even] a morningª withoutª clouds;ª [as] the tender grassª [springing] out of the earthª¹ by clear shiningª¹ after rain.ª¹" {2Sm 23:4} + "He shall judgeª° the poorª of the people,ª he shall saveª° the childrenª of the needy,ª and shall break in piecesª° the oppressor.ª°" {Psa 72:4} + "For,¹ lo,¹ thine enemies,ª° O LORD,ª for,¹ lo,¹ thine enemiesª° shall perish;ª° all¹ the workersª° of iniquityª shall be scattered.ª°" {Psa 92:9} + "The king'sª strengthª also lovethª° judgment;ª thou¹ dost establishª° equity,ª thou¹ executestª° judgmentª and righteousnessª in Jacob.ª" {Psa 99:4} + "Mine eyesª [shall be] upon the faithfulª° of the land,ª that they may dwellª° with¹ me: he that walkethª° in a perfectª way,ª he¹ shall serveª° me. ... I will earlyª destroyª° all¹ the wickedª of the land;ª that I may cut offª° all¹ wickedª doersª° from the cityª¹ of the LORD.ª" {Psa 101:6-8} + "Behold,¹ a kingª shall reignª° in righteousness,ª and princesª shall ruleª° in judgment.ª" {Isa 32:1}

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